The fallopian tube obstruction 6 years infertility, the guide wire test tube failed, the aunt made me conceive

To be honest, when I went to see Director Zheng for the first time, I didn’t have any confidence.Because I have made 3 guides, I have passed the fallopian tube 3 times, and the money is blocked. The money is also spent.I thought in my heart, even the guide silk couldn’t be opened, can I use Chinese medicine?The test tubes have failed. Can I use Chinese medicine?

My little aunt, I have been advising me, let me try it, and told me three or four times. When I first said, when the little aunt said, I was comforted me because she was already pregnant at Director Zheng.With more than 6 months of pregnancy, I said in front of me that I couldn’t listen to it.

I thought in my heart, can this person be the same as people?Your problem is not heavy, you have been pregnant before, but I have never conceived it once!

I was under great pressure to prepare for pregnancy. I got married for 6 years, and my aunt was married later than us.Since the second year of marriage, I have not been in the hospital, and I have been looking for a good hospital and expert.At the beginning, the tubal obstruction was found out. At that time, I suggested that I do a guide to dredging, saying that it was a fallopian tube. Within 6 months after surgery, he could be pregnant.After listening, I immediately arranged surgery. Who knows, the first failure, the second failure, and the third time I did not conceive.After three operations, I had no dredging. Why didn’t I want to understand? I didn’t want to understand it, but I knew that I couldn’t go through the road to dredging surgery.

During that time, I was anxious and dreaming at night. I dreamed that I was pregnant, but I woke up a empty; they also quarreled with my husband every day, emotional collapse, crying without moving, feeling that my life was too bitter.

In the end, people directly suggested that I do a test tube, saying that my fallopian tubes are too difficult to dredge, and it is easy to relapse; every time I did not seize the opportunity to get pregnant, saying that I was too bad, and let me do the test tube directly. As a result, the test tube was built., Holding 120 hopes, wanting to be in one fell swoop, in the end there is no result.

I just went to Director Zheng with such a mentality.If there is a miracle, it is really a bodhisattva.

When I went to the first time, Director Zheng asked about my situation in detail, and the inspection form also read it. I said that fallopian tube obstruction has been relapsed after three times, and I don’t know why.After reading my previous checklist, Director Zheng said that he would give me a gynecological double -clinic clinic to see if there were pelvic inflammatory disease.

As a result, when I pressed my stomach, I hurt both sides. I was tired before. Sometimes after the same room, I also felt small abdominal pain and pain, but I did n’t care.

Who knows that after finishing the inspection, Director Zheng said that I had pelvic inflammatory disease, and I also found the reason why I had a failure of all dredging surgery -pelvic inflammation was not controlled. After the inflammation was still there, it was easy to recur.

The director said that she was treating me with a tubal obstruction from the source. Only when the inflammation was controlled and cured can she dredge the tube again, otherwise it would be in vain.

I drank the traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by Director Zheng, paired with physiotherapy, and treatment until the second week. When I was a gynecological dual -clinic diagnosis, the director pressed my stomach and felt that the pain was reduced. In addition, I often felt backache and back.Small abdominal distension disappeared.

During the review of the third week, pelvic inflammatory disease has all been better. Director Zheng said that now it has begun to cure inflammation and can start to adjust the egg tube.After doing a radiography, I found that I was obstructive in the seasters of bilateral fallopian tubes.

Director Zheng gave me five -combined therapy to treat fallopian tubeitis. This was what I have never seen in other places; there are Chinese medicines that have orally, enema and electrotherapy.Blood circulation accelerate, increase adhesion softening absorption.At the same time, cooperate with the director of the director, the tube decoction, the qi and blood circulation, and the stasis of the stasis.

Finally, after three months of treatment, the recovery of bilateral fallopian tubes resumed smoothly, which doubled my confidence.

In the fourth month, Director Zheng asked me to try pregnancy and guide the pregnancy in the middle.My menstruation has always been accurate, but this time it was postponed for 10 days. I was nervous and scared in my heart. After a few days of uneasily, I found the hospital. The director checked me three hormones.EssenceWhen I saw the check report, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


This patient repeatedly performed three times of tubal intervention surgery without successful pregnancy. It was related to the cause of the previous several treatment. It did not find out the cause of the tube obstruction in time. After examination, it was found that the patient had pelvic inflammatory disease for 4 years, abdominal tenderness, Pacific leucorrhea, yellowing, after cure, and then dredging the fallopian tubes of Chinese medicine, cutting off the source of recurrence.This is why the previous three interventional surgery is adhered to again.

In addition, patients still have insomnia and dreams, irritable temper, easy anxiety, and poorness, which are all related to the patient’s long -term pregnancy, stressful heart, and uncomfortable liver qi. When conditioning, in addition to treating inflammation, dredging the fallopian tubes, patient’s patient’sPsychological guidance is equally important.Pay down to the ground, step by step, let the patient feel that physical changes have established natural pregnancy confidence.

Finally, if you are also preparing for pregnancy for many years, you are still chasing your child. Do n’t be discouraged. Pregnancy is the right to give women in nature. Every woman has the opportunity to get pregnant naturally. However, some people are later.Essence

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