The mother -in -law does not let the pregnant daughter -in -law play mobile phones, and feels radiation. The pregnant mother finds the data and doesn’t stop it.

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The days of pregnancy are not so comfortable for pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers say that they feel like they are taking steel wires every day after pregnancy, for fear of something errors, especially radiation prevention during pregnancy.

The life of modern people is inseparable from electronic products, which is difficult for pregnant mothers, because they feel that most electronic products are radiating. One thing that is most worried about pregnancy is to be afraid of radiation. Some Baoma mobile phonesI dare not play, the computer dare not make it. I wear a radiation -proof clothes every day. I ca n’t dare to take the train when I go out. Is the radiation really so evil?

Xiao Qian is a post -90s pregnant mother. Xiao Qian, who was just pregnant, was waiting at home, because it was too boring, Xiao Qian often played mobile phones during the day.The mother -in -law blocked it, and the mother -in -law felt that the mobile phone was too large to hurt her grandson.

Xiao Qian thinks that there are radiation everywhere in life, they are very small, and they will not hurt herself, but no matter what she says, as soon as she takes out her mobile phone, her mother -in -law stares hard at her with her sharp eyes, and she can’t wait to eat it.Drop her.

Xiao Qian felt that it was not a way to go on for a long time, so I collected a lot of radiation data from electrical appliances to my mother -in -law. A meal explained that her mother -in -law felt that she was a little big and worried.

Electric iron: 3mg audio: 20mg refrigerator: 20mg

Air conditioner: 20mg TV: 20mg washing machine: 30mg

Rice cooker: 40mg microwave oven: 200mg hair dryer: 70mg

Mobile phone: 100mg computer: 100mg vacuum cleaner: 200mg

Normally, the above electrical radiation is only 200mg. This data will almost have no harm to the human body, because most of the time pregnant mothers will have a safe distance.To the baby in the belly.

1. Do not put the electrical appliances for concentrated use. The air -conditioning refrigerator at home is best not to put together or use it together, which will increase radiation.2. Do not stand behind the computer often, and radiate behind the computer.3. Put a cup of water next to the radiation electrical appliances, which can absorb electromagnetic waves, such as next to the computer.4. Eat more radiation -proof foods such as carrots.5. It is best to wait a second or two when answering the phone, because the electromagnetic wave is the largest when the phone is answered in an instant. It is best not to answer the phone when charging.6. Wash your face and wash your hands in a timely manner after using the computer. If the pregnant mother is working, it is best to wash your face and wash your hands after using the computer, because the dust gathered by the computer can easily shift to Bao Ma’s skin.7. Try not to keep the appliances at home in a standby state, and it is easy to accumulate radiation when standing away.8. Don’t put your phone on your stomach.9. Don’t trust too much

In the face of radiation, pregnant mothers should not be too nervous. When you treat them with caution, relax your mood, and you will spend your pregnancy safely.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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