The most comprehensive method of relieving all kinds of pain and discomfort during pregnancy

1. Breast pain during pregnancy

It is difficult to completely eliminate breast pain, but these methods can help Baoma appropriately reduce pain: first of all, diet adjustment, light diet may help relieve the swelling, sensitivity and pain of the breast.Secondly, the adjustment of the underwear, the replacement of the size is suitable and wears comfortable underwear, because the breasts increase during pregnancy, the previous underwear is no longer suitable.

2. Back pain during pregnancy

In the case of physical tolerance, do some simple stretching exercises, such as stretching up your arms, or practicing pregnant women yoga under the guidance of a professionals; you can use physical methods to improve your family to help your back softly massage your back, or apply warm waist and back parts.Wait, alleviate the tightness of the back muscles;

3. Stomach pain during pregnancy

A small amount of meals.You can eat 6 times a day, eat less each time; eat less before going to bed at night.

4. Leg cramps during pregnancy

Under the guidance of a doctor, add calcium supplement, drink more milk, yogurt and other dairy products.Usually take more high -calcium foods, and properly expose the sun to help the synthesis of vitamin D and help the absorption of calcium.When cramping of the calf, try to straighten the cramp’s legs as much as possible, and press the feet to press down the direction of your body to relieve the cramps.In addition, let Bao Dad help massage and apply cramps with cramps, which can also reduce the painful symptoms of cramps.

5. Leg edema during pregnancy

As long as the edema during pregnancy is not combined with hypertension and proteinuria, there is generally no major hindrance. When resting, you can raise your feet appropriately. The left side can also alleviate the compression of the uterine vein.To promote blood circulation; proper walking and leg massage are effective for preventing edema; if the protein is not enough during pregnancy, it will also cause edema. It is recommended to eat more foods such as eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, and less salt.

6. Poor Pain during pregnancy

Bao Ma should try to choose shoes with soft, comfortable, not feet, and walking smoothly, so as to ensure her safety and reduce pubic pain.When standing, try to stand symmetrically with both legs, so that the body is evenly distributed, reduce the burden on the pubic bone, and strive for no pubic pain in the late pregnancy.A suitable belt can be used to play a supporting role, which can relieve part of pain.If the pubic bone pain is really unbearable, you should go to the hospital in time.If you just tolerate, it will only make the pubic bone damage greater, and it will be more painful after giving birth.

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