The method of dysmenorrhea can teach you a few tricks to solve the years of dysmenorrhea

First, when it comes to dysmenorrhea, it hurts cold sweat in the few days of every month, and the usual lady becomes a crazy woman in seconds.Men may not understand the hysterical pain in their lives, and many men even think that dysmenorrhea is too delicate.But everyone who has experienced it knows that it is really a painful pain. Besides, you must experience it once a month. He hates his daughter’s body, and the dysmenorrhea lives a good man!

Why is dysmenorrhea?

Generally speaking, when dysmenorrhea occurs during regular menstruation, pain usually occurs when the menstruation starts or after the menstruation starts, and it will last for 1-3 days. There will be spasm pain on the pubic bone, sometimes there willWith backache, thigh pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., severe patients may even faint.

Primary dysmenorrhea

Primary dysmenorrhea is generally not accompanied by potential diseases, which is dysmenorrhea caused by physical fitness.The increase in prostaglandin secreted by the endometrium is usually related to the increase in prostate. It occurs in young women. With age and pregnancy, and childbirth, the degree of dysmenorrhea will gradually decrease.

In addition, young women’s uterus and ovaries are not yet mature, and they will also become the cause of dysmenorrhea.In addition, the blood circulation caused by cold syndrome and the spiritual reasons such as pressure and pressure can also aggravate the symptoms.

Secondary dysmenorrhea

Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by other organic diseases.It is characterized by no dysmenorrhea during the initial tide, and dysmenorrhea occurs in the future. Most of them have a history of menstruation, infertility, placing in -palaces or pelvicitis.Inflammation, adhesion, endometriosis and other diseases of reproductive organs.

There are many diseases that cause dysmenorrhea, such as endometriosis, uterine adenomia, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, cervical stenosis, uterine position incorrect, pelvic tumor, and intrauterine contraceptive ring.The treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea should first be performed for diseases that cause dysmenorrhea. These diseases are cured, and dysmenorrhea will disappear immediately.

Is there any reliable method to relieve it in real time?

During dysmenorrhea, painkillers are often the most urgent and most needed. Patients with strong pain often need to take painkillers to relieve pain.But every time I take painkillers, the pain symptoms of the next attack have not been alleviated. Many people have reported that they have been eating for a long time. The painkillers that have been eaten before seem to be invalid.

Moxibustion can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea, but there is no side effects, and the green and healthy work work at the same time! You only need to heavy moxibustion in the three acupuncture points, Hegu, and Taichong during dysmenorrhea, which can relieve abdominal pain. The time can be 30 minutes at a time.Up and down, dysmenorrhea is severe and more than, but several times a day.

Relieve that the dysmenorrhea moxibustion acupoints take

1. Inner Guan acupoint

Moxibustion or point can alleviate pelvic muscle spasm according to the inner acupoint, and play a role in treating qi, blood, blood, pain and relieving pain.If it is inconvenient to moxibustion, you can also click on stimulation. 3-5 minutes, soreness should be.

2. Hegu acupoint

When female dysmenorrhea, especially when pain is unbearable, moxibustion or dots can often get the magical effects of quickly relieve spasm and eliminate pain.For moxibustion, it usually takes 30 minutes each time, and if you click 3-5 minutes.

3. Taichong acupoint

Most of the female diseases are treated from the liver. It is a common method for relieving liver and qi, nourishing blood and softening.Dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dark redness of menstruation, and inexplicable fever. It was particularly irritable a few days ago. I want to lose my temper because of liver stagnation and liver heat.

The Taichong acupoint is the birth of the liver, and the original power of the liver comes from this, which can be described as the most important acupuncture point in the liver meridian.Therefore, the stimulation of Taichong acupoint can well relieve the liver and relieve depression, so as to achieve the effect of relieving qi and pain.

Tea therapy method:

It can also use some tea therapy prescriptions to relieve menstrual pain to promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation and relieve pain.

Yimu Ginger Tea

For dysmenorrhea, the symptoms see the abdominal pain, or the blood clots, the cold pain, nausea vomiting, pale and white tongue, etc., you can use the health medicine tea prescription of "mother -in -law ginger tea".


15g of motherwort, 10g of ginger; place the above two flavors in a casserole or health pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 20 minutes, filter the juice for the juice;Take it for 4 to 6 hours.


The taste of motherwort is bitter and cold, and the sex is slightly cold; the liver and pericardium menstruation; the effect of promoting blood circulation, diuretic and swelling; commonly used in irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, closed menstruation, lack of edema and urine, and acute nephritis edema.

Ginger flavor, slightly warm sex; warm, excited, sweating, vomiting, detoxifying, etc.; suitable for exogenous wind, headache, sputum drink, cough, stomach cold vomiting.

The combination of the two, the function of actuating blood circulation, and relieving pain relief.

Note: You can use motherwort to condition the body with a small amount of menstrual period, which can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea.However, the ladies with a large amount of menstrual period should not take it during menstruation, which will lead to more menstruation.

Generally speaking, there are two types of dysmenorrhea: qi stagnation and blood stasis type and cold dampness stagnation type.


Qi stagnation blood stasis

Main symptoms: lower abdomen tenderness or severe twisted colic, radiate to the lumbosacral region, in the late menstrual period, color purple red or purple black, blood clots, and poor passage.People with qi stagnation are swelled than pain, and they are accompanied by breasts and thoracic rib pain; those who are biased to blood stasis are mainly pain.Treatment should regulate qi and stasis, promoting blood circulation and pain.

Moxibustion points: Qihai Point, Blood Sea Point, Taichong Point (main point).Hegu acupoints, ground machine points, Sanyinjiao points (with acupoints).

Moxibustion method: Moxibustion small abdomen and lumbosacral acupoints should be separated by ginger moxibustion, 30-40 minutes each time, once every 3 days, 1 day for treatment; moxibustion limbs acupoints, 15-20 minutes each time, eachOnce once a day, the 10th is 1 course of treatment.

Note: You must know that the amount of moxibustion is the guarantee of the effect of moxibustion. The calories are too low and the time is too short.Do not work hard, and you must step by step.Each acupoint starts for 15 minutes, slowly adds to the waist and abdomen for 30-40 minutes, and the limbs are 20-30 minutes.And the later increase to adjust the amount according to your physical endurance and time arrangement, after all, everyone is different.

In addition, moxibustion cannot be carried out every day. It is recommended to rest for 1-3 days within a week. Time needs to be determined according to their own tolerance and feelings. It is not easy to get angry, feel not hot, and feel comfortable. You can appropriately increase the frequency of moxibustion.


Cold dampness stagnation type

Main symptoms: cold abdomen pain, according to the pain of the drama, it is gentle and comfortable, the menstrual purple -black clip, often accompanied by cold, cold limbs, and joint pain.Treatment should be gentle and cold, and solve dampness.

Moxibustion acupoints: Shenshu acupoints, secondary acupoints, Guanyuan acupoints, Dahe points, Sanyinjiao acupoint (main point).Chengshan Point and Zhaohai Point (with acupoint).

Getting rid of dysmenorrhea is not a dream. You only need to pay attention to your usual habits, and then cooperate with the proper moxibustion dialectical points, and insist on giving moxibustion. Many moxibustion friends reflect us to torture your own dysmenorrhea for many years.It will not heal without medicine! Of course, everyone’s constitution is different, and the causes of dysmenorrhea are different. The moxibustion method for dysmenorrhea cannot be generalized, and the dialectical moxibustion effect is better.

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