The dog is "pregnant", take care of it like this

Dogs should take care of them when they are pregnant. Do you know the shovel officer?Xiaobian compiled a care notice for care, learned quickly, take care of the dog!Looking forward to the baby’s birth together.

When a dog is known, the shoveling officer should bring the dog for regular production inspection.Generally speaking, the birth check is performed every 10 days, mainly to detect the physical condition of Baoma and the baby.

During the pregnancy of dogs, special attention should be paid to washing. Xiaobian does not recommend taking a bath to the dog during the dog’s pregnancy. One is to avoid the dogs from cooling; the other is to avoid the dog’s miscarriage.Because some dogs are particularly afraid of taking a bath, if the shoveling officer helps take a bath, it will be very panicked.

Dogs can not be rushed to take a bath. After the birth of the dog, after giving birth, combine the dog’s physical condition and mental condition, and then decide whether to take a bath for the dog.And take a bath for the dogs. Pay attention that the water temperature should not be too cold or too hot. After taking a shower, it should be dried in time.

Dogs should reduce the amount of exercise during pregnancy, and try not to have great movements such as running and jumping.The shoveling officer usually takes a dog to take a walk, and it is fine for 15 minutes, 20 minutes.

Moderate exercise, maintaining the strength of the muscles, and helping to produce.

During the dog’s pregnancy, pay attention to keep the dog warm, and don’t let the dog catch a cold.This is the case after production.

Dogs can not take a bath during pregnancy and one month after giving birth. They will have a sense of appreciation and bacteria. The shoveling officer can wipe the dog with a towel to maintain basic clean and hygienic, and prepare a comfortable and clean kept in the dog, andThe dog’s nest also needs to be cleaned regularly.

During pregnancy, the nutrition in the body will consume faster, and the shoveling officer should supplement the dog to supplement the calcium.There is no need to rush to supplement calcium in the early stages of pregnancy, which is likely to cause excess nutrition.Calcium supplementation can be started in the middle of pregnancy, and calcium must also be supplemented after the dog is produced!

Calcium supplementing the dog can take it to the sun and promote the absorption of calcium; you can feed dogs with some high calcium foods, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, etc.; You can feed dogs with goat milk;Nympho

Dogs during pregnancy will become larger. The shoveling officer needs to increase the amount of feeding, but eat less!If you feed too much at one time, the dog will be bloated and your body will be uncomfortable.The shoveling officer can feed dog food in a small amount, which can ensure that the dog will not be hungry, but also ensure that the dog is digested well.

Conclusion: Has your dog gave birth to a baby?

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