The daughter -in -law gave birth to two daughters, and she was pregnant with three babies.

One afternoon, I went out of the obstetric clinic with Dr. Cui. The first pregnant woman I met was very impressed by me. She spoke very little, very light, and the whole person was very thin and could not see that she had been pregnant for 20 weeks.

After diagnosis, she suffered from severe anemia.She was not a pregnant woman in our hospital for a birth check. She said she had not performed a examination after pregnancy.She already has two daughters, one 5 years old, 3 years old, no work, and busy taking care of her children every day.The lover is busy with the livelihood of the family, and life is not full.

They belong to the countryside and have two children. She doesn’t want to ask anymore.But the father -in -law and mother -in -law did not agree that once they were boys, this time to check the ultrasound, she wanted to ask the doctor to help her see whether it was a boy or a girl, but did not expect that the doctor said that the child had malformations and could not ask.Dr. Cui and I read on the report form. I have no brain, that is, the fetus does not have a skull, and the brain development is also very bad. It is definitely one of the deformed types that must not be required.

Dr. Cui said to her: "This kind of malformed child is indeed not required, and he must be hospitalized for induction of labor." After the explanation of Dr. Cui, he added: "Be careful not to underestimate the impact of anemia.Insufficient blood oxygen supply, even if it is born in full moon, the child is small, and the weight is even light and even affects intelligence. "

After listening to Dr. Cui’s words, the pregnant woman suddenly relaxed and said, "This is good, this is good, they don’t need to force me to want this child anymore. Do you know that the body is not good before I have a child, and the body is not good.The two children’s body is as if being hollowed out. In recent years, taking care of the child, I feel like it is boiled every day. "

Then she said that she had a small hospital at home, and the cost of induction was less than here. She went there to induce labor.Dr. Cui and I asked her whether the hospital had a qualification for induction of labor, and we must ensure safety.She said that there were abortion and induction of labor in the village anyway. She was close to home and spent less money. She decided to go there.Looking at the thin back of the pregnant woman, I suddenly felt disturbing in my heart.

One night, I suddenly saw that the pregnant woman with abnormal children was sent to the ward by the emergency department. It turned out that she had never shrunk the uterus after induction of labor.Because there have been severe anemia, no examination or treatment is not treated.The hospital for induction of labor was not processed in time, and it was sent late. In the end, her uterus failed to keep it removed, and she lost a lot of blood to keep her life.

She no longer has to worry about pregnancy, but she is more troublesome than worrying about pregnancy. After surgery, the recovery of her body and a small number of hospitalizations are bothering this family that is not rich.

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