The name "The Moon is warm and the jade"#When the night is quiet

Jiao Yue Wen Ruyu.

The prince and the concubine were very loving, but I was the concubine of the prince. Although he was deeply affectionate to the prince, he still looked at the face of my prime minister’s grandfather.The night when I entered the house, I gave me a hole in a hole in a campaign. That night was the candle that he rewarded me. My life was proud and dignified.On that day, the prince and the prince were tired of getting together. She drank tea, she became true, he dealt with official duties, she planned to be vulgar, and he was consumed by entertainment.

According to legend, everyone in the East Palace is envious of the prince’s concubine Qin Yunnong. In fact, the only person I envy is the only good sister Hu Liangzheng in the East Palace.Yue Ying, I really envy!Moon Shadow!Why can’t I remember the prince?Moon Shadow!Fortunately, the East Palace has you to accompany me, otherwise I will have an extra one in the East Palace.Whenever I heard this, I turned the sun to the back of the head: Hu Mian, you can’t be too conspicuous.I always educate her like this, and I have never envy because the prince does not love me, and I love her.

What’s more, there are three women, including me in the East Palace, accompany her all day, sticking to me all day, and I will not lose.Besides, do women must get the love of men in their lives?I never tell people of these feelings, no one understands.

A young lady from the Prime Minister’s Mansion of Ruan’s famous door was born to put red makeup for the family to be tied to a high place.What am I doing?Get yourself in the courtyard, except for Ann, for fear of meeting his husband who has pinned his life.There is a reason why I don’t want to see him.Although he was deeply affectionate to the princess, he still looked at the face of my prime minister’s grandfather.

The night when I entered the house, I gave me a hole in a hole in a cave, but my life’s pride and dignity were exhausted that day.At night, it was the candle that he rewarded me. This kind of thing is the most subtle connection between men and women.All the good daughters in the world are not allowed to ask clearly, but which girl was secretly fantasized in the night of Yuelang’s sparse night, so that two red clouds were recruited to the cheeks?

That day, I didn’t wait for my husband, just waiting for a man.A man with alcohol, cold, strange and aggressive man, I can’t feel my existence.As if I was just a person who was picked and divided into corpses.I wore him on the most tedious palace costumes for him, but he had only one bedding, and came to my room in a cloak.Obviously, someone gave me greatly to me.I have seen his portrait, a rare Peugeot Lang Jun in the royal family, like a dazzling golden jade and jade.

But at this moment, the drunk red climbed all the way around his neck, with a contempt and indifference, as if the fairy was forcibly replaced by the demon in the painting.Take it off yourself.The king was tired, and he said this with a cold face.At that time, I was knelt in front of him and saluted respectfully.I am his chamber, but I am not used to please his playwips.Why do I want to change his pity in the most naked way like a prostitute.He saw that I was always stunned, and his tone was gradually impatient: Do you not hear the king’s words?The king is the prince and is Chu Jun.Isn’t this idea of this king?He went to make a bowl of sober soup for His Royal Highness.

This is the only one I can think of, which can escape from the embarrassing situation at this time.The moment I turned around, he suddenly grabbed me from behind.The later things made me have a nightmare for several days.He was completely angry by my rubbing and pushed me on the bed hard.Then he almost rushed up, riding on my body with the attitude of a master.He pulled madly, tearing it with red eyes.I subconsciously blocked with both hands, dragged him to the top of his head, and held it with one hand.I just remember that I lost my strength in the end.This is also the first time I am ashamed to look at my body.

The candle that day was very consistent, and after half of it ignited, it extinguished silently. In the darkness, there was an indescribable pain, and a gap was torn in my heart.His breathing was as if he had a gust of wind in my ear.The most sticky sweat was attached to me, and it was impossible to distinguish who it was, and whether it merged my tears.The ancients said: The three peaks were bones and bones, but my first spring night, Wushan’s hearty clouds did not come, the gods in the sky closed their eyes, and they picked up the wind at hand. They couldn’t believe my life.I’m going to be beside her. I hate that I don’t even want to look at her any more. I can’t believe that someone will decorate what I do like after waking up.I didn’t say any guilt.In the embarrassing situation of breakfast, he carefully asked my name.His Royal Highness: Chen Li Ruan’s Ming Miram Shadow.I said so that my family, Hu Hu often said that I was miserable, and I could only see the prince’s face when I entered the house a day.

According to her, she fell in love with the handsome young prince at a glance.She said that he looked like a fairy son in her dream, and also said that I had a dew and a husband and wife with the prince, but she couldn’t even be able to reach his side.Hu Mianlian tentatively asked what I felt like to sleep. I seemed to only answer her with silence. She also turned the topic to other places.Say pastries, say that we are so beautiful that the princess who loves and her body is so beautiful. No wonder the prince likes her.

Otherwise, why did her daughter -in -law stand on the prime minister’s prime minister?She and the prince met in the Buddhist temple outside the palace, and our young and handsome prince fell at a glance.Back in the palace, he performed a talented woman in front of the emperor and the queen, but she would not marry.

His Royal Highness of our prince is the only son of the emperor and queen. The emperor’s body is weak. This is the only emperor.So I was originally stood as the princess.But I am not disgusted. A truly confident woman never treats another woman as a false enemy.She looks soft and weak and gentle, and her beauty really makes me feel that all her negative emotions will become a jealousy.

She laughed so beautifully, like the clouds in the sky, accompanied by the bright moon in the bright moon, as if she was pushed away by the wind.The best thing to look at is her eyebrows. I have seen the microwaves pushed by the mountains and lakes in the sky.However, she was a little bad. Her beautiful eyebrows were always frowned, and there was always a dodge in her feelings.

Hu Mian Mian said: This is not good to be healthy.But I understand why the queen from the famous door always minded her family, and there is such a noble and outstanding side concubine, and her pressure will double the pressure.

If the prince will not praise, there will be no one except the prince. He will think that this is the kung fu that should be inadequate in her family. If you do n’t do it well, someone will say that it is difficult for the small door to be a small house.Pull me down.If Zheng Fei will definitely not make a mistake, I thank them for seeing me.

I have to explain very seriously. Those people are really not hired by me. I can’t wait to hide it in the East Palace. It is my greatest pursuit to be such a wealthy and idle talent.The princess unexpectedly had the amount of belly of Rongren. Every time I went to ask An Shi, she would ask me and Hu Mianmian in the internal affairs, and even put forward the right to give me a career.Of course I refused.

· First, the princess is not familiar with the internal affairs, I am going to insert it-the bar, that’s too sensible.

· The second is that I really don’t bother to control it, but go to the daily censorship one by one.The three of us became friends.

It turned out that the prince liked to eat sweets like me, and had a headache for women like Hu Mian, like me like me, and was as obsessed with the handsomeness of the prince like Hu Mian.Every time I talk about the prince, our Hu Mian is glowing, and I immediately shut up my hands and then lead the topic to the sky.The prince is handsome and handsome, and Yushu is in the wind, and it is also a person who does not want to look close to me.The difference between the wine changes quickly.

I can’t find a second one in this world. I have a naive idea. I hope that my life will live like this.For the three of us, they gave birth to the prince to have a child, and I was responsible for recruiting cats and dogs and damaging Hu Mian. By the way, it could hurt.Children who are not too much like a prince should be a good mood recently.The fragrance I eat, I ca n’t sleep well. I ’m going to sleep every day, but soon I ca n’t eat anything.What to eat and vomit, Hu Mianmian changed his way to do it for me.I still vomited Hu Mian and cried with the concubine Qin Yun, saying that I was going to die.I usually eat so fragrant and suddenly I can’t eat anything.

In the end, our prince was relatively stable. Asked my personal maid, Rong Niang and I believed in the month, and then asked me to doctors.In the past two months, I have eaten, drinking, and fun every day. Who can still control the faith in the month of the month.

Later, the diagnosis of Taiyi did confirm this bad news. I don’t understand why the Taiyi and my palace people are so excited as the ancestors are resurrected, and they don’t understand why Hu Mian is happy to run around.I only understand one thing, and I have to have entanglement with the prince Gu Ming in this life.I think the giant pendant collapses the mountains, such as thunder and rain, flooding, and making evil!I want to give me a man who hates a child!

But let me kill this child, I still can’t bear it, after all, my child is also flowing in my body.And I also know that this will be my only child.The princess is just as happy and sad as me, and now she is more under pressure.She was married to the East Palace half a year earlier than me.Anyone who had only one experience was in the next concubine, who was not anxious.

The queen originally liked me more than her, and gossip also preferred me more.I know that she is uncomfortable and wounded, and she knows her melancholy and lonely.She may be uncomfortable with the person she loves, with the son of a lifetime, or she may just be uncomfortable. She is not the first to be pregnant.It ’s wrong with wishes, and even more or wishes, the prince came to see me.

He came, he came with Chengshan’s supplements, and he came with a flowing reward.In fact, things are coming, and people are not necessary at all, and there is no need to appear again.The disgusting man had to hold my hand, and I immediately avoided the thunderbolt.He sought for a moment, and immediately recovered him again.

In a noble and false tone, the gentle expression of the weasel worshiped the chicken and said, "You have worked hard."Ruan Liangfei, the king was going to be a father.Thank you so much, you have to come to see you often in the future.Thank you for your own gra for yourself.

I have a bit of bitter depression in my heart. Today, he is handsome and handsome today, as if carrying the sunlight, and he judged two people that night when I entered the house.It seems that wine is really harmful.But I am not a memory or not. I wo n’t change my mind if I ’m a few words.So I just blessed myself slightly and had a decent response: Thank you His Royal Highness.His Royal Highness does not have to remember to hang up. I ask him to ignore me so that I can happily raise my child. No one has never left him like me.For a while, he didn’t know what to say, and the embarrassment continued for a while.

Just when I thought I was going to leave him, he suddenly said: The king is a little hungry, and I will accompany you for dinner today.During this period, he took the initiative to give me vegetables with some light dishes, but I really didn’t want to eat what he gave me. At this time, my pregnant woman’s identity was useful.

I started my harmful performance. He didn’t know what to do when he saw this. He kept holding chopsticks and cared about me. He said in his mouth: The king was kind to do bad things.He immediately returned to normal and it was a fustion, and even the chewing sound was very small until we couldn’t bear this embarrassment.

He suddenly said: That day, the king was so wrong. I almost lost my hand and fell the bowl. I gritted my teeth and held back my disgust.Suddenly: His Royal Highness, he stared at me so well, using his eyes with light eyes, the king should not treat you so much.It was just that morning I mixed my mouth with Yunan, and I was reprimanded by the father emperor in government affairs. I drank it for a while, but the people beside me also said that I could not dry you, so I went to find you to youIt’s right.

Now that I feel a little regret, his words are earlier, but he is eager to wait for my expression. I look really uncomfortable. For the first time, I collided with his eyes and didn’t even want to pretend.I asked His Royal Highness what reaction was looking forward to his body?Is it to tell His Royal Highness that he has been waiting for His Royal to explain, and finally gets to cry after getting his wish?Or expect me to tell His Royal Highness that he has never been willing to compete and be willing?

The people in the whole room did not even dare to go out of the atmosphere. Rong Niang gently held my clothes. The prince put the chopsticks on the table.Dare to talk to him like this, I saw that his face changed several colors. He probably looked at my pregnancy. At this moment, he tried to suppress the anger and said: The king will not mention it in the future.Business must be dealt with.

You take good care of Ruan Lianfei. I slowly get up and still respectfully. He subconsciously helped me, but at the moment of seeing me indifferently, he took the movement.He sighed and turned to go out, that was, the tears that I endured two months suddenly burst into tears.If I didn’t conceive this child, would I not be able to wait for him for a lifetime.

We were so cold in His Royal Highness of the Golden Zun Jade, as if I was guilty of unwilling to go down the steps. Maybe I couldn’t talk about it, but when I thought of the pain, I just felt humiliation and cold. I really used myself for myself.I feel worthless.

After that day, I started to close the door to raise the tire, and I didn’t even see the concubine and Hu Mianmian. I was afraid that they would ask me to be afraid of being pity.The prince also allowed my thoughts.As the month gradually became bigger, I began to suffer more, and I was surprised because I could feel the existence of the child.

When I was pregnant in the July, the Prince was happy from the East Palace. There was more than the news that I had more than a month. I knew how happy he was using my feet. My child was nothing. Maybe this was him.The first son in my heart.

He rejoiced the example of the East Palace in the second half of the year. The day he became a boy who became a wealthy boy. It happened that my grandmother and mother entered the East Palace to see me. The distress in their eyes, I dare not look directly. They know that I don’t care.Just standing in hope simply, I cried for me on my happy stand. It’s annoying that this bastard is that my family should worry about me again.So I stuffed them a bunch of good things, so why they proved that I was doing well.The house is very lively.

The two concubines in the East Palace were happy and stuffed in a Wen Liangzhang. A Shen Zhaoxun was a lady of Guanjia. I sat on a stool every day and listened to Rong Niang and Xiao Dengzi told me gossip.I didn’t go to other Ji Ji, I only went to Hu Mian two times.I knew this day when Hu Mian was in Cheng’s pet, and rushed to me early in the morning.The criminals are generally average, and I am afraid that she will faint.

She said: Prince Yueying is so cute, and it feels like a child who hasn’t grown up, unlike eighteen years old and eight years old.I think I love her, I caress my big belly, look at her with a smile, tell her that I am happy for her, but I am very dissatisfied. I can make the naiveness so fresh and refined.

But think about the prince that is not so my merit for me!He should not want a woman who looks down on him in the East Palace.As for the gentle emperor, his temperament is soft and looks very good to meet.However, Xiao Dengzi said that Shen Zhaoxun was also a demon. He thought about it all day to entangle the prince.More and more the princes should have.

It was said that Shen Zhaoxun was not angry by the prince, and he was noisy to see me. He wanted to come to me and was rejected by me.After that, the prince was reprimanded again. This couple was not a good person. I was so polite that I was busy giving me a tree enemy. In this state of watching and turning my eyes every day, I was tidy in Hu Mianmian.Among the romance of the day, my pregnancy is also happy.

Suddenly one day when he lost Hu Mianmian’s idiot, excitement and excitement called the amniotic fluid suddenly.I shouted in the heart of the delivery room, Hu Mianmian cried outside the room and couldn’t get up. The Qiqin charm was pregnant with a strong stomach, and I had to coax a Hu Mianmian.According to Hu Mianmian’s original words, His Royal Highness Prince said that His Royal Highness was so anxious to look good. He also said many kinds of gods in his mouth, and the obsession I saw was forgotten to cry for you.

What kind of sister is so painful that I can’t wait to be angry and cut the bastard.The loud cry, shoveling a good news, the mother and daughter were safe.Congratulations to Prince Ruan Liangfei, a small county master.My daughter, my heart and liver, the light of my second half of my life finally goodbye to you.But I’m too tired, and before I saw him at a glance, I was lethargic.

I woke up and only saw the prince and Hu Mianmian always smirking around the bed. I opened my mouth and called Rong Niang Rongniang. The child was hugging me.The prince smiled with a smile, and quickly took the child to my side.I hesitated for a long time, but I took our daughter from his arms, but I still didn’t dare to look up at him. I don’t know how to deal with his joy, as if we were loving.

My daughter is small, this is the most beautiful and lovely child I have ever seen.I couldn’t help but kiss her little face gently. What kind of pain and grievances are not important compared with my daughter.I just looked at my daughter and ignored it.The prince had been standing by the bed, and she suddenly shocked me.The will of Yue Ying’s father and his mother came down.Our daughter was blocked as the Pearl Palace and was taken from the meaning of the pearl on the palm.

As for the name of the name of the father and the mother, we said that it was fair to make us feel that the hard work of your production was also fair.I immediately answered: I thought about it long ago, and it was called Zen.Nung, moon and new moon.My child must have a happy life.I think my child is good everywhere, and there is a bad look like a prince.This was authenticated by the Emperor Queen himself.When the two of the emperor’s honorable and weak emperor hugged the granddaughter that day, they even left tears.If you ca n’t live, tell the queen to see the queen, our granddaughter and the name are exactly the same.Sure enough, her daughter remembered the day when her daughter was born, and then the queen took the child and nodded while crying. I really wanted to laugh.But if you think about it carefully, they are really a happy family of three. It seems that the old man is really petted, and he is the same as his emperor’s father.Is a dedicated person.I am very happy that I gave birth to my daughter.But this is not something worthy of my happiness.Because after a while, many people said halfway by saying: Miss Ruan is really a sensible concubine. Even if he does n’t fight for favors, he has n’t grabbed the business before the business.

Yes, Prince Edward Qin Yun fascinated her intestines with the name of her and Princess Concubine.The prince was named Wei in person, knowing that the friendship between the two parents has no fluctuations in my heart, and even a little bit wants to congratulate the prince.On the day of production, Hu Mianmian held my big goddess for a while, and could not help.Soon she suddenly asked Yue Ying. Do you say that the prince really treats us as a friend?I feel doubtful and ask her why she asked so.

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