The expectant mother dreamed of black pigs every night, and firmly believed that she would have a son, doctor: This kind of fetal dream is not very good

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Some time ago, a pregnant colleague told us that she always dreamed of pigs at night, or a black pig, saying it was a good sign.She asked someone to interpret her dreams. The person who interpreted the dream said that dreaming that pigs were a symbol of wealth and blessing, indicating that the children of the future are more wealthy.Instead, there is a saying that the white pig suggests that the daughter is pregnant in the stomach, and the black pig suggests that it is a boy.My colleagues want boys, and they heard this seemingly reasonable commentary.Every time I go to work, I will tell us how to fight against the black pig in her dream. I also say that the boy must be naughty in the future.

But after a few days, the spirit of colleagues began to become worse and worse, and the body became more and more tired.I went to the hospital for examination on the weekend. The doctor said: "Your sleep quality is too poor. It always affects your sleep. It is not good for you and your children."

The colleague didn’t take it for granted. I felt that the child was too naughty to make himself trouble. For the sake of the child, he would pass the end.Finally two days ago, the next little princess was produced prematurely.Colleagues could not accept this reality. They thought that the doctor must have made a mistake. How could she become a daughter?

Some pregnant mothers will have dreams when they are pregnant. These dreams related to children during pregnancy are collectively referred to as fetal dreams, and some folk statement is that the dream of fetal dreams can suggest children’s gender and children’s fate.

Is such a statement really reliable?Unfortunately, the child’s gender is determined by chromosome, which has nothing to do with dreams.The reason why there is a dream of fetal dreams is more to be linked to the physical condition of the pregnant mother, and the pregnant mothers must not be careless.

The first reason: ideological stimulus

It is that pregnant mothers have a certain expectation of their babies during pregnancy and often give themselves psychological hints.In addition, people have a psychology that is believed in the things they hope to come true. They feel that God hints on himself that he thinks he is about to come true.

The second reason: environmental stimulus

Some pregnant mothers will purchase some supplies about children and read some parenting books during pregnancy, or often pay attention to some other children.After he falls asleep, he is still in a state of thought during the day, and the Lenovo in his mind will make the pregnant mother think that it is the hint of the baby dream.

Third reason: caused by fetal movement

The child’s fetal movement at night will make the pregnant mother think that they are dreaming.This is actually caused by your own psychological reasons, which has nothing to do with the dream of fetal dreams.Occasionally, making a few fetal dreams is a normal thing, but if there is a long -term birth dream, this shows that there is a problem with the psychological condition of the pregnant mother, and you should adjust your mentality and emotions in time.

So, which baby dreams explain that the psychological condition of the pregnant mother has a problem?

1. "Frequent fetal dreams"

Frequent fetal dreams are mostly due to the physical and mental exhaustion of the pregnant mother, and the mood is excessive.Pregnant women will have a variety of concerns during pregnancy. Virginity will increase their psychological pressure and ideological burden, and frequent fetal dreams will occur, which will affect their sleep quality.Frequent fetal dreams will affect the quality of sleep. Pregnant mothers must regulate their mentality and emotions, reduce their ideological burden, and consider less uncertain factors to reduce fetal dreams.

2. "Stimulate horror" fetal dream

Some of the worries of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, so that at night, it is easy to have some stimulating fetal dreams such as being chased.Such a baby dream will seriously affect the sleep quality of the pregnant mother, and in severe cases, it will also affect the health of the fetus in the abdomen.

3. "anxiety" fetal dream

Many pregnant mothers think too much during pregnancy, and they are too stressful. When dreaming, they will dream of things that make them anxious or difficult.This will make the pregnant mothers sleep and eat, and affect the nutritional supply of the fetus in the abdomen.If pregnant mothers have this type of fetal dream, be sure to relieve their anxiety and adjust their mentality in time.

In summary, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their status and fetal dreams during pregnancy, and pay attention to some normal situations. If the above -mentioned fetal dreams appear, you must adjust your status in time.Do not see the baby’s dream too mysterious, or to delay the illness over much superstition.Keep a stable mood during pregnancy, pay attention to rest, exercise appropriately, give yourself positive hints and thinking, and relax through listening to music, so as to be more conducive to your baby’s health.

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