The Internet passed on Cai Xukun to the woman’s pregnancy forced to give birth, and refused to respond to netizens: evading shame but useful

According to media reports, Beijing Cai Xukun Film and Television Culture Studio was included in the operating abnormal list on July 2.This decision was made by the Beijing Tongzhou District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau because the studio’s registered residence or operating place cannot be contacted.This news has aroused the attention and discussion of the majority of netizens.

Cai Xukun is a highly anticipated singer and artist. His film and television culture studio is an important role in managing and operating his personal affairs.However, the recent rumor that Cai Xukun had a relationship with a girl with a surname C and caused the other party to ask for a fetus after pregnancy.For this incident, Cai Xukun has never responded, and the news that the studio was included in the operating abnormal list has attracted more attention from the public.

The operating abnormal list refers to a list of enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households due to violations of relevant laws and regulations or failing to perform their business obligations in accordance with regulations.The list of operating abnormalities may have a certain impact on the reputation and business activities of the enterprise.For Cai Xukun Film and Television Cultural Studio, we need to learn more about the relevant situation and reasons.

As a public figure, Cai Xukun’s behavior and image have attracted much attention.We hope he can actively respond and explain related events to maintain his image and the reputation of the studio.We believe that relevant departments will deal with this incident in accordance with laws and regulations, and maintain the fairness and justice of society and the authority of law.We also expect Cai Xukun to face and solve related issues with a positive attitude.Rotten the problem cannot be solved.

In today’s society, stars and idols have become the object of people chasing. However, over time, we can’t help asking, is modern artists really qualified?This article will start from ancient times to the present, explore the definition of stars and idols, and reveal the unconnection of modern artists.

Part 1: Definition of celebrities and idols

Ancient stars were often those who had outstanding achievements in politics, culture, art and other fields.With their outstanding talents and influence, they have become the focus of society.And idols refer to those who are worshiped and sought after, their images and behaviors are regarded as models.

Part 2: The unconnection of modern artists

However, with the development of the entertainment industry, the uniqueness of modern artists has gradually emerged.First of all, some entertainers lack professionalism. They have received attention with factors such as appearance and background, and ignore their pursuit and improvement of their talents.This phenomenon leads to the impetuousness and vulgarization of the entertainment industry.

Secondly, the moral concepts and behaviors of modern artists have also caused people to doubt.Some artists involve issues such as illegal crimes and moral corruption, which has a negative impact on the society.Their behavior not only violates social morality, but also violates the responsibility and obligations as public figures.

Part 3: Countermeasures to solve the problem of unqualified modern artists

In order to solve the unqualified problems of modern artists, we need to start from multiple aspects.First of all, the entertainment industry should strengthen the training and management of artists and improve their professionalism and moral concepts.Secondly, society should strengthen the supervision and evaluation of artists, encourage outstanding artists, and stop unqualified behaviors at the same time.

In addition, the public should also raise the aesthetic and moral consciousness of artists, not blindly sought after and worship, but rationally evaluate and support their works.Only through joint efforts can we build a healthy and positive entertainment environment and cultivate more qualified stars and idols.


The definition of celebrities and idols has changed in different times, but as public figures, they should bear social responsibility and obligations.The unconnection of modern artists requires us to pay attention to and solve them together to promote the healthy development of the entertainment industry and bring more positive energy to society.

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