The most important thing for pregnancy and pregnancy, understand in advance, and easily give birth to a healthy baby

Scientific pregnancy can not only become pregnant faster, but also a necessary prerequisite for giving birth to a healthy baby.Sometimes a knowledge point shared by a professional doctor may greatly improve your success rate of pregnancy.

Therefore, early understanding of pregnancy knowledge is very important for many expectant parents.

Before preparing for pregnancy, you must determine that the body is healthy and there is no hindrance point, and if you start the pregnancy, you will waste a lot of time.

Women’s routine examination: gynecological examination, blood routine, urine routine, liver movement, blood pressure, oral cavity, etc.

Men’s routine examination: semen examination, urology examination and infectious disease examination.

Pregnant mother:

① Guarantee rest and sleep: To ensure enough sleep, the immune system will be affected.

② Quit smoking and alcohol: If expectant mothers smoke, stop drinking and smoking 3 months before conception.

③ Calcium supplement: Calcium is indispensable in the development of fetal development.

④ Poofolic acid: Folic acid plays a great role in the healthy development of the baby. Folic acid deficiency may cause the fetal brain to develop intact or deformity. In the first three months of pregnancy, you must consume sufficient folic acid.

Note: Women with overweight weights should start to control their diet and strive to lose weight to standard weight before pregnancy.

Preparation of pregnant dad:

① Strengthen exercise to ensure sufficient high -quality protein intake: Exercise can enhance blood circulation of the body and improve the vitality of the body. Protein is an important raw material for sperm production.

② Eat more fruits: Vitamin A and E contained in fruits have a good effect on improving the activity of sperm.

③ Strictly quit smoking: The number of normal sperm in the smokers decreases by 10%, and the degree of sperm distortion is increased. The longer the smoking time, the more deformed sperm, and the lower the sperm vitality.

Soymilk: Women’s drinking soy milk 300-500 ml a month can play a role in adjusting endocrine, which can significantly improve their mentality and physical fitness.

Black beans: supplement estrogen.

Ejiao red dates: Women who are more suitable for qi and blood deficiency are mainly targeted at symptoms such as low menstrual flow, incorrect color, dizziness, cold hands and feet. If qi and blood deficiency will affect pregnancy.

Finally, I will share with you a fast -prepared recipe: continuity, sand ginseng, Eucommia, Angelica, Xiangfu, motherwort, Chuanxiong, orange peel, and amomum.

Usage: decoction.

The first eight -flavored medicine, with the uterus as the center of heart, and the overall conditioning of the human body from the aspects of nourishing bones, lung and stomach, and blood qi.

From this regulating the seeds, it is really easy to conceive for those who are infertile during menstruation and infertility.

Note: The prescription needs to be used according to the individual’s physical fitness, not to be used!You can comment in the comment area, help you see your physical condition, adjust the amount of square meters!

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