The man was dissatisfied with being divorced, and his heart was resentful to rape his daughter, causing a fifteen -year -old daughter to become pregnant and have children

Xiaoxue, born in Anshan City in 1987, is an ordinary worker in the factory.His father, Meng, likes to drink. After drinking, he will go home to fight his wife. Xiaoxue’s mother can’t stand Meng’s long -term beating. When Xiaoxue was 2 years old, he chose to divorce. Xiaoxue’s custody right gave his father Meng.

Meng is not tall, not good at talking, and looks honest.After divorcing Xiaoxue’s mother, Meng lived with a 2 -year -old Xiaoxue in her parents ‘house, which is Xiaoxue’s grandparents’ house.

Grandpa Xiaoxue’s house is a suite. Grandpa and grandma live in the south of the room. Xiaoxue and his father Meng lived in the north room. Because the room was small, only one bed, Xiaoxue and his father slept on a bed.

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In a blink of an eye, Xiaoxue was 10 years old and looked at Tingting Yu stand.In the summer of 1997, Meng returned to home with a drink in the evening, and saw the sleeping snow on the bed, and suddenly had a evil thoughts in his heart.Struggling, but after all, he was a ten -year -old child. He didn’t have much energy. After a while, Xiaoxue was exhausted, and he could only let his father hold his body.

With the first time, there will be countless times.Every time his father Meng would sexually assaulted Xiaoxue after drinking. If Xiaoxue did not obey, Meng would beat Xiaoxue with punches and kicks. It was not until Xiaoxue obeyed him.His father, Meng, not only roughly sexually assaulted Xiaoxue, but also recorded the process of sexual relationships with Xiaoxue in detail for his future reflection.

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Xiaoxue was scared every night. After school, Xiaoxue was unwilling to go home, but she had to go back on time. If she went back late, her father Meng would definitely beat Xiaoxue again.

Even in Xiaoxue’s physiological period, Meng did not let Xiaoxue go. Although Xiaoxue begged hard, it was nothing to do. It would only be a beating and her father’s rape.

Because of Meng’s threat, he did not dare to tell anyone about Xiaoxue’s Xiaoxue.Even the grandparents who lived in Nanwu did not know. His father beat Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue could only suffer, let alone cry, and he could not let his grandparents hear. If he was heard, Meng would fight even more fierce.

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At the beginning of 2002, Xiaoxue, who was destroyed, was pregnant. During her pregnancy, Xiaoxue failed to escape her father’s ravage, and no one found it until Xiaoxue was near the basse.

At more than one o’clock on October 20, 2002, 15 -year -old Xiaoxue groaned painfully. Meng was asleep next to him. He glanced at Xiaoxue disgust because Xiaoxue’s moaning woke up Meng and disturbed him to sleep.EssenceAt this time, the child’s head has been halfway. After Xiaoxue gave birth to the child, because of the child’s crying and the bitterness of Xiaoxue, Meng was impatiently found a rusty scissors who did not disinfect.EssenceXiaoxue dragged the tired body, and used this rusty scissors to help the child cut the umbilical cord.

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Xiaoxue gave birth to a baby boy. After that, Xiaoxue did not go to school to go to school. She stayed at home and took the child alone. After giving birth to a child, she was weak and nutritious.At least 10 years older than his peers.

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On October 22, 2002, Xiaoxue’s aunt came back to visit Xiaoxue’s grandparents, heard the baby’s cry in the yard, walked into the room, and found Xiaoxue sitting in the bed and holding a child.It was sneaked to have a child with a big belly by others.After asking, I knew that the child held in Xiaoxue’s arms was born with his father Meng.The aunt was shocked by the news. She couldn’t believe it. The elder brother who was honest on weekdays would do such a beast to her biological daughter.I dare not imagine how Xiaoxue has lived in the past 5 years, and she has lived in a dark day. She hugged Xiaoxue distressedly, and her tears flowed down.

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At 10 am on October 23, 2002, the aunt accompanied by his uncle to the local police station to report to the police.The police immediately launched an investigation after receiving the alarm, and soon arrested Meng.

In the interrogation room, the police asked Meng whether he knew why he was arrested. Meng did not raise his head and said, "I know, it is not just raped daughter." The police felt incredible because normal father couldn’t treat himself like that.The biological daughter, the police suspect whether Meng was mentally ill.The Provincial Center of Health conducted a criminal medical technology appraisal of Meng. The identification results showed that Meng Mou was normal and had completely criminal behavior.

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On November 8, 2002, the Anshan Court did not make public trials on the case according to law. Meng raped the young girl, which caused her pregnancy to give birth to a baby boy.It was finally sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In the prison, in an interview with reporters, Meng still thought that he had nothing wrong. He blame his ex -wife to divorce her, and said that if he would not divorce, he would not rape Xiaoxue.The reporter said how he could do that kind of beastly thing about his biological daughter, and Meng Mou smiled and said that he was playing.The police said that he destroyed his daughter and killed Xiaoxue like this, and she would marry someone in the future.Meng Mou said that no one wanted her, I wouldn’t dislike it, and I could let Xiaoxue be his wife.

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In the end, Xiaoxue was picked up by his biological mother, and the baby boy born of Xiaoxue was also given away. Poor Xiaoxue probably used his life to cure the injuries of the five years.Pass.

Through this incident, once again, it is urgent to popularize the knowledge of young people’s sex education. It is not shameful or shameful to let children know that "sex" is not shameful or shameful.Under the premise of ensuring your life safety, remember to keep evidence and call the police in time.””””There is me 2023″

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