The general has a golden Zhang Meixi, eloped with the swing man Huang Yongyu, and the love career is well harvested

In 2018, the host of the CCTV "Lang Reader" interviewed Huang Yongyu and asked what his most proud title was?Huang Yongyu replied: Girlfriend Zhang Meixi’s 75 -year -old husband.

Zhang Meixi is the wife of Huang Yongyu and the lover of his life.What kind of woman is Zhang Meixi?Huang Yongyu, who is nearly a hundred years old, is famous internationally, reads his heart and is proud.

In the autobiographical novel "The Swing Man of the River" in the autobiography, Huang Yongyu affectionately recorded his acquaintance and love with his wife Miss Zhang Meixi.

In 1942, when Zhang Meixi first met Huang Yongyu, Huang Yongyu was an 18 -year -old young man, with a flat appearance and poverty.

And Zhang Meixi is a general, women with knowledge, and beautiful people.

Zhang Meixi did not pay attention to Huang Yongyu, and she was surrounded by a group of suitors.However, Huang Yongyu, like a little peacock, spared no effort to show her talents, and finally moved her heart.

Later, Zhang Meixi escaped from Huang Yongyu regardless of his family’s opposition and fled himself.

This walk is a lifetime. A pair of lovers who were not optimistic about each other had been having each other for nearly 80 years.


In 1922, Zhang Meixi was born in a warlord family in Xinhui, Guangdong, with a wealthy family.Her father is a general. When she was young, she often patrolled with her father and was studying in various places. She was a new woman who knew and loved art.

In 1942, Zhang Meixi followed his family to avoid chaos in Jiangxi. He was a music officer at Xinfeng Art Museum in Jiangxi. He met his true emperor "Huang Yongyu" here.

Huang Yongyu also worked at the art museum and was a colleague with Zhang Meixi.The Huang Yongyu family was originally a big family of Phoenix in the ancient city. When Huang Yongyu was 13 years old, his family fell in the road. He was forced to live in. He had to go to the distant relatives, took a knife, and drifted in Fujian and Jiangxi.

Although Huang Yongyu, who is not outstanding in a unit, has not attracted Zhang Meixi’s attention at all.At that time, a rich family next to the Air Station was pursuing Zhang Meixi.

Zhang Meixi brown skin, with a pair of big eyes, slender, smart and beautiful, naturally attracted Huang Yongyu’s eyes, and gradually entered his heart.

Huang Yongyu watched others pursue Zhang Meixi. He couldn’t do it, and was anxious.Finally, he thought of a way to buy a small bronze, and every day when Zhang Meixi passed by Zhang Meixi, he began to play the trumpet.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. Zhang Meixi gradually heard love from the voices of the trumpet, and noticed the sincerity and talent of Huang Yongyu, eighteen -year -old.

Zhang Meixi and Huang Yongyu, who are in love with art, have a spiritual rhinoceros. The young heart is getting closer and closer.

However, the news of the relationship between the two reached the Zhang family, and Zhang’s father was furious.He scolded Zhang Meixi: "When you marry him, when you have no food, he will ask for food on the street, he blows the number, do you sing?"

Zhang Meixi did not allow Zhang Meixi and Huang Yongyu. He also introduced Zhang Meixi to the eldest brother of several big families, but Zhang Meixi still refused to change.Helpless, her father put her under house arrest at home and was not allowed to go there.

Huang Yongyu came to Zhang Meixi many times, and was blocked and laughed by the Zhang family. In order not to put pressure on Zhang Meixi, Huang Yongyu decided to temporarily leave the art museum and go to Ganzhou to find development.

Could this passionate love just germinate be killed by the concept of "door -to -door right"?


When Huang Yongyu received a call from Zhang Meixi, he knew that Zhang Meixi ran out of the house, turned to sell jewelry, and sat on a narrow and small truck to come to himself. He was surprised.

Huang Yongyu did not think of dreaming, and Zhang Meixi, who seemed to be weak, would do something away from home.At that time, elopement needed great courage, but also gambled on the happiness of life.

Huang Yongyu borrowed a bicycle and ran for one hundred and twenty miles overnight to welcome his lover.

Soon, the two got married in a small hotel in Ganzhou. The wedding was very simple. Only a few artists and friends witnessed.

Lover finally becomes a dependent, and those who love each other are together.

Although the two were privately booked for life, Huang Yongyu still used the only money on her body to send a marriage notice at the Ganzhou Daily.

After getting married, the love of the two prompted Huang Yongyu to mature, and became his great help to pursue art and accelerate.Huang Yongyu desperately draws, engraved wood, earns money to support his family, and will also hunt to improve his life for his lover.

In the middle, Huang Yongyu also went to Taiwan to develop, and she was already well -known in the art world, and Zhang Meixi taught in a middle school in Hong Kong. This is a rare separation of the two in their lives.

Later, the political situation in Taiwan was turbulent, and Huang Yongyu escaped back to Hong Kong. Zhang Meixi resigned to help him avoid the investigation of the secret agent and resigned from Huang Yongyu to the remote Jiuhua Trail. He lived in a small house and still did not change his joy.Essence

Zhang Meixi always followed Huang Yongyu closely.After the founding of New China, they settled in Beijing that they ended their wandering life.


Zhang Meixi seems weak, gentle and quiet, but also for love, and the success of Huang Yongyu is half of his own efforts, and half of the wife’s selfless support.

In 1952, Huang Yongyu listened to his uncle Shen Congwen’s suggestion and went to Beijing as a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.The family moved north from Hong Kong to Beijing Daya Baojiajia No. 2, and there were a large group of animals.

Huang Yongyu loves hunting, loves music, loves animals, and Huang Yongyu’s animals have various animals.

Zhang Meixi naturally didn’t like raising animals, but she lived with Huang Yongyu, and she liked it.She was carefully raised and interested in telling the story of animals. From time to time, she apologized to the neighbors of the neighbors because of the behavior of the animals.

It is based on these animals that Huang Yongyu created a generation of legendary "monkey tickets"

Zhang Meixi went to Xishuangbanna with Huang Yongyu and lived in the home of rural villagers.Huang Yongyu went to paint, and Zhang Meixi went to the field with the fellows.

It is this time that Huang Yongyu created the famous painting "Ashima"

Huang Yongyu from youth to the old age, holding a big cigarette all day, this is his standard.However, Zhang Meixi, a ladylike lady, never interfered with him to smoke.

Huang Yongyu was a small naughty boy in his life, freely indulgence.And Zhang Meixi has always pampering him to be strange, maverick, and the idea of being empty.

Whether it was wandering, hunting, raising animals, or buying super sports cars in his later years, a memorial service during his lifetime, and the ashes gave away …

Zhang Langlang, in "The Old Things of Daya", once evaluated Zhang Meixi like this:

Regardless of what uncle Huang came up with a shocking trick, Ms. Huang always supported it without reservation.

I believe that only those who love each other will accept each other without reservation. It is Zhang Meixi’s love and support that has achieved Huang Yongyu’s artistic pursuit and retains his unique personality.

There is love in my heart, and there is light in my eyes. Such a life is not in this life.


Life is never smooth sailing. There are always suffering and setbacks. Some people choose to give up, and some people choose to fight against each other. Zhang Meixi chose to guard the love, laugh at life, never give up.

In that special day, Huang Yongyu was knocked down and criticized for his innocence and artistic problems. The family was forced to live in a dilapidated house, and he ordered that he was not allowed to create.

Huang Yongyu was often pulled to criticize and whipped.Once, Huang Yongyu couldn’t bear it anymore. In the evening, he said to Zhang Meixi: It is better to die as soon as he died, saving those people insulted.

As soon as Zhang Meixi heard it, he immediately turned to the two children around me: I will buy some sleeping pills tomorrow, and I will die together to avoid leaving your two suffering.

Zhang Meixi said to Huang Yongyu. Huang Yongyu listened to this, but later he would not say such a frightening words.Later, even if he was beaten with scars, he still smiled at his family.

Zhang Meixi shed tears every time, silently wiped the wound for Huang Yongyu.Every night when the curtains were pulled, Huang Yongyu still painted continuously, while Zhang Meixi did not sleep overnight, listening to the movement outside.

Daughter Huang Hei Ni recalled:

No matter what the outside world is, the family will always be warm.There are always flowers in the room, and my mother always loves to sing at home.

No matter how hard life is, the mother can always bring them happiness.There is no faucet at home. Moms carry barrels out of water every day to fight water, cook, wash clothes, cook the needle tube in the pot to disinfect, and give Shen Congwen an injection at a fixed point.

The winter in Beijing is very cold. When the water is brought back and frozen into ice, the mother will lit a candle and deduct the ice with the ice.

It was more like a festival on a rainy day. Zhang Meixi took the child to the street, went to Daoxiang Village to buy two or two rows of forks, ate sweet snacks together, stepped on the water together, and celebrated the rainy days together.

In the eyes of the children, the Zhang Meixi couple does not seem to know how to sorrow. No matter how messy the outside world is, give the children a piece of sugar on the weekend and evening.Watch a movie together.


Zhang Ailing said: "The greatest happiness in life is to find that the person he loves just loves himself."

Zhang Meixi is happy, because of her love, she will always receive a more enthusiastic and hot response from Huang Yongyu.Living with Zhang Meixi, Huang Yongyu, who did not graduate from middle school, turned into a poet.

When he was working in "Bull Shed", he hid in a flashlight at the night in the evening and wrote this famous love poem "Wife, Don’t Cry": Don’t cry ":

We are the stars that are looking for each other in space, we have loved each other for 100,000 years …

I kiss you,

Kiss your childish but full of cracks,

Kiss you quiet and brave heart,

Kiss your eternal beauty,

Because of you, there will be a story of the happiness of me and the children in the world.

Poems are between lines, full of optimism, strong and infinite love and tenderness.In the face of Zhang Meixi, this proud and swaying man, only Yu Yihong’s spring water.

Zhang Meixi is not only a good wife and mother, but she also loves literature and art, but also a well -known children’s literary writer. She has her own cultural career and achievements.

In his early years, in order to support Huang Yongyu’s career, Zhang Meixi has been managing housework. He has been unknown for decades, and has almost given up his career.

Later, life was stable, and she had time to develop her career.She wrote children’s literary works such as "In the Forest", "Good Hunter", "Green Memories".

In her later years, she also created a large number of ink and oil paintings. The composition was novel, the artistic conception was profound, the small and middle -aged, and everyone’s weather.In the art world, double flying with Huang Yongyu.

Zhang Meixi’s old age is rich, the family is happy, and her career is successful.Huang Yongyu became a well -known everyone at home and abroad, and harvested countless reputation and wealth.

After Huang Yongyu’s career was successful, in order to give his wife a comfortable living environment, he bought a huge sum of money to buy a "half -residence in the mountains" overlooking the Victoria Harbor Sea View.

In his later years, more than 90 Zhang Meixi gradually became amnesia, and Huang Yongyu still accompanied her to take care of her.

Companion is the longest confession. To love someone, accompany her to grow old, this is the most romantic thing on the world.


On May 8, 2020, Zhang Meixi, 98, died in Hong Kong.

Huang Yongyu wrote a promise for his wife himself. He changed his usual indulgent calligraphy style, instead used the regular script to write each word one by one.

This is his seriousness of his wife, his life, and his whole life in the words; this is also his grief, and he lost his love.

Marriage that has been eloped from ancient times to marry is rare.However, Zhang Meixi used her loyalty to win a good harvest in love, lived into a light, and lived into a legend.

Author: Zhang Lingyu

Instructor: Mu Yefeng

Reference materials: Zhang Langlang’s "Da Yaobao Chronicle",

Huang Yongyu’s "The Wandering Man on the Worry -Free River"

Huang Hei’s "Forest House" preface

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