The husband finished "ligation" for 3 months, but he did not expect his wife to be pregnant. Doctor: Not her fault

In the usual husband and wife life, some contraceptive measures will be taken when the husband and wife do not want their children.There are many contraceptive methods for people to choose from, such as: oral contraceptives, use condoms, in vitro radon, and so on.But if you want to permanent contraception, you will basically take these two methods of contraception, one is female ligation and the other is male ligation.Compared with women’s ligation, the process of ligation of men is simpler and less side effects, but due to the influence of the traditional thinking of my country’s traditional thoughts, the biggest influence of "the biggest to the biggest" and the monster of male dignity, many men are unwilling to understand the male ligation in the end. What is going on, so even if a man has a ligation surgery, he is unwilling to tell his family, even his wife.It is for this reason that the couple have made many things that make people laugh.

Girlfriend Qianqian has been married to his husband and Pharaoh for more than three years. The eldest son Bobo is 2 years old.The two of their husbands and wives used to be a high school classmate, and they were their first love.After experiencing the "blocking" of teachers and parents in high school, and the difficult "alien love" during college, I finally entered the palace of marriage after 8 years in love.It’s no exaggeration at all.However, this is the pair of two people who have never had a red face have recently made a big contradiction. Girlfriend Qian Qian quarreled to divorce Pharaoh, saying that he did not believe in himself.After listening to the ins and out, I really can’t cry and laugh.

This is the case. Qian Qian’s body was particularly bad when he was pregnant. In order to protect Qian Qian, Qian Qian resigned from a high -income job. He could only lie at home every day.Bleeding went to the hospital several times.It was finally until the moment of delivery. I did not expect Qianqian to pass out in the past several times in the process of childbirth. In the end, she "turned around" and gave birth to Bobo.Qian also stunned for young milk, desperately forced to eat, and asked the prolactin to clear the breasts. After that, the milk was too much, but the milk increased again. Due to the improper treatment of Qianqian, it also had mastitis.There was so much sin of Qian Qian Qianqin, and Pharaoh looked in his eyes in his heart.In order to prevent his wife from suffering the same crime, he secretly went to the hospital to perform a "ligation" surgery with Qian Qian, but told Qian Qian that his company had a business trip for one month.Da didn’t even notice abnormalities.

Xiaobei was newly married. One month later, Pharaoh returned home. The two of them grinded for a long time, and in the process, the two did not take other contraceptive measures.After another month, Qian Qian found that her example has not come for half a month, and she went to the hospital to check that she was pregnant.Back home, Qianqian told Pharaoh the incident. I did not expect that Pharaoh was immediately furious. I did not expect that the wife he loved so much made him really a legendary "old king"?! "Who are you pregnant with?For pregnancy, in order to make you no longer getting pregnant and having children, I have been ligated for three months. You are now green! "Pharaoh roared, Qianqian was so aggrieved:" This child is yours, you don’t, you don’t, you don’t have it.Believe me, okay, let’s go to the hospital for an examination, see who it is! "

At the hospital, Pharaoh told the doctor that he had done a ligation. The doctor gave him a series of inspections. One of the inspections showed that the sperm activity of Pharaoh was 2 degrees, and the sperm record was 26 × 10^9/L (50 ~ 100 × 10^9/L is normal value), the doctor interpreted, the ligation surgery of Pharaoh failed.For Qian Qian’s pregnancy, the doctor said, "It is not her fault. After the men’s finish operation, the permanent contraceptive effect is not immediately required. It is necessaryOnly sperm -free existence can give up contraceptive measures. Under normal circumstances, men need to be contraceptive for 3 months after a ligation surgery. "Going to the hospital for an examination and a lucky psychology would happen to this kind of embarrassment.

Now Qianqian is on the air, no matter how Pharaohs apologize, she ignores it, because she feels that she does not even have the minimum trust between the husband and wife, so how can she go on.Indeed, the dislocation between husband and wife is indeed the most hurting.But after all, Pharaoh had a ligation surgery out of Ai Qianqian. No one expected that the operation would fail, and Qian Qian happened to be pregnant.Thinking about it, which man will calm down when Pharaoh does not know his surgery failure?There is nothing worthy of concealment between husband and wife, as long as there is nothing that can not be forgiven as long as they do not violate each other’s principles.Just like the novel "Maggie’s Gift", the husband secretly sold his beloved gold watch on Christmas Eve to buy a set for his wife, but his wife sold her beautiful hair for her husband to buy a supporting bracelet.EssenceAlthough the two people were embarrassed when they took out Christmas gifts, they were full of love.

But having said that, if the trust between the husband and wife really has problems, avoiding it is definitely not a good idea. Talk with the other person in a timely manner to solve the problem as soon as possible. This is a wise move.The trust between husband and wife is an indestructible weapon, which can lay a solid foundation for your happy life. As long as trust is still there, your home is unbreakable!If a family has no trust, it seems that there is no skeleton of the building, and it will face collapse.Cherish the trust between your existing couples, and you also have happiness!

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