The journey of the novice mother’s heart

Now the palace is officially promoted to the Bao Ma level to completely say goodbye to the two -person world. In October, she had a variety of mental journey to get out.

1 The pregnant mothers must be very helpful to the fetus on time when they are not tired.I was too lazy to move and did not touch the last contracted pain.

2 Try to eat mineral vitamins as possible during pregnancy, October Xin Xin recommended by the hospital doctor, Runkang recommended by her friend and her doctor, four or five hundred yuan a month.In addition, DHA 300 yuan a month is that the child is crying less.

3 Eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy to prevent constipation anal fissure hemorrhoids. I used to have a slight anal fissure in constipation. The fruit in the middle and late pregnancy continued to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Rinse the toilet with warm water every time, apply hot towels a few times a day, drink plenty of water, it will soon be good, don’t worry.

4 Before you want to give birth, you must pay attention not to catch a cold. Not only are you keeping warm and doing more people and less places. The viral cold is not how much you can decide how much you wear. I just spent a lot of waves. Finally, I have to plan the respiratory tract infection.The room has been coughing and a knife, but the blood row is very fast. In short, don’t accept this crime.

5 The cesarean section is not so terrible. I was afraid that at first I was afraid that it would be dragged until 42+5 placenta.The feeling of electricity is sore and swollen. I don’t feel the surgery, that is, my umbilical cord is too short to take my stomach, and the suture is difficult.We did n’t give it on the third day of the two days. After shrinking the palace for five days, I hated this thing, and my stomach hurts.Essence

6 You have to communicate with your elder brother beforehand. After you go, your mother -in -law must do more and spend more to talk, not to bother her, and it is annoying to see anyone.Various rests are not good, really have no energy. Bao Dad must put his wife in the first place or regret it.

7 When opening milk, relax, don’t worry, don’t have psychological burden. You must find a professional opening -up teacher. If you don’t eat oil and water in the first week, you will block the breast. Be careful not to squeeze it to sleep.If the breast is squeezed, you must rub it early. If there is no milk in the confinement, don’t worry about the confinement sometimes.

Write so much first, next time I am waiting for the bag more

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