The fetus grew up "drinking" urine?How many of these cold knowledge about pregnancy?

After pregnancy, watching the belly that is gradually raised every day, presumably the pregnant mother must be curious about this little life?Some of these cold knowledge about the fetus must not have thought of!

1. The fetus will "drink" his own urine

As early as the mother’s belly, the fetus had mastered the sucking and swallowing function, and they would constantly swallow the amniotic fluid in the uterus.By the third trimester, the main component of amniotic fluid is the fetal urine. The fetus will swallow into it to maintain the balance of the amount of amniotic fluid. It can be said that each of us grew up drinking urine.But don’t worry, the fetus’s urine is very pure. Except for the taste, there is no harm to the body!

Two or six months of the fetus will have hearing

As early as six months of pregnancy, the fetus had hearing, and it would respond to the voices of the outside world.At this time, Baoma can do music prenatal education, or often chat with the fetus, he will feel your love!

Third, the fetus is emotional

At the time of doing color surgery, some pregnant mothers will find that the fetus will have a smile. Will the baby laugh before birth?Yes, some studies have shown that the fetus will cry and laugh when the mother is in the mother’s belly!

Fourth, the fetus will not only sleep

What will the fetus do in the stomach of the pregnant mother?Many people answer "sleep".Sleeping does take up most of the fetus, but he will not only sleep, but the fetal activity is more.Such as turning over, swimming in amniotic fluid, sucking fingers, etc., very cute.

5. Protect pregnant mothers

Don’t underestimate the fetus, in fact, he is silently protecting the pregnant mother!When the pregnant mother’s internal organs are damaged, the fetus will automatically transport stem cells to the mother to protect the health of pregnant mothers.

6. The average height of the baby’s birth is 50cm

Although the newborns are different, they are about 50cm tall. Is Bao Ma curious why?This is because the pregnant mother’s uterus can be expanded to 35cm, and the fetus curled out that it can accommodate. If it continues to grow, it will exceed the maximum expansion range of the uterus and cause damage to the pregnant mother.

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