The health is not cold, everything is talked about

Health is not cold, everything is talked about!

Everyone starts from cold, and the cold is born from the feet!

The old root of the tree died first, and the old feet were declining first!

Women are not cold, there must be a small belly!

Women are not cold, rheumatism chase the kidney plate!

Women are not cold, tumors are entangled!

Women are not cold, their hands and feet are cold!

Women are not cold, depression is troublesome!

Women are not cold, and the moon often headaches!

Women are not cold, and it must be difficult to give birth!

Women are not cold, youth is no longer back!

Women are not cold, longevity is far away!

Cold, wet, detox!Health!

Women must be good for themselves, but love

Some people say that it is cold, some say it is hot, some say it is too comfortable. The same care, the same method, different constitutions, different effects, one effect once!Toxins are equivalent to chronic poisoning in the body. It erodes your health little by little. In Chinese medicine, it is cold to fever and treat people to save people!You can’t stand this little cold, a small heat, and you can have to sleep for a lifetime of money to sleep in the collapsed bed bed, cold and dampness, from now on!

What are the reflection of body cold?

Calm down under the navel <Calling> Gonghan!

Cold on the navel <Calling> Stomach cold!

Cold on the waist <Calling> Bring the pulse!

Cold on the shoulders <Calling> Dare!

Cold in the arms <Calling> Lung Qi deficiency!

Cold on the neck <Calling> Bladder Black Black!

Cold on the back of the hand <Calling> Insufficient qi!

Cold in the thigh <Calling> Spleen and Stomach Protective!

Calm cold <Calling> Stomach and stomach deficiency!

First -level cold and dampness: in the epidermis, symptoms: itchy skin, long eczema

Two -level cold and dampness: in muscle, symptoms: acid, sleepy, tired, scarce, such as shoulders and neck hypertrophy, soreness, weak back acid, joints

Three -level cold and dampness: In the bones, the cold and dampness of the bone, symptoms: periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain. Hardness, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and painful joint pain.

Harm of cold

Blood, cold tendons, cold bones, cold palace, cold kidney, cold lung, cold stomach, cold liver cold.

Long cold must be pain, long pain will be deficient, long -term deficiency must be sick

The incidence of various diseases of modern people is getting higher and higher, and most of the diseases have a direct relationship with the cold and dampness in the body.Because the cold and cold constitution can cause the meridians in the body and have a lot of blood impurities. The metabolic products of each organ cannot be discharged in time, blocking the blood vessels and meridians, resulting in the decrease in the immune self -healing power of the skin, organs, and cells.Death!

Body cold, resulting in a decrease in bone marrow hematopoietic cells

Blood is the energy flowing in the body. When the body is cold, the vitality of the blood -making stem cells of the bone marrow decreases, which gradually reduces the blood energy of the whole body. The functions of each part cannot reach the best health state.If you work in the state of blood pollution, condensation, and loss for a long time, various problems will occur in your body.

Body cold, causing millions of cardiac cerebral arteriosclerosis

When the body is cold, due to the decrease in body temperature, the pulse internal tract is blocked, which becomes no longer smooth, resulting in the gathering of metabolites in the pulse tract, the thickness of the blood vessel wall increases, the long -term toxins gather and precipitate, resulting in insufficient blood supply. Inside the bodyThe energy is lacking, and the functions of each organs cannot operate normally, resulting in aging lesions in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Sports cold, causing various cancers to die

When the body is cold, the timely excretion of various metabolic waste toxins in the body delays the timely discharge of metabolic waste, causing the qi veins in the body, and the energy and physical strength of people are declining; excessive pressure, coupled with the unreasonable diet cause the body’s nutritional unevenness in the body, Resulting in the high incidence and recurrence of various inflammation and cancer.

Physical cold, affecting the healthy development of the next generation

When the body is cold, it will cause disorders of kidney deficiency and endocrine system. If parents are children who are pregnant in the condition of physical cold, their innate quality is not good. The child’s future health is bound to be affected."The child’s life".

Body cold, causing the body’s immune repair power to decrease

Long-term physical cold will lead to low body temperature, which will cause the human body’s main immune-white blood cells to lose vitality, cause the body’s self-healing system to lose function, and cause a series of physiological diseases. Once you are sick, you will not heal for a long time, small and smallDiseases.

Body cold, causing aging of skin and joints

For a long time, the skin will appear relaxed, no shiny, and prone to "stains, wrinkles and sensitivity"; even if you use good care products, the effect will not be ideal; at the same timeBecause the physical cold will lead to slow metabolism, which weakens nutritional absorption and synthesis, a large amount of toxin accumulation, collagen is lost, and bad fat will accumulate in the body of the organ, even in the blood vessels, and cause aging.

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