The expectant mothers do not shout hard during pregnancy, and the husband should not have these behaviors, which can easily affect the relationship between husband and wife

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When his wife is pregnant, the husband cannot experience the hard work and pain for him, but he can help his wife through practical actions and language attitudes to make his wife feel more comfortable in physical and mental.

In the process of his wife’s pregnancy, some things can be done, and some behaviors need attention, which not only affects the mood of pregnant women, but also indirectly affects the relationship between husband and wife.

The expectant mother Xiao Lan was not treated very well during pregnancy. My mother -in -law was a traditional woman. Although she had suffered the hard work and pain of her pregnancy, she was all what women should experience in her eyes.

Coupled with Xiao Lan live with her in -laws, she has done all the housework of the size of her.Later, there was still a month before the due date. She finally couldn’t stand it. She ran back to her mother’s house to hide her pure blessing.

Regarding the housework during pregnancy, her husband Zhao Fu has never said good words for Xiao Lan, and made Xiao Lamoto stay with his parents’ age as an excuse.

In fact, how hard it is for pregnancy, women are mentally prepared, but they often look forward to life during pregnancy. At this time, what husbands say and do, it is her care.

In these behaviors, the husband really shouldn’t do it when his wife is pregnant. It seems unrelated, but it hurts his wife’s heart. In the end, the husband did not know why it affected the relationship between the husband and wife.

子 Do not accompany his wife to check for the birth

Even if the wife is pregnant in many men’s eyes, even if the fetus is successful, the fetus will grow up day by day without any special problems.It doesn’t matter when the birth checkup, it is because the work is busy, or find various excuses to push off.

Women who have experienced production inspection will definitely find that there are many big stomachs in the hospital. The prospective mother who goes to the production inspection is full of disappointment and grievances, and most of them are pretending to be strong.The stomach of a pregnant woman increases inconvenience every day. Once they fall or have unexpected situations, the consequences of no one around them are unimaginable.

开 Just kidding your wife casually

Although the husband and wife are the most familiar with each other, they usually do not remember in their hearts, but they do not mean that they can just joke at the expectant mother during pregnancy.

At present, the actor Sun Yan cried because of her husband’s joke.The reason was that she said with a smile that Sun Yan was sagging, and she was in shape, like a fat ball.These words blurted out, and I didn’t realize how much these words would hurt Sun Yan.

Sun Yan’s husband may not expect that his wife would quarrel because of a joke.In fact, this cannot blame Sun Yan’s temper or arrogance. Many expectant mothers are the same psychology as her.

She was very clear about her figure or changes, but her husband didn’t understand but laughed, and it was undoubtedly a serious injury to her.In other words, if you do n’t have to have a child, you are still beautiful without having to have children.

特 Especially value for fetal gender

During pregnancy, everyone speculates that the sex of the fetus is a normal behavior, but the husband pays special attention to men and women. Even after the examination, it is found that some girls are particularly disappointed, which will make expectant mothers very sad and stressful.The sex of the fetus is something that the expectant mothers cannot control, and it is not only related to the expectant mother.

In the end, the boy or a girl could not be given, and it was too unfair to blame women alone.Therefore, the husband should not say that this kind of thing brings too much pressure on his wife, or dislike his wife, which will affect the relationship between the husband and wife.

Sugar Mom’s heart:

Xiao Lan’s experience is similar to many expectant mothers. The difference is that some families have to let expectant mothers do something, and some families deliberately instruct women who are pregnant to continue their labor.

Especially as a husband’s youth and strength, he is unwilling to do it by himself, and he has a high toe to make his wife busy, and he doesn’t care about the inconvenience and uncomfortable situation of his wife.Behavior.

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