The maternal coughing when she cut the umbilical cord, doctor: Oh, rescue immediately

We often say that maternal love is the greatest in the world. Not to mention that after the child is born, the mother has to the children. During the entire production process, they are undoubtedly confrontation with the death.Among them, the greatest disease caused by these mothers is amniotic fluid embolism.This disease that is known as obstetric killer is as high as 80%of the mortality.

Ms. Wang is 31 years old and has been married to her husband for many years. She has no children. It was not until last year that she had successfully had the baby through the technical technology of IVF.No matter what she usually does, she is careful. It should be very healthy, but who can think of it, there are still problems in the third trimester.So he quickly took it to the hospital, and the doctor said that he needed to cesters immediately.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly, but the moment the child was successfully giving birth to the umbilical cord, Ms. Wang suddenly coughed, and the experienced doctor immediately crumpled badly, and the words of amniotic fluid embolism flashed in their brains.Sure enough, Ms. Wang immediately fainted. Without consciousness, the doctors immediately started emergency rescue and competed with death.In the end, Ms. Wang was rescued, and she was forced to pick it out without the uterus.

Some friends do not know that this disease is menacing and cannot be prevented at all. Whether it is a smooth birth or cesarean section, healthy pregnant women who are healthy or sub -healthy may suddenly occur.There are many reasons for the cause. At present, medicine has not determined which reason is the specific cause of the occurrence.However, this does not mean that this is terminal. In fact, as long as you are cautious during pregnancy, and make full knowledge preparation, you can still be treated in time.

In fact, this disease is very well understood. It means that when pregnant women are childbirth, amniotic fluid enters their blood.Some of the other ingredients contained in amniotic fluid, such as the stool of the fetus, the fat of the fetus, etc.Drops of area infection and postpartum bleeding, etc., are very high.

The first is women with many production experiences, and it is worth mentioning that the more women who produce, the more likely to suffer from this disease.Secondly, some women’s placenta has been lost. For them, amniotic fluid is actually easy to flow into the blood of the human body through the veins on the placenta.The greater the risk of the older mother suffering from the disease.The last is that the risk of cesarean section will also be added because the amniotic fluid is easy, and it flows from the surgical incision to the blood.

In general, there are two types after suffering from this disease.One is sudden. Such patients will suddenly feel emotional restless in the early stage, fight the cold war, cough or nausea, etc., and then feel difficult to breathe, blood pressure decreases, saliva with blood.The other is a slow type. This type of patients do not have the symptoms mentioned above, but after giving birth, it still flows still, so this depends on the experience of doctors.

Therefore, the expectant mothers still need to reserve sufficient knowledge during production, so that even if something happens, they can rescue themselves in time, at least know what symptoms they are.In this way, even if the amniotic fluid embolism is unfortunate, early diagnosis and early treatment will still not threaten life.

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