The man was pregnant because his wife was pregnant, and the 13 -year -old student started, and the police pursued the bad guys.

The 13 -year -old girl in a grade six -year -old grade in a elementary school in Tongjiang County was followed by a strange man on the way home. At first, the man had no big movement. Until a nearby culinary hole, strange men suddenly caught up and stunned, holding on the wayThe girl’s neck pulled her in. Because the place was too remote, no one could hear the girl’s call for help. The man had no soft hands and tortured her for several hours and ran away smoothly.

Hello everyone, I am mysterious. The incident happened on June 14, 2004. A teacher saw a coma girl on the way to work and hurriedly sent her to a nearby hospital.Immediately after the Tongjiang County Police received an alarm call from the local hospital, the dean claimed that there was a sixth grade girl Xiaohong (pseudonym) of a Shaping Elementary School, and the body was scarred up and down.I encountered terrible things on the way to school.At that time, after hearing the police, the police rushed to the hospital to find out the situation. From the perspective of trauma, it was human violence, but the girl could not be awake for a while and half a while.

Police believe that this is an important clue. She immediately started searching on the road of girls to school. However, because Tongjiang County is located in a mountainous area, there are almost 70 culverts, large and small.A schoolbag and food of the girl Xiaohong (pseudonym) were found in a culvert.

At the same time, Xiaohong (pseudonym )’s hospital report also results. Not only was the suspect’s poison, but Xia Shen was also infringed and damaged.This is the most unwilling to see the police. When Xiaohong (pseudonym) wakes up, she started to take the initiative to recall what happened that day. After school on the 13th, she returned home as usual as usual.But behind a strange man around 30 years old, he wore red tops and red shoes, until near the culvert, the man rushed directly, muttered the local dialect in his mouth, and pulled her in her neck.In the Handong, Xiaohong (pseudonym) was severely pressed on the wall after entering. The man began to hit her eyes with a fist, and the other hand held her neck until Xiaohong (pseudonym) faintIn the past, we started more and more inhumane.Xiaohong (pseudonym) woke up on the 14th and walked towards the school, and fell on the ground because of physical strength and lost consciousness.

Based on the clues provided by Xiaohong (pseudonym), the police began to find the whereabouts of the suspect. The hospital also began to try to extract DNA in Xiaohong (pseudonym).You can find the suspect as long as you compare.In the early days of handling the case, the police locked a local villager Yuan (a pseudonym). There were two children in his family, and his wife was working.No matter how the police ask, he neither acknowledges his crime, nor does he say where he was.In desperation, only Xiaohong (pseudonym) can be found to identify. After Xiaohong (pseudonym) sitting in the car and watching a few suspects, he believes that Yuan (a pseudonym) was the one who broke himself at that time. Unfortunately, DNA did not extract the extraction.When he came out, Yuan Mou (pseudonym) was not established and did not arrest him directly.

But the case of Xiaohong (pseudonym) has not been detected. The police just released Yuan (a pseudonym), and the terrible things were staged again. The villagers who called the police found a second -year girl in the water pond in Tongjiang County.Mei (pseudonym), she did not wear her face to lie down, her hand was tied up behind her, and she was pressed with a few large rocks.The poor child died in the hands of the suspect. He must know that when he committed the crime last time, his violence could not let people die.No one recognized him.

Just nine days before the incident of Xiaohong (pseudonym), the suspect was not afraid of being arrested at all, and even provoking the police without any fear.After the report of the autopsy, it was completely in line with Xiaohong (pseudonym), indicating that the same person was committed.So the police arrested Yuan Mou (a pseudonym) again. Yuan Mou (a pseudonym) still strongly denied it and resolutely did not admit that he had done illegal things. In order to find his innocence, he could only reveal his evidence of his absence. It turned out that two were two.When the case happened, he went to the neighboring village to secretly meet other women. In addition, the DNA and Yuan (pseudonym) extracted from the body of Ame (pseudonym) did not meet.

The result of this reversal undoubtedly caused the police’s investigation to fall into a deadlock. They started to catch needles in the sea and even collect everyone’s DNA testing. However, this method is time -consuming and labor -intensive.However, the police did not give up the opportunity to find the suspect because of this. They started to find clues on the streets and lanes. Finally, they found the clue in a record of a villager. On the day of the incident, the villager saw Yang Yang in the same village Yangmou.(Pseudonym) was shaking nearby, and the police immediately found Yang (a pseudonym) inquiries, but Yang (pseudonym) said that he was going to drink alcohol that day.The proof of the present, also said that a bad guy at the time wanted to be disappeared to himself. It was Yang (a pseudonym) and rescued him in time.It seems that Yang’s suspicion of Yang (pseudonym) is gone, but when the police were about to leave, they saw the male red coat dried in the yard, and could not help but think of the description of Xiaohong (pseudonym), which was almost the same exactly the same exactly the same.Essence

In order to find out, the police took Yang (a pseudonym) to do DNA identification, but when he was waiting for the results, Yang (pseudonym) disappeared.Until the morning the next day, the inspector found that the suspect and Yang (a pseudonym) DNA completely coincided, and finally broke the 614 and 623 cases.In the cross -provincial investigation, Yang (a pseudonym) who ran to the northwest region was arrested. Under the DNA’s iron certificate, Yang (a pseudonym) could no longer quibble himself.He was sentenced to "death penalty" according to law.Although the suspect was punished, he could no longer replace the life of the girl.

However, the wife who covered Yang (a pseudonym) had no punishment news, which may be the cause of pregnancy, so he fell lightly.However, when I was collecting information, I did not find the relevant information, so the punishment of his wife was just a guess.It can only be said that in this case, DNA’s appraisal plays an important role in the case. At the same time, it is worthy of our respect without fear of hard work.Mysterious finally wants to say that I hope this world is more kind and less malicious.The French Open is restored without leakage. Justice may be late, but it will never be absent. Do not try to challenge the public’s conscience, otherwise it will only usher in destroying yourself.

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