The mandatory report of pregnancy under the age of 14 is protection, not intimidation

According to the Huai’an People’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Huai’an Procuratorate and the Municipal Health and Health Commission added a compulsory report "Red Orange and Yellow" three -color warning function in the electronic medical record system of various medical institutions at all levels in the city.When a girl under the age of 14 is registered and admitted to the hospital, if there is a pregnancy and pregnancy, the system will automatically jump out of the red warning, reminding the doctor to report through the electronic medical record system, and report to the public security organs or procuratorial organs through a compulsory reporting platform to avoid a doctor.I don’t know who reports to who reports, how to report, and dare not report.

The mandatory report is important for the protection of minors. It can give play to the role of medical institutions as a "outpost station" and allow public security organs to intervene in cases of suspected infringement of minors as soon as possible.The violations of minors can be roughly divided into two types: violations of the wishes of minors in violence, coercion and other methods; the infringement implemented after the "consent" of minors.The former’s harmfulness does not need to be mentioned. As far as the latter is concerned, it is often more hidden and relatively difficult to fight.In our country’s laws, it is presented that the young people under the age of 14 do not have sexual consent. Article 236, paragraph 2, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the young girls who are less than 14 years old will be punished by rape theory.

The law of law is naturally reasonable. The age of underage is less than 14. It means that children have not been completed for 9 years of compulsory education. They are still in a state of ignorance.It may be "agreed", but it is not its true meaning, so the invaders should still bear responsibility.

Therefore, no matter what kind of infringement of minors, the medical institution finds that the clue for mandatory reporting is a very effective way to protect.In fact, the reporting obligation of medical institutions is not agreed, but legal.

In 2020, the Supreme Prosecutor and Ministry of Public Security issued the "Opinions on Establishing a Mandatory Reporting System of Cases of Cases (Trial)" in the Ministry of Public Security.》 Absorption and rising into laws.The Minor Protection Law stipulates that the national organs, residents ‘committees, villagers’ committees, and units and staff who closely expose minors and their staff will find that the physical and mental health of minors is infringed, suspected of being violated or facing other dangerous circumstances at work.Immediately report to relevant departments such as public security, civil affairs, and education.

At the same time, according to the aforementioned trial opinion, one of the situations of "illegal infringement" is that women under the age of 14 are suffering or suspected of being sexually assaulted, pregnancy, and abortion, and "close contact with various organizations in the minor industry".It includes special responsibilities such as education, care, medical care, assistance, and monitoring of minors in accordance with the law, or enterprises, institutions, grass -roots mass autonomy organizations, and social organizations with close contact with the conditions of minors,EssenceThe circumstances and subjects listed in the trial opinion may be regarded as a reference for adaptation.

Some people are worried that if the medical institution is required to report for mandatory reports, will it cause minors to be afraid of being reported, but to choose some black clinics to cause tragedy.This statement seems to have some truths, but in practice, it may not be able to stand up.Because in the logical relationship, it is not because of the compulsory reporting system that there are black clinics, but the black clinic or regular medical institutions do not report before they need to establish a report system.Institutions that do not comply with reporting obligations are investigated.

After all, without responsibility, it does not have an obligation, and does not expand the clues to discover the channels and how to protect the number of people who have affected minors.In addition, from the past some of the cases of people in the black clinic, the main reason for its choice is the lower price.

It should be specifically clarified that the compulsory reporting system should focus on illegal infringement, rather than early pregnancy that occurs between minors under the age of 14.When society understands and spread the system and practice, it cannot be passed on to only half, so that some minors mistakenly think that as long as they are pregnant, they will be reported to a regular hospital, and then they will be caught by the police.This is definitely a misunderstanding of the compulsory reporting system. It is not reporting, but misunderstanding.

According to the Minor Protection Law, not only medical institutions with compulsory reporting obligations, more industries and organizations should land as soon as possible.

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