The insurance that must be understood after pregnancy, maternity insurance!Attach the most comprehensive fertility insurance guideline!

There are two reimbursement insurance in social security, one is medical insurance, and the other is maternity insurance.

Not long ago, the state issued documents, requiring various regions to gradually merge medical insurance and maternity insurance, but there are still many cities not yet merged.

But even after the merger, the role and benefits of maternity insurance are unchanged. Today we will talk about what benefits can be provided for maternity insurance.

Maternity insurance is a insurance that cannot be established for female employees because of having children. It reimburses the costs of women during the fertility and gives female employees a certain income loss compensation.

The welfare of maternity insurance mainly includes two parts: maternity medical expenses: reimbursement from pregnancy to maternity expenses, such as prenatal examinations, childbirth and other medical expenses.Fertility allowances: Because they cannot work during fertility, the state will give women a certain compensation based on this special circumstances.

And this insurance not only pays women, but also men have to pay.Although men do not have children, as long as they pay for maternity insurance, they can use it for their wives.

As long as the maternity insurance for the insurance can be reimbursed for maternity medical care for one year, in addition, those who meet the conditions can also receive a maternity allowance.

If you want to enjoy the treatment of maternity insurance, you must meet the conditions: female employees, and establish a social security account and pay a total of 12 months or continuously pay for the children’s children in accordance with regulations.(Different requirements in various places, you can consult the local Social Security Bureau)

As long as the above two conditions are met, you can enjoy maternity insurance benefits.

The basic maternity leave of female employees in our country has been extended from 90 days to 98 days; if the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 16 weeks (inclusive), a 15 -day maternity leave, a miscarriage of more than 16 weeks of pregnancy, enjoying 42 days of maternity leave, all during maternity leave, all during maternity leave, all during maternity leave, all during maternity leave, all during maternity leave periods.You can enjoy maternity allowances in accordance with regulations.

According to the policies in different regions, maternity leave time is not consistent.Areas with the longest maternity leave, such as Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Ningxia and other places, it has reached 158 days.

The Beijing area began in March 2016. Regardless of the first or second child, the number of maternity leave days was 128 days.

First of all, the collection of maternity medical expenses mainly includes maternity leave treatment and abortion leave treatment.Take a look at the two clicks:

We can see that fertility treatment is mainly divided into two parts: maternity medical expenses subsidies and maternity allowances.Subsidies for maternity medical expenses are subsidies for fixed amounts. If there is a miscarriage, the amount of medical expenses is determined according to the number of months of pregnancy.

The fertility living allowance is determined according to the number of maternity leave days.

Assuming that Ms. Zhang’s company, the average company was 5,000 last year.

Ms. Zhang’s 98 -day maternity leave at home can apply to the company for 5000 ÷ 30 × 98 = 16333 yuan for maternity subsidies.This money cannot be applied for personal application. It must be applied to the company first, and finally allocated to the company by social security.

If Ms. Zhang’s salary is 6,000 yuan, which is higher than the company’s average salary, the difference is 1000 ÷ 30 x 98 = 3266 yuan, the company must make up.

Taking Shanghai as an example, according to Shanghai’s regulations, the following materials need to be prepared: the original and positive and negative copies of the childcare ID card;"Maternal Medicine Certificate"; if birth in other provinces and cities, the original and photocopy of the discharge of discharge or medical records issued by medical institutions and the baby’s "Medical Certificate of Birth" must be carried;Materials and Chinese translations issued by the institutional medical records; real -name settlement account card (folding) of the real -name system settlement account card (discount) of the designated financial institution; if you entrust others to handle, Copy on the reverse.

There are many welfare and collection conditions above. So how do you pay for maternity insurance?

In fact, all costs of maternity insurance are paid by the unit, and individuals do not need to pay.Therefore, individuals do not have to consider the payment of maternity insurance. When the unit pays social security for you, the maternity insurance is actually included.

Therefore, as long as it is an enterprise employee, the enterprise will pay you maternity insurance.

Maternal insurance is very comprehensive for mothers, including from pregnancy to examination to delivery.But female fertility is originally a very big challenge.

Specific mothers must always be vigilant about accidents. Once some accidents occur, maternity insurance cannot be guaranteed.

What should I do at this time?Insurance companies have prepared specialized insurance for mothers during pregnancy to ensure accidents such as diseases and dystocia during pregnancy.At the same time, some products also provide guarantee for the congenital deformity of the newborn.

At present, the market has launched the corresponding products including Taikang, Yongan, Zhong’an, Allianz, Fosian, etc. After watching many luck accident insurance, Baoye was attracted by a highly cost -effective product.Lian Xiaoyu pregnancy.

In response to this pregnancy insurance, Bao Ye made a summary.

Generally speaking, this product is relatively comprehensive, the premiums are not high, and the cost performance is very high, which is worth considering.

In addition, Xiao Xing’s pregnancy also has two versions of pregnant women and maternal and infant editions, which is very suitable for expectant mothers.

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