The doctor said that my progesterone was low, so scared!

I was sitting on the sofa in the afternoon and was trying to rest. The knock on the door of the most unwilling to hear, the swallow’s face was embarrassed to stand at the door, and the dean said that the dean was really embarrassed to bother you.I took a test sheet in the bag to me. I took the test and asked her unilaterally. Do you have a fetal heart? Is there any problem with your last check?Swallow said sadly that the doctor of the delivery inspection said that I was low, so I checked it. The result was only 15. Do you need to keep the fetus?

Swallows, in general, as long as the fetal buds are seen in the early pregnancy, the embryo is still developing.Although low progesterone may also be a very dangerous warning, in most cases, progesterone values are only a reference, often just indicate the ending of pregnancy rather than the cause.As long as there is not much vaginal bleeding, it is enough to treat the doctor’s guidance according to the guidance of the doctor and the drug that improves progesterone.At the same time, we should maintain a peaceful mentality to avoid excessive tension and have a further impact, but if the progesterone is too low, it is still necessary to supplement progesterone appropriately.

Some pregnant mothers may cause hyperactivity due to low progesterone due to incomplete luteum function, which may cause embryos to stop developing.But now everyone will have some misunderstandings, which expands the condition of abortion due to low progesterone caused by incomparable progesterone.Some natural abortion is indeed caused by incomplete luteum function, but the probability of occurrence is low.Most abortion is caused by the development of the embryo itself, such as abnormal chromosomal development, reduction of maternal thyroid dysfunction, abnormal reproductive tract development, and sperm quality. These conditions will also be low for a long time.If there is a problem with the embryo itself, it will not survive. After a certain degree of growth, nourishing cells will die naturally, and progesterone will inevitably decrease. This decrease in progesterone is the decline after the embryo itself apoptus.When the chromosome nuclear analysis or genetic analysis is performed, only when the progesterone is simply checked, it is manifested as low progesterone, so many people will think that it is caused by low progesterone.In other words, 40%of the cause of abortion is the development of embryo itself, not low primary progesterone.In other words, low progesterone is the ending, not the cause.

Swallow, you now have fetal hearts. It is not recommended to use lutenone to protect tires. You can check HCG and estradiol and B -ultrasound regularly. If these inspections are normal, you can check on time.The luteal fetal fetus does not increase the chance of successful pregnancy.So do not abuse progesterone and do not preserve freely.

Yanzi’s face turned clear, and immediately brilliant, apologizing to disturb me, flying away, the ghost girl left, and I should also go to work.

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