The man derailed the female teacher during his wife’s pregnancy. Afterwards, the female teacher was directly divorced after pregnancy

1 Introduction

The man Chen Mouping went to the child’s parent meeting during his second child. He then had a good opinion of the child’s teacher Zhang Moumei. He started a violent pursuit of her. In the end, the two had a sexual relationship.The female teacher Zhang Moumei went to Wang Moufang’s home after pregnancy, and the man Chen Mouping had a bad attitude. In the process of dispute with her, the female teacher Zhang Moumei, which led Zhang Moumei.In the end, the female teacher Zhang Moumei picked up the legal weapon. In the end, Zhang Mouwei picked up the legal weapon to sue Chen Mouping. On September 6, 2016, the court tried the case and eventually sentenced Chen Chen to ChenA certain sentence was sentenced to three years.

2. Story

Chen Mouping’s wife Wang Moufang manages family affairs at home, and the child’s learning is naturally done by her.However, in April 2015, she was pregnant with a second child and had to give birth. It was not convenient to move, and naturally, she could not participate in the parent meeting organized by the school.She asked the child’s father, Chen Mouping to attend the parent meeting.After opening the parent meeting, because the son’s performance was backward, the teacher Zhang Moumei naturally cared about the grades of his students.The learning status can help children be able to raise their academic performance afterwards.But in this conversation, Chen Mouping made a big mistake.

In the talks after the parent meeting, the child’s father, Chen Mouping, thought that Mr. Zhang was very beautiful and gentle, so he was deeply attracted by her appearance and character.Chen Mouping began the mad pursuit of his son’s teacher Zhang Moumei.At the beginning, the female teacher Zhang Moumei refused. She didn’t want to be a primary three who destroyed other people’s families.Even if the female teacher Zhang Moumei has rejected his student’s father, Chen Mouping, Chen Mouping not only did not give up, but then he pursued Zhang Moumei.Zhang Moumei, the female teacher of her son, sought comfort.After Chen Mouping fiercely pursued Zhang Moumei for half a year, the female teacher fell into the end and fell in love with him completely.

In November 2015, the two began a secret relationship and had a sexual relationship. In January 2016, the female teacher Zhang Moumei was pregnant.At the beginning of their secret relationship, Chen Mouping promised his teacher Zhang Moumei to divorce Wang Moufang and give the female teacher Zhang Moumei.However, when Zhang Moumei told him that he was pregnant, Chen Mouping was not happy, but just asked Zhang Moumei to raise his fetus with peace of mind, without mentioning divorce.

After Zhang Moumei’s belly gradually became larger, Zhang Moumei thought that she could not go on like this. If she was pregnant without a boyfriend who was pregnant without a boyfriend, her future would be destroyed.Zhang Moumei directly came to Chen Mouping’s home and told Chen Mouping’s wife Wang Moufang.Wang Moufang was very angry and called his husband Chen Mouping back home.The moment Chen Mouping returned home to see them, he had a phenomenon that the average person was suddenly revealed when he was suddenly revealed in his extremely unrecognizable behavior.He asked for forgiveness from his wife and said that he was just playing.Zhang Moumei finally saw Chen Mouping’s ugly face. She showed a painful expression and said angrily, "Why deceive her feelings" and beat him.In the process of arguing with her, Chen Mouping pushed Zhang Moumei.Zhang Moumei was too sad and passed out.The two quickly took her to the hospital.

After that, Zhang Moumei’s child had a miscarriage.Zhang Moumei picked up the legal weapon and sued Chen Mouping. On September 6, 2016, the court tried the case and eventually sentenced Chen Mouping for three years in prison for intentional injury.

3. Write at the end

Chen Mouping did not have a correct view of morality, ruined his youth, destroyed a family, and also destroyed the youth of the female teacher.The teacher Zhang of this incident did not properly handle the relationship with the parents and embarked on an incorrect path.With good moral values, everyone must have it.Without good moral values, it will also cause harm to yourself.

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