The increase in body temperature during pregnancy is not a cold. These two reasons are the "culprit". Moms must know

After the successful conception, a series of changes will occur in the body of women. In addition to the pregnancy of our well -known pregnancy, there is also a clear change that it will often feel hot and the body is easy to sweat.If my mother measures her body temperature at this time, I will find that it is about 0.5 degrees higher than usual, so that many women once think of whether they have a cold.In fact, this phenomenon of pregnant mothers is normal, which causes women to increase their body temperature after pregnancy. What is the reason to feel hot?

Reasons why women feel hot during pregnancy

Experts said that on the one hand, because of pregnancy, the mother’s body will secrete a large amount of lutein, while the luteal will produce progesterone, which will lead to an increase in body temperature.Coupled with the acceleration of basic metabolism after pregnancy, the body will emit more calories, which is naturally hotter than usual.

In response to this phenomenon, mothers do not have to be too nervous. As long as you can insist on doing the following 4 things, it will make you easier for you throughout your pregnancy!

Reasonable dress

After pregnancy, my mother’s body temperature is higher than usual, so it is easy to feel hot. If you want to be more comfortable in your body, try to be loose and comfortable in dressing. The breathability and sweat absorption of clothes fabric must be good.Especially close to the underwear close to the skin, so you must choose it carefully.It is recommended that mothers choose cotton soft lactating underwear and underwear. Such clothes fabrics are not only soft, they can bring baby -like skin feel to the mother, but also have strong breathability. The mother will not feel sultry and very practical.

Take a regular bath

Because of the rising body temperature during pregnancy, the amount of sweating of the mother’s body is significantly more than usual, and the resistance after pregnancy will be worse than before.If the mother can’t wipe the sweat on the body in time, the sweat sticks to the surface of the skin, it will easily breed bacteria, which will affect the health of her and the fetus.Therefore, during pregnancy, my mother must pay attention to her own skin cleaning and take a regular bath so that she and the fetus can suffer less.

Pay attention to diet

The diet during pregnancy is very particular, so the mother must make a good plan for her own diet.Generally, in the diet, the mother should try to digest food as much as possible, and eat less spicy oil and cold.Before going to bed at night, my mother can drink some pure milk and eat some fresh fruits and vegetables appropriately, which can provide sufficient nutrition to the body, but also relieve the hotness of the body’s heat.Xia Jinchun milk box 24 bottles 243ml box growth nutrition breakfast milk ¥ 89.8 Buy

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