The girl’s belly is like a "pregnant woman", but the doctor said that she was not pregnant. After the examination, the girl revealed the truth.

Now there are many illegal "egg donation institutions" increasingly mad, publish small advertisements in many public places or online platforms.A wrong way.I believe that as long as there is a certain physiological common sense, it is necessary to know that the donation of egg donation is extremely harmful to women. Women have only 400-500 mature follicles in their lives. It can be seen that egg donation is inexplicable.

Some time ago, a girl in Guangzhou suddenly had flatulence, and her abdomen was like a pregnant woman. She was extremely painful, and even her breathing was very difficult, so she immediately went to the hospital for examination.After examination, the doctor found that the girl’s abdomen had a large amount of water. The doctor first explained that the girl was not pregnant. Then the diagnosis of the girl’s illness was an ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome. Generally, this would occur after the egg donation.

The girl originally wanted to hide the fact that she had donated eggs, but under the doctor’s inquiry, in order to cooperate with the treatment after the examination, she had to reveal the truth.It turns out that the girl’s family has not had good economic conditions. Recently, she just needs to use money. After seeing the advertisement of egg donation, the girl decided to take a try, so that she could get a generous remuneration.

After listening to it, the doctor shook his head again and again, and explained to the girl that the donation of eggs hurting the woman’s body was great, just like the girl’s current situation, if it delayed for a few days, it might be life -threatening.It is not worth changing your own body to change money.

Now there are many illegal egg donation institutions to deceive girls to sell eggs under the guise of high remuneration. This is extremely harsh behavior, but many simple girls think women will ovulate every month, and donate a egg without impact.If you are holding such a mentality, it will be wrong.If you trust illegal advertisements on the roadside, there are more than that brings the harm.

Harm 1. Take life and health as the cost of ignorance.There are many small advertisements such as egg donation. Many young people who have no choice will choose to take risks to sacrifice their health. Is this really worth it?

Especially for women, women’s bodies were very fragile. Now some criminals will first deceive women into institutions, and then take a few more eggs during the operation, which brings irreversible bodies to women’s bodies.s damage.Therefore, don’t trust the temptation of high rewards on small advertisements.

Harm 2, invisibly pay "IQ Tax".The small advertisements on the roadside are hundreds of tricks. In addition to the information such as donating eggs, there are various advertisements for buying and selling drugs, health products or treatment of stubborn diseases.The prescription not only paid the "IQ Tax", but also gave people a "little rats".Therefore, don’t blindly blind your eyes by the dazzling information on small advertisements. If you have a disease, you must go to a regular hospital for examination.

Harm three, distressing family members.For example, a girl chose to donate eggs. Is it really the girl herself?No, the children’s family and friends must be worried and distressed by the girl.At the beginning, an ignorant and casual decision not only caused harm to the parties, but even the people around them also lived in concerns and pain.

In order to avoid similar tragedies mentioned by girls in the text, public places such as communities, campuses, entertainment occasions should be strictly renovated. At the same time, young boys and girls should keep their eyes on.Return and other "guise".

Today, some criminals have caused many people to be deceived through small advertisements and graffiti methods. Even if they are roped in the law, they cannot make up for the minds and physiological trauma brought to the victims. Therefore, the best way is to stay away from away fromThese small advertisements know and learn a certain amount of physiological common sense, and don’t let these illegal molecules be organic.

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