The girlfriend was 8 months pregnant, but her boyfriend had to break up. She also said that her girlfriend was using her child to collect money

One writer once wrote: In terms of love, women may be strong or cowardly, or they love others or accept the love of others. Once they fall into the love network, someone orders her to fire to fire.Drilling, she will also be willing to obey.Before choosing a partner, you must open your eyes, and ask yourself more before making a decision: Is it worth it?Wish?Is it willing?


Ali had a marriage experience. After giving birth to two children, because of her ex -husband regardless of her family, she chose to divorce with her husband and raise a child alone.

For the sake of children, Ali gave up remarried, but her mother couldn’t bear to look at her daughter’s lonely and lingering, and asked her friends to introduce a boy.

This boy is Huang Mingkai. He is 37 years old. He is an old man. He does not mind that Ali has married once and with a child to express his willingness to communicate.Four months after Ali and her boyfriend Huang Mingkai lived together, she found that she was pregnant.


Huang Mingkai was very happy when he knew it. He always wanted a child, told his parents to go home, and then got married.

So Ali was at home, but she had been pregnant for 8 months, but her marriage was far away. She didn’t know what to do.

Ali’s mother began to regret, saying that after she was pregnant, she did not ask her son -in -law to be brilliant, as long as her son -in -law was willing to be responsible.The son -in -law also promised her not to treat her daughter, and she agreed to the marriage of the two.However, now her daughter is 8 months pregnant, but her son -in -law has avoided it, and she began to regret agreeing to the marriage of the two.

When the mother and daughter were unable to do, her boyfriend Huang Mingkai suddenly told Ali to break up.Is Huang Mingkai a emotional scammer?Why did he suddenly change his mouth?

Ali also wanted to know the answer. She found her boyfriend angrily: "I knew that you were unwilling to be responsible, I should get rid of the child. Now it has been 8 months old, and I can’t have a miscarriage. What do you let me do?Unwilling to give birth, you have to force me to give birth, and now you are willing to give birth, why are you unwilling to be responsible? "

In the face of his girlfriend’s accusations, Huang Mingkai’s face was angry: "What responsible for you, don’t you just want to ask me for money? I am not a big head. Besides, you are pregnant and about my fart.Isn’t it your love? "

Huang Mingkai said that his girlfriend was not simple, but he only asked her for money.

According to him, his girlfriend had to break up in the early days of pregnancy. He disagreed. If he promised his girlfriend to give birth to a child, in addition to paying 2,000 yuan a month, the child would give another 30,000 yuan when he was born.

However, some time ago, his girlfriend even allowed him to pay 50,000 yuan at one time. This requirement made Huang Mingkai unacceptable. I don’t understand why my girlfriend put forward this requirement.Want him?He told his girlfriend angrily: "If you don’t have a child, don’t talk about it, don’t say more if you ask for money."


Ali was very angry. She didn’t want children to break up with her boyfriend.The boyfriend disagreed and threatened with death. His family members frequently came to harass. They told Ali that as long as they agreed to continue to have children and gave birth to children, they would give certain compensation.

"Said to give me 2,000 yuan a nutrition fee per month, and give me 30,000 yuan after the child is born."

Under the turn of the boyfriend and his family, Ali did not break up with her boyfriend, and also agreed to give birth to a child.I didn’t expect that when I was 8 months pregnant, my boyfriend actually broke up.

Ali agreed with her boyfriend’s request, but only put forward a condition: the man must take 50,000 yuan at one time.

Huang Mingkai rejected his girlfriend’s request. He did not shy away that his girlfriend was using the child to collect money.

When I heard my boyfriend saying this, Ali said aggressively: "I am a life, not a tool for you to produce, you take me as a production tool, I am not sorry for anyone. What do you have, what did you give me to me?It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good attitude. I still wronged me and say that I have gained money. Do you have conscience? "" I said that it would be a nutritional fee for 2,000 yuan for a month, did you give it enough? What’s the matter of 500 yuan?? "

It turned out that Huang Mingkai did not implement it in strict accordance with the regulations. Except for the fact that he had just given his girlfriend for 2,000 yuan of nutritional fees, he later became 500, and then he directly broke up.

4. 4..

A chanted farce, which is not difficult to set aside the layers of appearance. Huang Mingkai’s real purpose is to be a child. To be precise, Ali is his production tool.Poor Ali was regarded as love, thinking that her boyfriend’s death was a manifestation of his own life, but he was really wrong.

Finally, after coordination, Ali and Huang Mingkai reached an agreement. After the child was born, the child returned to the man, and the woman enjoys the right to visit.The man also needs to pay 40,000 yuan to the woman for having children and later recovery costs.

No matter who you fall in love with who you are in love, don’t be too high to guess your weight in his heart, you are just one of his choices, and the choice will have variable properties.It hurts all over the body.Anyone who says beautiful words, but not everyone will do it, choosing a partner must watch it, and you must stop the loss in time if you notice that you are wrong.

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