The impact of hypoxia during pregnancy is great, and oxygen cylinders must be carried with you

There is a great impact of hypoxia during pregnancy, and the oxygen cylinder must be carried with you

Due to the worsening heart burden in the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have symptoms such as panic, hypoxia, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, which has a great impact on the baby.Inhale oxygen to improve symptoms in time.Global epidemic has not ended.Considering safety, there is no way to go to the hospital in time to suck oxygen.Therefore, it is very necessary to carry an oxygen cylinder with you.

Pregnancy is really a difficult thing.Since 32 weeks of pregnancy, I have been feeling difficulty in breathing and can’t breathe.Especially when you go to a closed supermarket, when you inhale, it seems that you can’t absorb oxygen.It’s really hard to die.My husband was anxious and took me to the hospital for examination.The doctor said that the fetus may be bigger, and it was pressed to the chest, and it felt breathless.Monitor the fetal heart again, 100-160 times/minute normal fetal heart.For me, the baseline of the fetal heart rate has always been a critical value of 160, and sometimes it has soared to 180.The alarm of the fetal heart monitor has been scaring me.I am particularly worried about baby hypoxia.

Later, I showed the curve to the doctor.The doctor said that the baby is active, so the base is a bit high, but there is also the possibility of hypoxia in the palace.Some people suggest that I usually have a panic and chest, and I need to take oxygen in time in time ~ My husband is at work, and takes me to the hospital once every three days to suck oxygen.It feels painful and uncomfortable when often hypoxia ~

Others can get pregnant smoothly, but I have been tossed by hypoxia during pregnancy. My girlfriend came to rescue the field and sent me this Aiurun oxygen cylinder, which is a must -have for her previous pregnancy and travel.Don’t tell me, it is really effective ~ Whenever I feel bad, I take two breaths, and the phenomenon of chest tightness and shortness of breath will soon be relieved.After taking a week in a row, I went to the hospital to monitor the fetal heart. The fetal heart line hovered around 150. The amplitude was relatively small, and it was obviously normal.I am really happy.It is a good thing for pregnancy, and it is easy to solve my urgency.Therefore, I can’t wait to share it with expectant mothers and give you a reference ~

1. High value, fashion appearance

As a expectant mother, don’t look at the choice of oxygen cylinders.I also pay particular attention to its face value.Imagine, wearing fashionable clothes, holding ugly oxygen cylinders.It’s really wrong.

And this an Airun oxygen cylinder really made me look at it at a glance.Its face value is really high.Its main color is clean white, and the four treasures of Qinling Mountains are decorated with soft blue without losing the atmosphere.It is full of artistic atmosphere and represents the current trend of oxygen cylinders. It is incomparable with ordinary oxygen cylinders.This design reflects the brand’s intention and can call on everyone to protect rare wild animals.This kind of intimate brand moved me very much, and it was more assured to use it.

2. Professional oxygen production, quality and safety

The purpose of buying oxygen cylinders is for emergency.What is its quality?Is it safe?It is also the focus of my attention.

I learned from Baidu that Airun is a brand from the world’s Fortune 500 companies. It has a history of 141 years and is the world’s largest gas company.The earlier open portable oxygen cylinder was opened in China, and the standard of portable oxygen cylinder respiratory industry was formulated.It is the leader of the domestic oxygen cylinder industry. The quality of oxygen is really nothing to say.It is worth mentioning that its purity purity is guaranteed, and the quality of Germany reaches 99.5%, which fully meets the medical oxygen standard ~

Oxygen cylinders are also particularly fine. The sealing of the Macong iron bottle is particularly good, which can prevent oxygen leakage and have no hidden dangers.And the strength of the bottle is relatively high and it is not easy to deform.The edge of the mask is also specially flipped, smooth and without burrs, and will not leave traces on the face contact position on the face.The experience is great.The valve is imported from Japan, which can stabilize the pressure and prevent return. Do not worry about polluting the oxygen in the bottle during use.The most important thing is that each bottle of Airun’s oxygen cylinder will be sterilized by the factory from the factory to ensure that the oxygen in our hands is clean and pure.I’m really at ease.

3. Light and portable, easy to decide

Compared with the inconvenience of the hospital, it really has too many advantages, let alone cost -effective.The most important thing is light and portable.There is no weight of a 1000m capacity bottle, and ordinary bags can be easily installed without adding additional burdens to pregnant mothers.It accompanied me to the company, park, movie theater, shopping mall and other places, and even traveling together.With it, I have a sense of security and no longer have to worry.

In addition, the design of the mask is healthy and easy to operate.As long as you open the bottle cap, change into the mask, face the nose and nose, and press it gently to inhale oxygen.It is really convenient to press about 10 times.I specially bought a comparison of an oxygen cylinder from other homes and found that the size of this button of Airun is larger, and naturally saves effort and better.And the other models are complicated, and you can suck once every three or four times, indicating that the hands are sour ~

4. Summary

After my actual use, the Ai Run oxygen cylinder sent by this girlfriend is really good. The quality and safety are reassuring, light and portable, and high value.With it, the trouble of queuing oxygen in the hospital, you can go to work with peace of mind and wait for delivery.In the last few weeks of sprints, let’s cheer together ~ I also hope that every pregnant mother can have less pain and unload easily.

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