The impact of high fever in pregnant women on the fetus, high fever and no reasonable drug selection and treatment

Outpatients often meet patients with high fever in pregnant women, and they are anxiously asked what medicine to take for doctors.I believe that the cooling down of the fever at home has not improved, and I don’t know which medicines are harmful to the fetus.

During pregnancy, pregnant women have decreased immunity, cold and fever are common. They do not need excessive nervousness, but they cannot be intended and do not deal with any treatment.The entire pregnancy period may be fever. We divide the pregnancy during pregnancy, the second trimester, and the third trimester.The effects of fever in different periods have different effects on the fetus.

The week of pregnancy is calculated, 7 days are a pregnancy week, and 28 days are a pregnancy month

Early pregnancy: before 12 weeks (3 months).The period for the formation of major organs of the fetus is the key to development.

In the middle of pregnancy: 12-28 weeks (March-July)

Late pregnancy: 28-40 weeks (July-October) Pentilities of fetal safety childbirth.

The effect of high fever on the fetus:

In the early pregnancy, it was a period of formation of the fetal system.The respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and urogenital systems are gradually developing. During this time, if it causes high fever due to cold and fever, repeated fever, long disease time, and the higher the probability of fetal teratogenic.According to clinical measurement, when the temperature of pregnant women increases by 2 ° C normally, the fetal brain cells develop stagnation; if they rise 3 ° C, they may kill brain cells.And therefore formed brain cell damage, mostly irreversible permanent damage, and intellectual obstacles may occur after the fetus is born.The respiratory tract combined with bacterial and virus infections, infected with the fetus through the placenta, causing fetal malformations, delayed development, lip cracks, neurophastin defects (no brain), small head deformity, congenital heart disease, even abortion, and dead tires.

In the third trimester, although the fetus has basically matured, fever will not have a great impact on the fetus.However, high fever in pregnant women can stimulate the uterus, cause uterine contraction, cause premature or miscarriage, and may also cause the fetus to die.

The impact of drugs on the fetus:

Everyone knows that abuse of drugs during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus. What are the specifics?

1. Antibiotics.This is the most widely used and the most common cause of fetal development.Celebrates such as galcolin, rinseein, and cenomycin can cause the eighth pair of brain nerve and kidney damage, causing nerve damage and causing congenital deafness.Poorine has a lesion on the joints of young animals, has an impact on nerves and spiritual aspects, and should not be used in early pregnancy.Sulfa category can cause new children’s jaundice and hemolytic anemia.Tethellrophexide is typical teratogenic drugs, leading to fetal teeth and skeletal dysfunction, small limbs deformed, milty teeth yellow stain, and enamel dysplasia, and pregnant women with hepatic toxicity.Chlorophyllin is accumulated in the fetus due to the lack of glucosal acid metastases in the fetal liver, and vomiting, anorexia, and abdominal distension can eventually cause circulating failure after birth.For a large amount of use at the end of pregnancy, it can cause newborn platelet reduction, regenerative disorder anemia, or fetal death.Erythromycin relying on erythromycin, alter erythromycin, etc., it can cause intrahepatic cholenecaste accumulation and liver damage, cause transaminase height, hepatrobia, and obstructive jaundice.

2. Reflection of hot and town analgesics.Aspirin and Feinecine caused small and deformed fetuses, causing newborn coagulinase to reduce the disorders of bleeding and liver detoxification.

3, vitamin: vitamin A and folic acid deficiency can cause fetal malformation; but if pregnant women take excessive vitamin A, they can also cause fetal malformations.Excessive vitamin D can cause excessive calcium in the fetus, stenosis of aorta, kidney artery, hypopsal development, slow intellectual development and hypertension.A large amount of vitamin K can cause newborn jaundice.Vitamin B6: A large amount of use can cause newborns to produce vitamin B6 dependence and convulsions.Vitamin B6’s derivatives are new, causing lips in animal experiments, and should also be used with caution.A variety of vitamins: If you take it within three months of pregnancy, the risk of infant dysfunction and common nervous system defects is as high as 60%.

4, hormones such as estrogen cause short limb shortage, baby girl vaginal aden disease, baby baby feminine.Pathotin can cause baby girls to meal, and baby boys crack down.The pine and strong pine: cause fetal lip cracks and cleft palate.But the pine can also cause the fetus to have no brain, premature birth, and death early.Performatone and testosterone: cause malformations of the fetal genitalia.

5. In addition to the effects of anti -allergic pills, phenyllaming, etc., in addition to the effects of palate, lip cracks, and absence of limbs, liver poisoning and brain damage can be damaged, and newborn breathing can be suppressed.

6. All drug -containing drugs, such as beefly, poison tablets, etc.: The fetus dies.

7. Sulfurbin sulfonin and chloro -chloroplasulfonal crickets can cause miscarriage, dead tires, and multiple deformities.Insulin: cause abortion, premature birth, death, and other congenital malformations

8. Anti -voltage diuretic diuretic dihydrogen gram urine or cytoprotrazine: can cause newborn platelet reduction.Blood flatness caused newborn poisoning, nasal congestion, respiratory tract obstruction, and even died due to hypoxia.

9. Anticarian cyclumamide causes limb defects and cleft palate

10. Anti -psychotropic chloropenrazine can cause retinopathy

11. Antilateral epilepsy sodium deformity and cracked finger deformed and cracked

12. contraceptives can cause fetal congenital heart disease and limb shortage.

13. Equality of malaria, such as quinine, chin,, and Ah can lead to congenital deafness, nerve injury and platelet reduction in the fetus.

14. Caffeine: Creative caused by lip and palate

15. Antibacterial drugs B, aslalomycin, glycomycin, germidin, climozole: serious adverse reactions to the nervous system, hematopoietic system, and liver and kidney function of pregnant women.Gray -glyphicin also leads to abortion and abnormalities

16. Epilellite: The fetal finger toe is deformity, and the fetus can cause suffocation, bleeding and brain damage to the fetus in the later pregnancy

Optom and mouth feel abnormal.Vancin can also cause babies to temporarily or permanent deafness.

18. Alcohol can cause fetal multiple deformities

Drug treatment of high fever in pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, it is generally short -lived and low, and simple physical cooling is sufficient.Try not to use any drugs.If it is high fever and repeated attacks, you need to go to a regular hospital for treatment to find the cause and targeted treatment.

What are the safe antipyretics?Anti -heating: For acetylphenol, acetamin, Xiaochaihu granules, 吲哚 吲哚 辛, slab blue root, clearing psychics, Pudi blue anti -inflammatory oral liquid, all are relatively safer.You can also inject Chaihu injection.

Accompanied by bacterial infection, antibiotics can be used.Penicillin, dangerous fetus B drug, has a high safety factor of the fetus, has no teratogenic effects, can be taken throughout the whole process, penicillin V potassium tablets, amoxicillin capsules, etc.Cefiomy, fetal risk C class, but there are many types of cephalosporin, most of which belong to Class B. The third generation is basically no renal toxicity. The antibacterial spectrum is stronger than penicoin. It can be applied throughout the process, such as cephalosporin, cephalosporone, cephalospetine, etc.Large rings, dangerous fetal category B, such as erythromycin (except erythromycin, alter erythromycin, relying on erythromycin), Azithromycin, septomycin, spiithromycin, etc.You can first have such drugs, which are less toxic for pregnant women and fetuses.

Oral antibiotics are invalid. When high fever is durable, intravenous infusion of fetal risk B antibiotics can be given. At the same time, it can be given an appropriate amount of replenishment, energy input, replenishing moisture, increasing the resistance of pregnant women’s body, and promoting metabolism to cool down.

In the case of illness, pregnant women cannot refuse to use any drugs because they are afraid of the drug and side reaction of the drug, so that they will delay the illness or even endanger their mothers’ lives.Reasonable medication, selective medication, treatment for the cause of high fever’s primary disease is the fundamental.

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