The fetal heart rate is normal, can you see a boy and a girl?

How much is the fetal heart rate?The normal fetal heart rate is strong and powerful, which is 120-160 times/min. The rhythm is neat, strong and moderate, like the sound of "ticking of clocks".The fetal heart rate can be accelerated by 10-20 times/minute during exercise.If you usually last higher than 160/minute, or below 110/minute, it will be abnormal.

The mothers of expectant mothers may cause the fetal heart rate to be faster. At this time, lying on the left side can alleviate the phenomenon of too fast fetal heart rate.If it is too fast, consider whether the fetus is hypoxic in the palace, it is best to consult a doctor’s advice.

The normal value of fetal heart rate is between 120-160 times per minute.It is a normal range if the fetal heart rate is 140 times/minute.

There is a saying that the heart rate of the fetus is less than 140/min, and the fetus is a boy.In fact, the girl’s heart rate is higher than that of a boy. This is just right at birth. There is no difference between the heart rate of the fetus and the girl.Fast and slow heart rate only changes with the different age of fetal age.At about 5 weeks of pregnancy, the heart rate of the fetus is close to the mother’s heart rate, which is 80-85 times per minute.The heart rate gradually accelerated to 170-200 times/min during the 9 weeks of pregnancy.It gradually slowed down to 120-160 times/min during the period of the period.

The normal fetal heart rate is 120-160/minute, and the fetal heart rate is 150 times per minute.

Many people use the data of fetal heart rate as a sign of giving birth to boys and women. In fact, otherwise, fetal hearts can only reflect whether the fetus is healthy.Excessive or too low indicates the severity of hypoxia.The heart rate of fetal heart rate cannot be distinguished from a boy or a girl.

The normal fetal heart rate is 120-160 times/min. If the fetal heart rate reaches 180/minute, it means that the fetal heart rate is too fast.The fetal heart is too fast or too slow, you need to pay attention to whether the fetus is hypoxic.Usually see if there are too little or pollution of amniotic fluid, or the fetal umbilical cord around the neck.But don’t worry too much, your baby often has problems such as umbilical cord around the neck in the stomach, which can usually be relieved by itself.However, it is recommended that the pregnant mother carefully records the fetal movement.

Under normal circumstances, the fetus can cause too fast fetal heart when the fetus is stimulated or hypoxic.High fetal heart rate should reduce the stimulation of the lower abdomen and uterus. In addition, it is to take oxygen to the hospital to prevent the fetus from hypoxia.

When the fetal heart rate is too fast, expectant mothers should pay attention to rest and the monitoring of the fetal heart. If the fetal heart rate has been too fast to be alert to chronic hypoxia in the palace, this needs to consider proper oxygen absorption and hospitalized observation.

Is the fetal heart rate depending on men and women?Some people think that from the fetal heart rate, it can look at the sex of the fetus. Generally, the girl with a fast fetal heart rate is a girl, and the baby’s heart rate is slow.Gynecological experts point out that there is no scientific basis for men and women.Because the content of the fetal heart monitoring examination is the curve of the monitoring graphs formed by the instantaneous changes of the fetal heart, you can understand the reaction of the fetal heart when the fetal movement and the contraction of the fetal movement, and the fetal fetus in the palace is lack of oxygen.The normal heart rate of the fetus is between 120-160 times/min. If the fetal heart rate lasts more than 10 minutes, it will be <120/minute or> 160 times/minute, indicating that the fetal heart rate is abnormal.

The situation of the pregnant woman itself also affects the changes in fetal heart. For example, if the pregnant woman has a fever, the fetal heart often exceeds 160 times/minute. The pregnant woman has hyperthyroidism. Her heart rate is fast, and the heart rate of the fetus often exceeds 160/min. IfPregnant women take some drugs, such as Shu Suining, who are taken during premature birth, or adapen, can cause the mother’s heart rate to accelerate.Slow fetal heart rate may be caused by hypoxia in the fetus, but sometimes pregnant women take certain drugs, such as safety, the drug acts on the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetal heart rate to slow down.

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