The decoration of the house is to pay attention to the details need to be cautious.

The most important thing after the house arrives is the decoration problem. In addition to the most critical material selection and construction technology at the beginning, it is also particular about the construction. So what are the house decoration?Let’s take a look together!

Pay attention to feng shui

1: Choose a good day to start

The decoration belongs to a large project, and a good day must be selected.Generally, there is a moving day on the yellow calendar, so the owner may wish to turn the yellow calendar before starting the construction, and choose a zodiac day to start. Usually, everyone will choose 6 or 8 days.If there are conditions on the day of construction, you can also perform a ritual, which can be simple or complicated. It depends on the owner himself. In short, the upper pillar incense sacrifice the foundation owner. Different local customs are different and different.In some places, firecrackers, burning fragrant paper, etc. will be put on the day of construction.

2: Investigation in advance

Participating members of the decoration ceremony are also particular about the construction of the decoration. The decoration must be auspicious, so the participants must be determined before starting.The general construction ceremony requires that the construction team is not suitable to attend the funeral within a week, and the construction staff who is pregnant is not at the scene.In addition, there are many places that no other women are present except the homeowner. Therefore, if there are women in the construction staff, they cannot appear on the day of construction.

3: Focus on size details

The construction of the soil also requires the size. If the general family decoration must ensure the lively door cover size of the household door, and the height of the kitchen stove, it is in line with Feng Shui.

Precautions for decoration

1. Wall paint paint

Latex paint is currently the most common wall decorative material. It can be painted, rolled or sprayed in specific construction.If the workers are not serious or perfunctory during construction, there will often be tiny color differences.Especially the darker latex paint will have this problem.Latex paint needs to be added before use, and the prepared latex paint must be used up at one time.The coating of the same color is also best to paint at a time.If the wall needs to be repaired after the construction is completed, the entire wall should be re -painted.

2. Lowering pipe road

When the construction team is carried out, sometimes it contains a large amount of cement, sand and concrete pieces to pour crusher into the sewer.The direct consequence of this is to seriously block the sewer, causing the kitchen and bathroom to run water due to poor launch.Although some projects have no problems during the last acceptance, they always have poor launching and strictly supervise the construction team.After the construction of the waterway is completed, all the water basins, basins and bathtubs are filled with water, and then waterproof at the same time to see if the water is smooth and the pipeline has a leakage problem.

3. Wall slots

The pipeline must be buried on the wall and the ground to bury the pipeline.A small number of workers’ brutal construction during slotting operations not only destroy the construction load structure, but also may cause damage to other nearby pipelines.Before the construction, it is necessary to confirm the direction and position of the pipeline with the construction captain.For different wall structures, the requirements of slotting are different: the load -bearing wall inside the house is not allowed to slot, and the wall with the insulation layer can easily cause cracking on the surface after grooves, but on the ground, and on the ground, on the groundIf you slot, you must be careful not to destroy the floor and cause trouble to the residents downstairs.

4. Slip modification

At the docking of some walls and doors and windows, and two different colors of coatings, it is where workers often perfunctory things.You often see the coatings between latex paint and wood mixed with each other, and various problems occur at the joints.It is important for the processing of seams. You must supervise the construction of the workers carefully.If there are two colors of coatings on the wall relative, you must stick the tape on the edge of the first color in the construction, and then paint another color coating on it.After tearing off the tape, the entire seam can be very neat.

5, wire connector

When installing sockets, switches and lamps, electricals do not follow the construction requirements.Especially when consumers use electrical appliances such as water heaters and air conditioners with large power consumption, they cause switching, sockets, and even burning, bringing great losses to consumers.During the construction, supervise the construction of the construction strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. After the installation of all switches and sockets is installed, it is necessary to perform actual use to see if these parts have fever.

6. Patching of wall tiles

Paying wall tiles is a relatively technical process.If the workers cut corners, the most prone to tiles and the sutures are the most likely to occur. In addition, the cement and adhesives for tiles are also particular about it. If the ratio is unreasonable, there will be problems such as falling off.According to relevant regulations, the stickers of the wall tiles should be flattened, the pattern is clear, the pattern is clear, the dirt -free and slurry marks, and the surface color should be the same.Essence

7, wire pipe tube

In home decoration construction, almost all wires are worn in the PVC tube and buried in the wall.Therefore, after the wires are penetrated into the PVC tube, consumers can’t see it at all, and it is difficult to replace it.If the workers are not serious in operation, they will cause the wires to twist in the tube and cause hidden dangers of electricity.If the workers intend to cut corners, they will use the wires of the joint or put a few streams of wires in the same PVC pipe.Consumers are best to buy the wires by themselves, and then supervise the operation of the workers on the spot.In addition, consumers must let the decoration company leave a "pipeline map".When the electrician just bury the wire into the wall, you can make these walls on the number and draw the flat map, and then draw the direction and specific location of the wire with a pen to indicate the orientation of the upper floor, the lower ground and the neighboring wall.In particular, the joint position of the pipeline should be marked, so that once a failure occurs, you can find the line location.

8. Small surface treatment

The so -called "small noodles" are small places that consumers can’t see and not pay attention to it, such as the upper edge of the household door, below the window sill, inside the heating hood, etc. Some workers will cut off the materials here.Not even do any treatment.Remember that any object has 6 planes, do not ignore any details when inspecting the quality of the project.

9. Flat the ground

The ground of some houses is not flat enough, and it is necessary to re -level in the decoration.If the workers are not careful enough or intentionally rude, they will cause the problem of "more and more unevenness", and the cement mortar used during construction will greatly increase the ground load and bring hidden dangers to the safety of the building.Before the ground is flattened, the base treatment of the ground must be done, and then the ground is used to flatten the ground with cement mortar.After the cement is dry, use a dedicated horizontal ruler to determine the flatness of the entire ground, but the next construction is performed.

10. Base treatment

In the coating and proportional deployment, use the specified labeling cement and bonding glue material, and cannot be prepared at will.Before the latex paint and paving wall tiles, be sure to do a good basis.Some workers cut the ingredients in this area during construction, which causes uneven walls. After the latex paint is brushed, it has a color difference, and the latex paint has fallen off, or the tiles are not pasted.In the paving construction of wall tiles, you should pay attention to the tiles that cannot be directly paved on the surface of lime mortar, lime, paper and lime, lime slurry, and latex paint on latex paint.The bonding slurry used between tiles and bases should be strictly in accordance with the construction standards.

The above is the introduction of the house decoration that I shared this time. I hope it will be helpful to your home decoration!

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