The man rented a female girlfriend home, but accidentally pregnant the child. The other party asked for a request, and the man was happy!

Wang Liang has been working in Beijing for five years. At work, he has changed from a small programmer at the beginning to the current department director.Although Wang Liang rises step by step in work, he has not found a suitable girl in emotionally.Even the blind date that colleagues helped to introduce, because he was rejected by the object of blind dates in Beijing without a house in Beijing.

Seeing that boys who are younger than Wang Liang are married, Wang Liang’s parents are getting more and more anxious.Because Wang Liang did not get married for a day, it was a mind in their hearts.To this end, this year, Wang Liang’s parents gave Wang Liang the last order!If you can’t take his girlfriend home this year, let Wang Liang resign from Beijing’s work and buy a house in his hometown to find a job.

This can make Wang Liang sorrow. He finally worked for so many years before he became the supervisor.The helpless Wang Liang had to come up with the final way, that is, renting a girlfriend home.

Soon Wang Liang turned on the computer and found the relevant information of the rented girlfriend on the computer. Since it is now the off -season, the price marked by each shop is very cheap.In the end, Wang Liang chose a brief introduction saying that Li Jing, a single girl who has been wandering in Beijing for many years, soon contact the two.

Li Jing is a high -quality woman. The first time he met, he took the initiative to pull Wang Liang’s hand.At a glance, Wang Liang knew that the other party was a veteran, but through the contact and understanding of the other day, Wang Liang found that the girl was not only beautiful, but also had a good temperament.For this reason, Wang Liang spent a total of 5,000 yuan for ten days.

Soon the two returned to Wang Liang’s hometown in the train. For the first time, they saw Wang Liang’s parents. Li Jing performed very actively. The mouth was particularly sweet.

In the two days of Wang Liang’s rural hometown, Li Jing was like returning to his home. He got up early every day, took the initiative to cook, and helped Wang Liang’s parents work.This made Wang Liang’s parents meet Li Jing at a glance. For this reason, Wang Liang’s parents deliberately reserved a new bed for the two of them, and their old couples returned to the puppet to sleep.

The time passed quickly, and it was the last day soon. When they left, Wang Liang’s mother also brought this daughter -in -law a little reluctant. Before they were preparing to go home, Wang Liang’s mother ran to the mother to go to the house.In the house, the pair of centered on the pair of cibers from the cabinet had a pair of silver bracelets for many years, and was put on Li Jing’s hands. To Li Jing: Girlfriend, my aunt wants you to come home next time. AuntieI like you very much, my aunt is reluctant to go!

Li Jingchong Wang Liang’s mother smiled and answered: Well, Auntie, go back!In this way, Wang Liang fled his parents with his rented girlfriend.

However, no one expected that shortly after returning, Li Jing called Wang Liang and said that she was pregnant.Wang Liang suddenly remembered. In the days when he was at home, Wang Liang and Li Jing were lying together. He thought he would do nothing, but in the end he still didn’t hold back. He thought he would be fine.I didn’t expect it to be pregnant.

Wang Liang knew that Li Jing wanted to ask for money with himself. He thought about the salary of 8,000 yuan he just paid, and he had a chill, and maybe his class this month had to be wasted again.However, what he never expected was that Li Jing even made a special request with him!

Li Jing said on the phone: Wang Liang, or I will give birth to this child. When we’ll take the children back to your hometown together, will we go back to your hometown?

After listening to Li Jing’s request, Wang Liang was happy on the spot. He agreed and asked where Li Jingxian was, and he was going to see her immediately!

In this way, renting a girlfriend became a real girlfriend. In less than a year, the two had a wedding in Wang Liang’s hometown and successfully gave birth to a baby boy.Sometimes even Wang Liang himself dare not believe that he was a single man a year ago, but now he has become the father of a child.Perhaps this is called a lover to become a dependent!

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