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Many shovel officers said to me that they did not know that their kittens are pregnant until they produced. The kittens at home usually became larger, and they thought they would eat too much and fat.Shit officers, when this kitten needs to take care of the most, we should supplement it in time.

Cats belong to the seasonal estrus animals. Generally, the estrus is about a week. In the entire estrus season, the estrus cycle will be repeatedly alternated.Because kittens can only complete muscle growth and individual development after 10 months, the best cat for cat is one and a half years old, before 7 and a half years old, before the age of 7.

After the female cat and the male cat are handed over to the cave, the shoveling officers will start to observe the female cat. In the first two weeks of pregnancy, the change of the female cat is not obvious.The shoveling officer will ignore it, but feels that the cat in the house is getting fat.

When the third week of pregnancy is reached, the female cat’s nipples will begin to change, the nipples will become larger, the color will change from white, and with the weight gain, when the pregnancy reaches 3 to 4 weeks, the female cat will vomit vomiting., Poor appetite, drowsiness and other situations.

When the pregnancy reaches 4 to 5 weeks, the cat’s abdomen will have obvious swelling, and the nipples will change from light pink to bright pink or even red. They often lick the nipples, so that the skin around the nipples will lose hair. As the pregnancy time pushs the time of pregnancy, the pregnancy time moves.The emotions of female cats will also become more anxious, and the discomfort and oppression of uterine expansion will increase the frequency of howls they how.

If you really can’t judge whether the kitten at home is really pregnant, you can take a cat to the hospital for a B -ultrasound. It is recommended to go more than 4 weeks of pregnancy, because the fetus in the cat’s belly is not obvious within 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Once the female cat is determined to be pregnant, it is necessary to supplement the nutrition for the female cat appropriately.

During pregnancy, taurine and folic acid are essential. Tonic acid can promote the brain and eye development of the kitten. Cats that lack taurine may die in the abdomen, and folic acid can prevent it.Catate’s congenital deformity, these two elements are very necessary to supplement.

You can also add some nutritious products with high protein content, such as chicken breasts, fish soup, salmon, or feeding goat milk powder.Strengthen nutrition.

Although the female cat at this time is very expensive, the owner should not give the female cat so well every meal, because if the nutrition is excessive, it will cause the fetus in the female cat’s abdomen to be too large, so that the female cat may cause it when childbirth will causeDifficulty, all nutritional products are occasionally good, or cat food is still used as a staple food.

Some shoveling officers asked me, should you replace the female cat for special cat food during pregnancy at this time?My suggestion is that if the female cat eats the original cat food as usual, it does not need to be replaced deliberately. Instead of changing cat food, it may cause the female cat to be uncomfortable, but if the female cat is very picky, the shoveling officer can try to change the food to change the food to change the food to change the food to change the food.have a look.

The female cat needs calcium supplementation during pregnancy, but unnecessary supplementation may actually damage the female cat and kitten. Instead of adding a lot of nutritional supplements to the diet, it is better to let the female cat bask in the sun during pregnancy.

Little Meow has a small formula here to provide everyone. In addition to the normal daily cat food, you can add supplementary food to the cat. The supplementary food is mainly chicken, fish or beef, with eggs and kitten milk powder.

The specific method is to cut the meat into a small diced, cook until it is cooked, and then add egg yolk and kitten milk powder to feed the female cat to eat.

By the way, I often ask me how long I will get pregnant?

Female cats are usually 63 days to 65 days of pregnancy, which is about three months, but if the number of kittens is too large, the female cat may be produced in advance, so the shovel officers must pay close attention to the situation of the pregnant female cat in their homes, and in advancePrepare the delivery room, diapers, milk powder, towels, and various delivery tools. If the weather is cold, prepare a warm water bottle and heating blanket for them.

The cat’s pregnancy time should be limited and lower limit. If the cat is produced in less than 58 days, the fetus is premature. The premature kitten is very weak and requires shoveling officers.And there is no childlike recruitment, shovel officials should take the female cat to see the doctor in time.

The female cat cannot take a bath during pregnancy. The shoveling officer should not stroke the belly of the female cat rudely.Jump down at a high place.

Finally, I wish each pregnant cat in the house of shoveling officers to produce smoothly and get a lot of little cuteness.

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