The most beautiful military photos are freshly baked. After reading it, I want to have a baby for the soldier brother.

Someone asked:

What is the significance of taking pregnant photos?

I want to read this picture

You probably understand


So today is the rhythm of dog food again

Someone often finds Xiaobian to vomit:

You have to show love once a while

Wedding photos, honeymoon photos, family portraits …

How can we be single dog?

Don’t be afraid, we specialize in the difficulty of treating single dogs

It is said that often showing affection helps marriage and harmony

Seeing others show affection help to take off the order as soon as possible

Believe it or not

There are photos that can be appreciated

Xiaobian said it was so happy ~

Don’t you come to watch?

What is the soldier used to do?

Of course, he pulled him to send dog food together

Come and unlock all kinds of pregnancy photos posture

@ @林 潞




@爱 爱 大 大 爱 爱

@ @妮

@ @

@/mg Hong/XS,

Although not wearing military uniforms

But this serious standing posture

And a small expression with a proud face

At first glance, I knew it was from the soldier brother

@Hidden mystery

Brother Bing has no time to go home?

It doesn’t matter

There is a kind of thing called on the spot material

@时 时 时

I accidentally encountered the funny soldier

This pregnancy photo is also shot

@ @墨

Brother Bing is not at home

But I really want to take pregnant photos

what to do?

There is a tool called photo synthesis

@︱ ︱ ︱

Confirm the eyes

These are all little fairy, yes


@红 红 红 红 红

@睿 睿



@楼 兰

@ @


@ @微

How to prove that the army is a female Han paper?

Take a group of pregnancy photos!

@箜 Miao Miao


You are so happy

Don’t come to take a pregnant photo yet

Share with you?

Method of activity

"Most Beautiful Army’s Pregnancy Photo" event participation method:

01. The editor of the background private message directly posts the picture;

02. The label bar of the "Most Beautiful Military Pregnancy" label bar is issued;

03. At the end of the text, click "Read the original text" to post the picture directly;

04. Submit to the mailbox:

Such a good opportunity to show affection

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for you to show off ~

The next issue of Junjun CLUB headline is you!


Pull up the soldier to show a love!

Baby Scale-(24inch)