The main points of the technical point of pregnancy and sows, pay attention to these details

The management of sows during pregnancy not only affects the reproductive performance and milk production of sows, but also affects the survival rate and survival rate of piglets.Therefore, the pig farm should do a good job of sows during pregnancy to ensure that the fetus grows and develops normally, healthy and developing in the sow body, and reducing embryo death and the occurrence of sow abortion.

Let ’s introduce to you the technical points of pregnancy sow tire protection work

During this period, you should take care of it to ensure the safety of pregnant pigs.

Pregnant sows are easy to abortion during three periods:

The first period: 9 ~ 13 days is the period when Hezi bed and the uterus form a placenta. Improper breeding management can easily lead to early abortion of pregnant sow.

The second period: about one and a half months of pregnancy, that is, the formation period of fetal organs is also prone to abortion, but the abortion rate is low.

The third period: About 60 to 70 days after pregnancy, due to the nutrition and management of pregnancy sows, fetal malnutrition can easily lead to miscarriage, which is a stage when sows have a high abortion rate.Although the sows who are 80 days after pregnancy are not easy to miscarriage, if the feeding management is improper, even if the piglets are given, the survival rate and growth of piglets are not good.

Therefore, breeding management is the key to ensuring the normal development of the fetus.

During the entire pregnancy, the sow’s demand for nutrition is not unchanged, so it is necessary to make reasonable adjustments according to the needs of sows.

40 days before pregnancy, that is, in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal weight growth rate and growth and development speed of the fetus are slow, and the 81-114 days after pregnancy, that is, in the late pregnancy, the fetal weight growth rate is faster, 70%of the initial weight of the fetus is in the initial weightGrowth in the late pregnancy, so to achieve fetal preservation and obtain a small pig with a large junior weight and strong vitality, the entire pregnancy must provide appropriate nutrients.

First of all, it is necessary to provide high -quality feed to do a good job of quality management of feed.Pay attention to the amount and ratio of each nutrients of each eclipse, especially the needs of amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements cannot be ignored.These substances are important nutrients that promote the normal growth and development of pigs and prevent sows from abortion and production.

The lack of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. in the middle of the feed will lead to disorders of pregnancy sow reproduction, embryo death, sow abortion, weak production of pigs, low survival rate.

Pregnancy sows overweight or insufficient weight will seriously affect the normal development of the fetus.During pregnancy, sows have exceeded standards, and the fat deposit in the uterus exceeds the standard, which will hinder the growth and development of the fetus and even cause the fetus to die.

In the same way, pregnant sows are too thin, causing malnutrition due to malnutrition of pregnant sow, making the fetus from growing and developing normally.To this end, it is advisable to keep it in eight to 90 % in pregnancy during pregnancy.

The environmental temperature of the sow during pregnancy is 15 ~ 21 ° C, and the humidity is 45%~ 65%. Pay attention to the cold prevention and heat and heat., Dry, clean, warm in winter and cool in summer; the stool should be cleaned in time, the fat pits must be shallow, and the slope of the pits should not be too steep; the pigpen should be kept quiet.

For sows during pregnancy, breeders should be gentle and patient, and observe sows every day to eat, drink water, lie down, feces, and mental state; often brush the pig body and keep the sow’s skin clean.It is conducive to preservation; to avoid sows crowded, slipped, and falling, it is strictly forbidden to scare, abuse, and prevent mechanical abortion.

The sow should exercise appropriately in the middle and late pregnancy to enhance physical fitness, ensure the growth and development of the fetus, and stop exercise one week before childbirth.

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