The first time I took my daughter back to my wife’s home for the New Year, I saw my neighbor killing chickens, I blame myself blindly

My name is Lin Li. I was born in the countryside. I was in love with my husband. After graduating, I went to his hometown and became a long -time marrying woman.My husband was admitted to civil servants, and I did not work for the time being.For the first time to go to her husband’s house, my mother -in -law was quite dissatisfied. She deliberately asked her husband to see what I saw me.

I am strange that my in -laws are also in the countryside. Why do I think I think of me?Besides, I met for the first time, I thought I had myself. Why do you think that I have a bad temper?What I bought, my mother -in -law didn’t take a look.But my husband has repeatedly insisted that we are married, and the house rented in the city is convenient for her husband to go to work.On the day of marriage, the mother -in -law repeated the most, hey, the son is not sensible!Find someone without a job and no money.

Two months after marriage, I was pregnant.The mother -in -law didn’t look at it, and it wasn’t until the day when she gave birth to her daughter that she came in carelessness.At first glance, she was a granddaughter, and her mother -in -law was howling on the spot.I really had no energy to speak, and I felt wronged.Her husband couldn’t stand it anymore, let her mother -in -law go back to the rental house.Early the next morning, my husband went to work. My mother -in -law bought the bowl noodles outside. The maternal maternal next door was drinking chicken soup. I only swallowed the noodles with tears.As soon as the hospital was out of the hospital, my mother -in -law went back, and my mother rushed over to take care of the confinement.

When the confinement passed, my mother went home.I took care of my daughter alone, until the Spring Festival in the following year, we went back to my mother -in -law’s house for the New Year.The daughter was almost two years old, and shouted "grandma" around her mother -in -law.But the mother -in -law loved to be ignored, and kept talking to us, and quickly regenerated a grandson, don’t break the incense at home.There is an old hen at home. Her husband asked her mother -in -law to stew her daughter because the chickens were difficult to buy.The mother -in -law agreed, but after two days, she said that the hen lost.

I didn’t rest assured, I wanted to go back for another two days.On the third day of the third day, my daughter was sick. My husband was called to buy medicine. My mother -in -law was not allowed to say that buying medicine for the New Year is not auspicious.The child had a high fever in the afternoon, and the mother -in -law said that it was okay to get a towel.I did n’t listen, I went out when I picked up the child, and my husband followed. My mother -in -law was howling in the back. How can I celebrate the New Year?Later, my mother -in -law had no good look.

The fifth day was ready to go back, and when I went out to see the neighbor next door was killing chickens at the door.Isn’t that chicken, isn’t it the mother -in -law?Seeing me stop, the neighbor asked, do you like chickens?I asked who said, what your mother -in -law said, she said that you don’t like to eat, so he sold it to me.It happened that my grandson came back today and suppleme it.I didn’t ask my mother -in -law anymore. In fact, we bought a lot of things in the New Year, and my mother -in -law was locked in her cabinet.

However, my daughter’s milk said, mother, I like chicken.I was crying without tears, helplessly smiled, and my husband sighed deeply.Have you encountered such a strange mother -in -law?I do n’t love my own granddaughter, and I have to lie such a lie.Is this interesting?I can only blame myself blindly, right?

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