The eight taboos of the ancestors on the tomb of the Qingming Festival are related to the safety and health of their family members

Regarding the Qingming Festival, the most famous verse is Du Mu: the rainy season has a lot of rain, and pedestrians on the road want to break the soul.It is said that during the Qingming, the rain was lustrous, and the fluttering continued. In such the weather, such festivals, pedestrians on the road were low, and the soul was scattered.It is described as the situation of the Tang Dynasty people’s clear grave sweeping ancestors.

The Qingming Festival and the division, Yue, and Jiuli Festival are also the four major festivals of worshiping ancestors in traditional Chinese festivals.Spring ancestors are the traditional Chinese customs of China for thousands of years. Winter has come to spring. When the Qingming season, the grass and trees are born. People go to the grave of the ancestors. They will personally check whether the grave collapses due to the rainy season, or be pierced by the fox and rabbit.At the sacrifice, eliminate weeds to the grave, add new soil, for sacrifice to roast pigs, burn incense to lay wine, burn paper money, and hold a simple sacrifice ceremony to show the nostalgia for the ancestors.

"Emperor Jing Scenic Land" in the Ming Dynasty contains: "On the day of the Qing Dynasty, the grave swept the grave, the man and the woman were raised., Burning the ingots, put the grave head with paper money. If there is no paper money in the past, then the grave is lonely. Crying, not returning, tending the tree, choosing gardens, and being drunk. ", But it is not necessarily on the occasion of Qingming, the tomb sweeping of Qingming is a matter of Qin.It was only prevalent until the Tang Dynasty.And rumors to this day.Qingming’s grave swept the tomb, which is called the "respect" of the ancestors, and its custom has a long history.

The characteristic of the Qingming sacrifice is the tomb festival.Sacrifice in the cemetery, the sacrifice is closest to the sacrifice object, and it is easy to cause a sense of closeness, so that the living people can better express and pin the deceased’s filial piety affection.The Qingming sacrifice is called tomb sweeping, mainly due to the method of grave sacrifice.Another form is the ancestral festival, also known as the temple festival. It is a clan.Another situation is that people who work in a foreign country cannot rush back to the tomb to sweep the grave, and face the direction of the hometown on the mountain or the heights.

The methods of the Qingming sacrifice or the projects are different. There are two parts of the common practice: one is to renovate the grave, and the other is to burn paper money and worship offerings.When the grave sweeping, the grave was first renovated. The method is mainly to remove weeds and cultivate new soil.On the one hand, this behavior can express the respect and care of the rituals of the dead. On the other hand, in the beliefs of the ancients, the ancestor’s grave has a great relationship with the blessing of the descendants.Memorial content."Qingtong Li" interpreted the reasons for the name of the trimming grave as the name of the "tomb sweeping": "years old, cold food and frost festival, worshiping the sacrifice, the session of the tomb, the device of the wine and the cut grass, Zhou YinfengTrees, cut off the grass, are called grave sweeping. "

In the past, due to the influence of cold food, paper money was not burned, but it was hung on the small trees, bamboo poles on the cemetery, or pressed on the beside the grave with stones and bumps.Song Zhuang Jiyu’s "Chicken Rib" Volume: "The cold food is mound, and there is no incense. Paper money is hung on the trees. Those who go to the villages are all climbing.The grave of the past has a fluttering of paper, forming a unique landscape before and after Qingming.Those who have no paper money are generally a lonely grave that lacks the heir.

Later, it was generally no longer paying attention to the fire, and the paper money was burned.In the old days, the main form of the ancestor of the Qingming ancestors in Beijing was "burning baggage".The so -called "baggage" is used as a postal bag from Yangshi to "Yin".In the past, Nan Paper Store had a so -called "baggage leather", which was a big pocket with white paper.There are two styles of this pocket: one is a pattern, and the "Fastener Mantra" is printed with a Sanskrit transliteration with a woodcut version.The word "people".The other is the puppet skin, without printed any patterns, only one blue visa is posted in the middle, writing a taboo of the dead.There are various money in the bag.The sacrifice is mainly food. The variety of varieties is different. They are all delicious dishes that locals think and can be obtained according to the economic ability of the sacrifice, or the special foods that are in line with seasonal churches.

There are many customs about the Qingming sacrifice. After the times, there are many changes, but some customs have been continued.There are mainly these precautions:

The traditional statement believes that the day of the Qingming Festival is the time when the ghost comes out of the prefecture.If the ancestors were sacrificed that day, the elderly in the family may not have time to collect paper money, so they must burn paper money in advance to ensure that banknotes are useful.There are also legends that the Qingming Festival will open the conference, and those without descendants cannot participate.Those who participate in the conference must hold the flags sent by their children and grandchildren to enter the venue.Therefore, when Qingming is now on the grave, people are put on the flag of paper cutting on the grave of the late ancestors.Therefore, the time of the grave on the Qingming Festival should be before the Qingming Festival, not after the Qingming Festival.

There is a sequence of grave sweeping sacrifice, and many older people will pay close attention to this.Generally, clean the cemetery or cemetery first and then sacrifice.Because the sacrifice is quite particular about feng shui and etiquette, the order should not be errors as much as possible.The order is as follows: Correction of the cemetery-Shangxiang-Shang Meat-toast-Worship-Farewell.

From the perspective of Kangyu, you must choose a good time for grave sweeping. It is best to choose when the yang is relatively prosperous. Generally speaking, it is best to sweep the grave when it is not bright and sunset at 5 pm.However, because the cemetery is mostly far away from the residence, it is usually not so early, but it is usually not so early, but it is best to complete the grave sweeping sacrifice before 3 pm.Pay special attention not to go for lunch before going.

Generally speaking, pregnant women want to avoid Qingming’s tomb sweeping activities. In addition to emphasizing customs, long -distance running is not suitable for women and fetuses.It is believed that most of the elders in the family will prevent pregnant women from worshiping the sacrifice.

Because the cemetery is the place where the old man is in peace, you must not cross the grave and offerings.This not only disrespects his ancestors, but also nourishes the nearby spiritual body, and you cannot trample on the grave of other family or the design of the tomb design, which will be regarded as blasphemy.When you start to sweep the grave, it is best not to eat food or only food.In addition, it is emphasized to be neatly dressed in order to show politeness and respect for the ancestors.

It is best not to take pictures in the cemetery, whether it is the grave sweeper itself, or the grave sweeper with the cemetery.Take the other grave into the camera when you are more taboo.

It is best not to visit relatives and friends on the day of the Qingming Festival.Because the Qingming Festival is a special time for memories, it is embarrassing to visit relatives and friends at this time, or it is quite unlucky.

If the spirit is weak on the day of the grave sweeping, wearing jade is said to be on the body. It is said that wearing jade can play a stable spirit.After the grave sweeping back, most people feel a little tired. At this time, you should take a bath and change your clothes.According to ancient customs, before entering the house, the ancients thought that this could drive out yin.

The customs and habits of each place are different, and the time to worship is not the same, but no matter where they are, everyone’s respect and thoughts on their ancestors are the same. They hope that loved ones can bless their family peace and health.

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