The impact of hypoxia for pregnant women should not be ignored. Learning this knowledge can easily surpass pregnancy.

The most important thing for a family is the arrival of the baby. Pregnant moms must take care of the baby’s "clothing, food, housing" during pregnancy.When the following situations occur during pregnancy, pregnant moms must attach great importance to it and cannot be ignored.

Once the fetus is found during pregnancy, we must pay great attention.

Pregnant moms must always be highly vigilant during pregnancy. Any wind blowing grass cannot be ignored. Pregnant mommy must fully understand the knowledge of fetal hypoxia, and be a good mother to understand these points.

1. If the pregnant mother finds that the fetal heart rate is too frequent, it must be highly valued. This situation may be a sign of the baby’s hypoxia. The baby’s normal fetal heart fluctuations are between 120-160.Nothing.

2. If the baby’s fetal movement is too frequent, it should also be highly valued. The pregnant mother is the best doctor of the baby. If the baby’s fetal movement is abnormal, the frequency of the fetal movement is too fast. At this timeThe baby’s hypoxia can lead to abnormal central nervous system, affect the development of IQ, and seriously lead to fetal death.

3. If pregnant mothers have diabetes, be sure to pay attention to diet. This disease of pregnant moms will cause fetal hypoxia.

Harm of fetal hypoxia

If the fetus is hypoxic during pregnancy, the baby’s intelligence will be low after birth, which will cause the baby’s resistance to decrease.

How to prevent fetal hypoxia

Pregnant mommy wants to prevent fetal hypoxia. What is exercise is more exercise. Do not sit for a long time, because the pregnant mummy does not move to slow the blood circulation of the abdominal, causing fetal hypoxia.

What should I do if I have hypoxia?

Pregnant moms can go to the hospital to take oxygen absorption. If the hypoxia is not serious, the pregnant mother can take the sleeping position on the left side,

This can promote the blood circulation of pregnant mummy and relieve the problem of hypoxia in the fetus.

During pregnancy, hypoxia is a very easy problem to ignore. The editor wrote this article to remind you that pregnant moms must observe the fetal movement at any time for the health of the fetus.Goodbye next time.

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