The follicles have grown up, but they can’t be discharged. What’s going on?

"Director, I use ovulation test strips every month to detect, measure the basal body temperature, and show ovulation. Why can’t I be pregnant? My husband’s sperm quality is fine. It’s really strange!" "Doctor, my menstruation is normal, ovulationIt should be no problem? "… Many patients have been questioning Director Zhang Yanjun with doubts, hoping that she can help herself solve the doubt in her heart and find the cause of infertility as soon as possible to realize her dream of being a mother.

"The eggs are like a child. When I was young, I would stay honestly in the ovaries when I was young. When I grew up, I would leave the ovary to see the outside world.As a result, such as non -rupture of follicle luteum syndrome. The follicles are indeed mature, and there are corresponding signs of changes. The ovulation test strip can be monitored. There are transparent brushed leucorrhea … but the follicles are not coming out.Said humorously.

There are two necessary factors that women can get pregnant smoothly: healthy eggs and healthy sperm. Women only lift eggs once a month. If they do not ovulate, that is, when the follicles do not break, it is impossible to have the opportunity to combine sperm. It is normal to be normal.It is impossible to happen in conception.Data show that ovulation disorders account for about 20%-30%during women infertility.So, what are the causes of ovulation? There are many reasons for women without ovulation, such as pituitary without ovulation, hypothalamic non -ovulation, no ovulation in the central nervous nervous nervous nerve, internal pathogenesis, immune or mental factors.If there is a phenomenon of ovulation, it may cause a female symptom of sexual disorders, and it may also cause soreness in the waist.However, the symptoms of women’s ovulation are relatively obvious, and there are always some "clues". For example, many women may cause an increase in leucorrhea, and there may be occasional vaginal bleeding.

Due to the numerous causes of ovulation disorders, you must check the ovarian function and endocrine in detail, find the cause first, and then set the treatment plan.If the condition is mild, we can consider directly promoting the arrangement; if the condition is serious, it can be adjusted first, and then promotes the discharge.If the follicles cannot be discharged after the discharge, we can perform a puncture surgery.In addition, patients can improve the ovulation function through exercise and diet, such as eating some foods like beans and VCs, eating more fresh vegetables, such as citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, etc.In this way, follicles can not only mature, but also smoothly discharge. As long as the fallopian tubes are unobstructed, the uterine health, and the sperm is normal, there are no major problems in other small links.

Director Zhang solemnly reminded that female friends who have similar problems should not panic. When they go to the hospital for a clinic, check the specific situation, and then cooperate with the doctor for treatment according to the actual situation!

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