The couple could not be pregnant for many years. After learning that she was pregnant, her wife said that she had had a baby dream!

Giveting a child is a must -have for most women in this life, but there is no absolute thing in everything. There are always some women who are very difficult to get pregnant.Sometimes the desperate husband and wife often attribute these problems to some ghosts and gods, which can make people cry and laugh.

Mr. Zhang and his wife have been married for three or four years, and the husband and wife are thinking about having a child before they get married, so they have been preparing for pregnancy after marriage.But this year has passed, and the wife’s belly has never responded. This is also the sorrow that Mr. Zhang and his wife are sorrowful. Many hospital examinations have not found any problems.The doctor also said that relaxing the mood first. At this time, the greater the pressure, the more anxious, the more you could not conceive the child.

The husband and wife also obeyed the doctor’s suggestion and found a place with a beautiful place to travel.Unexpectedly, during the travel, his wife tested with a pregnancy test stick and found that she was pregnant.This makes the couple happy, and hurried to report to the family.At this time, his wife told Mr. Zhang that she had had a dream of her birth last night. Dreaming of a fairy said to her: The baby brings you, you must give birth to him and love him to raise him.Then disappeared.The husband and wife were dawn in despair, and both of them were more superstitious people, and they thought they were children given by the fairy in heaven.

But the good times did not last long. After pregnancy, the wife always saw red. The anxious couple went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that he would not check the fetal heart. It is recommended to kill the child.The two refused to believe that until the doctor showed them the results of the examination, the couple cried with headache.At this time, the wife remembered that when she dreamed, she did not agree to the fairy’s request. She thought it was because of this that the child could not be kept.

Fortunately, the wife was pregnant with the child again a year later, but in the past year, the couple had been living in guilt and pain in the past year, and they could not extricate themselves.The two talents let their wives pregnant.It is not uncommon for this kind of superstition. For those couples who want to conceive children but can not be pregnant, the most important thing is to go to large hospitals with professional qualifications to obey doctors.of.Because some people are indeed difficult to conceive their children because of their physical reasons, do not pin their hopes on those nihile things.(The pictures of this article are from the Internet)

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