The first pregnancy but biochemical pregnancy

Originally, the last menstruation came on September 30, but until November 2 did not come, my husband asked me to test whether it was pregnant with early pregnancy. After I tested, there were two bars. At that timeI couldn’t believe it, and then I measured about six or seven early pregnancy for three consecutive days. They were two bars, so that my husband and I were convinced that I was pregnant, but no one thought that I would have a biochemical pregnancy.

On November 5th, my lower abdomen suddenly hurt a little. When I washing at night, I found that the underwear was a little bit bloody, but not much. I told my husband. After all, it was the first pregnancy. We had no experience.My husband was very anxious and continued the doctor at the Boai Hospital. The doctor said that it might be a sign of a threatened abortion. At that time, it was scared to us.

The next morning, my husband took me to the hospital for blood testing. As a result, the progesterone was 2.668, and HCG was 191.32. The doctor said that she was pregnant, but the progesterone was very low.A box of 175 yuan) Let me eat one afternoon in the morning and eat two tablets a day, which will increase the progesterone value.

The doctor said that I’m pregnant, I’m really happy

According to the doctor’s instructions, I lay flat on the bed all day and eat two pieces of progesterone tablets every day, but the brown secretions on the underwear gradually increased, and the abdomen occasionally hurts occasionally. After about three days, there will be bright red blood and secretions.There is no pain, just like coming to auntie. At this time, my husband and I were even more anxious. I also checked on the Internet that may be a biochemical pregnancy. On the morning of November 10, we went to the local maternal and child health care hospital.HCG, the value of HCG is 10.9.

Hey, so sad

Check the B -ultrasound that there is no abnormalities and no pregnancy sac. The doctor said that it is biochemical pregnancy.

There is really no gestational sac, and the tears come out in an instant

The doctor said it doesn’t matter. This is the natural choice of probability, the survival of the fittest, and the cultivation can be prepared for pregnancy after a month after a month, but my mood was really very poor at that time.The first child, my mother -in -law also comforted me and said, "When the baby is coming, he does not prepare a gift for his mother. When you are ready for the next gift, you will come."

I don’t know if you can feel such a mood. For the first time, the baby is gone, it is really uncomfortable, so sad, oh …

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