The first 618 is the most worthwhile list to release: 27 products such as thumb corn, pregnant women eat spicy bars, etc.

China Net Technology May 31st (Reporter Shen Cheng) On May 30, the first 618 "Most Worth Eating" list was released.According to e -commerce sales and user praise data, and the 27 food fresh products recommended by the buyer are on the list, it is considered to be the highest quality, most distinctive, and most representative food fresh product during the JD 618 period.In addition, JD Supermarket also released its self -operated product selection strategy for the first time, revealing the methodology of buyers in JD Supermarket to select products.

According to reports, the first 618 "most worth eating" products were selected from the selection methodology of Jingdong Supermarket. The milk was the most on the list, with a total of three models.Including, the protein content per 100 milliliters is as high as 6.2 grams, which has almost reached the ceiling of domestic dairy protein content. The average three -year increase in JD Supermarket has an average of more than 200%of the "beef -ice curd milk";The certified Anchor Milk; especially for lactose intoxicating people, produced by extremely rare cows containing A2 genes, A2 children’s milk containing natural A2-β casein.

There are also three types of milk products on the list, including to help rural rejuvenation, adopt big data reverse customization, add An Musi yogurt with a natural high -altitude production area Guizhou in Guizhou;; Oatly, which does not contain trans fatty acids, zero cholesterol, zero lactose, and also adds dietary fiber.

There are also three products on the prefabricated dishes, including the pre -made CP, which can best restore the taste of Cantonese -style restaurants, CP Zhengda Food Kitchen Kitchen, Yili Pepper Pork Belly Chicken;Animal cream, Zhelolo sugar iceberg lava chocolate box cake.

In addition, there are two products on the list of fresh meat, including Xiaoqin, which uses innovative craftsmanship to taste compared to restaurants, as well as the American Niu Pavilion American and Niu Baole’s shoulders selected by 14 Michelin restaurants in the United States.

In terms of staple food condiments, there are also four top foods on the list.Including, it is only thirty minutes from the packaging to the packaging and sealing, locking quickly, and the five Fangzhai Zhai Zhai dumplings that retain the fresh taste to the greatest extent;Dozens of times of grain Panjiu Kwarry Shrimp dried; produced in Xishuangbanna, has a century -old planting history, but is not known, the taste is extremely soft and glutinous, and only the "Yuxiang Yunnan Xishuangshuang Version of the Thumb Corn" with only thumbs.It is good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and the flax of the linen of the line of food is cold.

There are three extremely special products on the list in snacks.Including, pregnant women with taboo components of pregnant women are full of spicy women spicy small bean tendons to relieve the dried beans of small snacks on net red snacks;Zhong Xiaoqiao chocolate; the domestic fresh Hawaii who replaced the imported from large -scale planting in China.

On the drink, four drinks from the most classic production areas are on the list.Including, Hogood, Yunnan, which uses four different raw beans from the global high -altitude gold production area, uses four different raw beans. It uses a three -dimensional extraction process and a high -profile SINLOY coffee coffee.Litchi -flavored Perrier Paris Water (Perrier), which is dedicated to the Chinese market and limited flavors; in the end, Jingdong Supermarket also searches the 20 -flavored Miyama JD tea gift box for 20 flavors of Pu’er in Pu’er in Yunnan.Enter the single finale.

It is reported that the selection of JD Supermarket is divided into two steps: selection analysis and selected product survey.Among them, the analysis of the selection is mainly research and analysis, and respectively, five aspects: research and analysis, research policy trends, industry conditions, user needs, self -advantages, and the current status of competitors.Select the direction of product categories through selection analysis, such as a certain type, a certain price belt, and a certain product characteristics.

After the analysis of the selection, the second step is the selection of real surveys. This is the most competitive advantage of Jingdong Supermarket.Buyers need to go to the origin and factory to carry out a large number of field work.

Selected survey work revolves around better and more, richer in three aspects, divided into seven steps.In order to select better quality products, it is necessary to go to the place of production belt, production source, and factory in the field; conduct a large number of experience evaluation of the same type of products; and also conduct laboratory testing for various performance indicators of the goods.In order to make the minimum price, compare the price of different products; compress the intermediate link and find the source of production; to purchase compression costs through exclusive customization and large quantities.In order to improve the richness, we must exhaust all the product categories for each type of goods, and absorb more brands and businesses as much as possible.

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