The lips are dry and peeled. Do you think it is okay to bite?Beware of hemangioma!

It’s winter, the weather is dry

As soon as it is dry, the lips are uncomfortable

I always feel painful with my lips


This dead skin is

Bite or not bite off

Hmm … I can’t help it, let’s bite it off

Stabbing … Crying!

Don’t think of short -term pain

It can really get the long -lasting comfort of the lips

Be careful about the greater trouble, waiting for you

The lips are scratched and breaking the hemioma

Ms. Zhao, a 26 -year -old citizen of Huai’an, Jiangsu, was two months pregnant.Because of her lips, she kept scratching her lips with her hands, causing her lips to break.

But what made her unexpected was that in a month, a lips slowly grew a mass and hung on her lips, which made her embarrassing and brought great inconvenience to life during pregnancy.

In helpless, Ms. Zhao came to the Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital to intervene in the department.

"We diagnose this is a granulomatous vibroma. The cause of the onset is related to trauma and infection, but it is rare to develop in the lip position. This may be related to the increased hormone of pregnant women. The specific pathogenesis is unknown."Director introduced.

Combined with the actual situation of Ms. Zhao, the doctor decided not to perform surgery. After three months of pregnancy, Ms. Zhao performed local injection treatment for her.

On December 13, after three injection treatment, this hemangioma with a diameter of 2.6 cm fell off by itself.

Frequently lick your lips and grow "sausage mouth"

The 25 -year -old Liu Qian (pseudonym) lives in the Bailu Pavilion community in Jiang’an District, Wuhan City. Due to the dry weather, her lips are always cracked and skinny.

She couldn’t help licking her tongue, but she did not expect to lick the more dry, and her lips crack bleeding.The day before yesterday, she was shocked when she looked at the mirror, and her upper and lower lips were red and swollen, like two sausages.In a hurry, she took a leave to the Dermatology Department of the Houhu Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital.

After examination by dermatologists, chronic lapitis was diagnosed.Due to the cold weather, dry air, wind blowing, decreased immune function, lips are prone to dryness, and many people use their tongue to lick the inflammatory response.

The doctor considered that Liu Qian may have been busy and fatigue recently, causing a decline in immune function, coupled with the chronic lapitis caused by drying in winter, wind blowing, and frequent licking lips.Doctors estimate that after a week of drug treatment, her lips are dry and will be resolved.

How to prevent lip cracking?

Gao Ying, director of the Department of Dermatology, Houhu Hospital of Wuhan City Central Hospital, introduced that chronic lampitis is more common in young and middle -aged women, and winter is the high incidence of the disease.Recently, seven or eight patients with dry skin are visited every day.

In response to this kind of dry lip problem, some protective lipsticks can usually be used, such as Vaselin lipstick to avoid makeup lipsticks, and combined with immune regulatory anti -inflammatory drugs, such as Eloson ointment, his Kemodo ointment.Generally speaking, 5-7 days can achieve the expected results.

In winter, the climate is cold, the air humidity is reduced, and the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands decreases. It often occurs with dry skin, such as dry eyes, dry lips, dry throat, and dry nasal cavity.

Suggestion everyone »» »

Drink plenty of water, keep your diet light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

Develop normal sleep habits, smoke less, drink less alcohol

Try to avoid wind blowing and exposure. When you go out, wear a mask

Increase physical exercise appropriately and promote blood circulation

When the lips are dry, do not frequently lick your lips

Do not bite the skin of the lips up forcibly, it is easy to cause lip wounds

Remind everyone

Do not bite the skin of the lips up forcibly

This can easily cause lip wounds

Lip balm

Is the correct way to open

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