The function of red wine, I do n’t know if I do n’t get pregnant, but I know it will be great!

Snoring is snoring, and the medical community claims that sleep breathing termination syndrome.The snoring is the relaxation of the upper jaw after falling asleep, the tongue shrinks, the respiratory tract narrows, the airflow impacts the soft tissue to produce vibration, and the sound of resonance through the nasal cavity.

The problem of snoring is more serious for men, and the proportion of men to women is 6: 1

So can drinking red wine really alleviate the stream?First of all, start with the cause of calling.The common reasons for calling are the following:

Obesity is too obese: obesity is one of the most important causes of snoring.Because the obese people are narrower than normal people, when the throat muscles are contracted during the day, the airway is kept open when the throat muscles are contracted, so the airway will not be blocked.

However, the nerve excitement decreased during sleep at night, the muscles were relaxed, and the tissue of the pharynx was blocked, causing the upper airway to collapse. When the airflow passed through the stenosis, the vortex was also caused by vibration, and the snoring sound was generated.

There is a small problem in the nose: the nasal septum is biased, the nasal polyps, the rhin nail hypertrophy, the hypertrophy of the nasal mucosa, and chronic rhinitis can cause sleep snoring.

There are problems with throat: tonsils and glandular samples are increasing, lever, large and large, soft palate hypertrophy, high tongue hypertrophy, narrow or blocking upper respiratory tract, can cause obstructive sleep and breathing.

Cardiovascular problems: snoring and cardiovascular disease have a natural connection. It is that the habitual snoring people have different degrees of hyperthyroidism caused by varying degrees of respiratory suspension, leading to an increase in blood pressure.

The sleep environment is not good: the frequency of snoring appears is related to the impact of the surrounding environment.Snoring is a way to directly react to the external sound interference after entering the dormant state.

The louder the outside voice, the louder the snoring sound, and the higher the frequency of snoring.Relative to in a relatively quiet environment, the chance of snoring is significantly reduced, and even sleeping overnight, no longer snoring.

Bad consequences

According to statistics from foreign scientists, unremarkable calls, the mortality rate of the medical history in about 5 years is 11%-13%, the breathing per hour is greater than 15 times, and the medical history is 37%in 8 years.

72.5%of his wife sleeping for 1-2 hours per night because her husband snores, or 30.6%wakes up from the snoring sound.9.7%of women have neurasthenia due to her husband’s snoring (unspeakable verification of marriage caused by snoring).

It can be seen that calling is not a normal phenomenon but a serious disease. It is the source of sin that induce other diseases. In fact, as long as we pay attention to diet and work and rest, we can prevent or relieve calls.

Can red wine relieve calling?

Red grapes and grape seeds contain some natural special ingredients, because the wines of the wine are more complicated and the alcohol content is low. These natural ingredients help friends who call call.

Therefore, drinking red wine often has a lot of help to us. Medical research shows that the appropriate amount of red wine can prevent or relieve snoring.

A research institute in the United States specially conducted a survey that surveyed 8,000 snoring patients and 6,000 normal people. After a long time tracking survey and a large amount of data analysis:

If you drink a small glass of red wine every day, you will reduce the chance of being snoring by 30%. That is to say, red wine can help patients who snoring to relieve snoring and help normal people to prevent snoring.Red wine is regarded as the imperial decree, and a small cup of cups will be added every day.

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