The godmother found that her daughter walked abnormally, took her daughter to check, and doctor: Old crackers of the hymen!

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In 1994, an ordinary rural family welcomed the new life, and they gave a nickname Lanlan.Lan Lan’s parents are ordinary farmers. However, his father Tang did not fulfill his responsibility as a husband and father. He lived a leisurely life.

Lan Lan’s mother, Wan Mou, worked abroad to maintain family planning, and rarely went home.Wan is a light woman, and her marriage with Tang is not out of love.Before meeting Tang, Wan Mou had an ambiguous relationship with many men.Therefore, Wanmou even had doubts about whether Lan Lan was Tangmou’s biological children.

However, Lanlan’s birth did not improve the relationship between the couple.Wanmou continues to go out every day, and returns late at night.And Tang’s life is becoming more and more decadent, obsessed with bad intercourse, trying to find a trace of happiness.

Lanlan grew up in such a family.He has been understanding since he was a child that his parents had no love, and his mother was not even sure of his life.

Lanlan longed for a warm embrace, but this desire could not be satisfied at home.When Lan Lan was six years old, Wan Mou went out to work again and entrusted Lanlan to her husband.As everyone knows, the departure this time brought incomparable harm to Lanlan.

And the cause of these injuries is Lan Lan’s father Tang, a real shameless person.

When Lanlan was six years old, he spent so long with his father for the first time.Lanlan thought that getting along can enhance her feelings with her father, but she did not know that this experience would bring her devastating trauma.

After Wan Mou left home, Tang’s life became more sloppy.He was addicted to the dissemination of the bad video all day, trying to get pleasure from it, and completely ignored the existence of Lanlan.

Tang is a typical scumbag. Although he has no skills, he has strong physiological needs.Self -entertainment day after day can no longer satisfy him. He began to have evil thoughts in his mind. If the object is Lanlan, there may be different experiences.

In this way, on a cold night, Tang’s evil thoughts became action.He quietly walked into Lan Lan’s room and gave a cruel atrocities on this ignorant child.

Lan Lan cried in horror and moaning painfully, and it could only be exchanged for more cruel destruction.

Afterwards, Lan Lan was always in horror.She was too young, and she didn’t understand what her father did to her. She only knew that her whole body was in pain, especially the most private parts.She remembered her mother, but her mother was not around.

She wanted to escape, but her father was in front of her.Tang found that with Lanlan, he brought him a different experience.He decided that this would be his new way of pastime.

Therefore, Lanlan cried helplessly again in the middle of the night, and this time, she understood what it means "nightmare."

I should have a six -year -old child with happiness and innocence. Lanlan experienced the first major blow in life this year.What she doesn’t understand is that this is just the beginning of a nightmare, and more pain is waiting for her in the future.

Two years later, Wanmou finally returned home.She thought she would see her husband and daughter’s touching reunion, but did not expect that it was a cruel reality waiting for her.

Wan Mou found that Tang was sexually assaulted by Lanlan.She was shocked and realized that in the past few years, Tang Mou did what Lanlan did far more than this time today.

However, it is difficult to understand that Wan Mou did not stop her husband’s behavior or even rebuke him, but instead watching it coldly.Afterwards, Wan Mou and Tang discussed the incident.

Surprisingly, Wan Mou did not drive Tang out of his house, but came up with a plain plan and used Lanlan to make money.

"If you want to continue to do this, you must pass my consent and pay." Wan said to Tang like this.Tang agreed.So with the help of her mother, Lan Lan’s nightmare became worse.The news soon spread in the village, and various people and other people began to flood to their house, enjoying Lanlan’s body with money.

These "guests" include village secretary, relatives and neighbors, a total of 43 people.They trampled on Lan Lan’s innocent body to get fun, and Lan Lan’s cry could only be exchanged for his mother’s cold rebuke, and he was not allowed to refuse "guests".

The eight -year -old child who should have lived in the warm arms of his family, Lanlan lives in the infringement, atrocities and tears every day.Her body and soul suffered huge injuries, and the cause of all this was that her biological parents deviated from the evil deeds made by human morality.

Eight years have passed so long, Lanlan’s body and heart have suffered huge destruction.In these eight years, Lanlan was pregnant many times, and was sent to a nearby black clinic for abortion by her mother every time.

The doctor said that if this continues, Lanlan’s body will collapse.However, these warnings have no effect on Wanmou.

In 2008, Lanlan finally went to junior high school.In order to avoid the evil things after returning home every day, she lived in the house of the goddesses in the same village.

The father -in -law is a kind old man.They noticed that their daughter was unwilling to go home every time, and was doubtful.So they asked Lanlan euphemistically, but did not expect to hear such a terrible answer.

"After I went home, my dad asked me to have sex with him. I was pregnant, and he didn’t care." Lan Lan said with his eyes red, and his mother’s heart was tingled.

After learning about everything that Lan Lan suffered, the father and mother decided to rescue her from this dilemma.Although Lan Lan’s parents threatened them many times not to intervene in the matter, they had regarded Lanlan as their biological daughter and would never stand by.

In the end, they decided to call the police.The police were also shocked after understanding the facts, and immediately took action to sanction Tang and others.Lan Lan’s nightmare was finally over that day, and she was about to usher in a new life.

The kindness and bravery of the father and mother restored Lanlan to hope for this world.With love with love, she can finally say goodbye to her eight -year tears and pain and start her new life.

After investigation, the police found that there were as many as 43 people involved, but due to the long time of the incident, only 11 crimes could find solid evidence.

In 2010, the 11 people were sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison in accordance with the law. Among them, Tang was sentenced to life imprisonment as the main criminal.Wan Mou was also sentenced to 15 years in prison.

These people have committed the crime of rape and adultery.According to the law, young girls under the age of 14 are regarded as a specific object of the protection of criminal law, so they should be punished with heavy punishment.Moreover, the Lanlan case was not yet an adult, which should also be considered as a factor in aggravating punishment.

The court’s decision made Lanlan and many people very pleased.Finally, justice was realized and gave her hope and liberation.It is difficult to understand that after the release of the sentence was released, the criminals even applied to the court, demanding that Tang Mou was innocent.

They still didn’t seem to realize the evil deeds they committed, and this arrogance and ignorance were incredible.

Fortunately, the court rejected the application of these people.The court said that the original judgment was made based on clear evidence and facts, and it was by no means a movement.

This case is extremely bad. If you change the judgment again, it is equivalent to trample on justice.The court’s decision gave Lanlan confidence again.Although the criminal has regained freedom, the will of justice has not shaken.

Righteousness still exists, watching to ensure that the darkness no longer crosses the moral bottom line.

After these years of suffering, Lan Lan finally understood that the world was not all dark.Kindness and justice still exist, and it will shine when it is appropriate, bringing comfort and hope to people.

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