The man can’t walk even for 7 days. Many people don’t know, so "matching" will be fatal

At present, it is the season of eating grapefruit in autumn. Mr. Liu, 58, can basically do a grapefruit alone every day, so that he couldn’t walk after a week after eating.After being sent to the hospital in time, it was found that Mr. Liu’s muscles were dissolved.Is it so powerful to eat grapefruit?actually not.

(1) Grapefruit health effects more

In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", there is a record that eating grapefruit has "going to the stomach and the stomach, the evil in the stomach, the alcoholic and poison, the cure of alcohol, not thinking about food, phlegm and cough."Grapefruit flavor is sweet and cold, and the stomach can be healthy. Among them, it is rich in vitamin C, cellulose, pectin, iron, potassium and other elements, which can help lowering blood pressure and regulating blood lipids. It is also a seasonal fruit in autumn and can be eaten more.And the calories are also low, and the water is sufficient. If you want to lose weight, you can eat more grapefruit.

(2) Grapefruit is a treasure

Grapefruit meat is delicious and healthy, and there are many effects of grapefruit skin. Grapefruit skin can be washed and cut, grapefruit meat and honey to make honey grapefruit tea, moisturizing and beautiful; you can also cut into pieces and put them in the refrigerator, which can relieve or absorb the air in the airThe odor; or it is also possible to take a bath, which can eliminate the role of fatigue and relieving stress.

(3) Grapefruit can not be eaten with Hisatin drugs

Grapefruit contains a compound called "Fu Sancan". It is a main inhibitor in the human body. If the activity of the decomposition is reduced, then it will cause the blood to enter the blood after taking his drugs.The amount of medication is doubled, and the decomposition and metabolism of the drug in the body can "fail" the drug, and it will also increase the accumulation and toxic side effects of the drugs in the body; because the liver is detoxification and detoxification organs of the human body, it may also affect the detoxification function of the liver., Damage the liver.

Due to the detection of hyperlipidemia, Mr. Liu in the above doctors take Atorvastatin for lipid -lowering treatment under the doctor’s suggestion.After a week of grapefruit, muscle dissolving can not walk.

In addition to his category, there are also antihypertensive drugs, partial anti -allergic drugs, sleeping pills, etc. Do not work together with grapefruit and grapefruit’s "close relatives" grapefruit, etc., which will also affect the efficacy, harm the organs, and may be seriously killed.

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