The couple became pregnant for a week, and the man questioned that the child was not herself: she had a hundred house opening records a hundred times.

Men are married and female marrying.

Although modern society is very tolerant, basically treats single people, and no one forces you to choose a lifestyle.

However, in real life, there are still many older young men and women. Faced with the pressure of marriage and age of parents, they will start to worry about marriage.

Some people, when they are young, are picked, and no one can see it. When they get a certain age, they have become the object of being picked, so they have to confess their lives.

In the picture, the woman holding her child is called Jiang Bing. She is such a girl.

Although Jiang Bing didn’t read much, he was good and looked beautiful.

She chose the clothing industry, starting from a shopping guide, it turns out that her choice is correct.

Her performance was very good, and she was appreciated by the boss, and her salary rose.

However, she was not satisfied with this. Later, she chose to do it alone and through the experience and connections accumulated before.

Her business was also done well. In her work, she met her Prince White Horse. The two not only traveled to the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also spread all over the world.

This is a wonderful experience. However, she never thought, but laid a huge hidden danger for her future life.

Later, due to some personal reasons, no one would be convinced by both of them. They were young and vigorous.

Since then, his ex -boyfriend has been married and has children, but Jiang Bing has been in a hurry.

Her parents broke her heart for her lifelong event, and arranged a few blind dates.

However, Jiang Bing is always habitually brought to them compared with his ex -boyfriend.

Later, Jiang Bing lowered her demand for mate selection. It was originally marrying. However, the reality gave her a lesson, so that she would be discouraged by her marriage!

The marriage was not formed, but it became a single mother.

So, what kind of story happened in Jiang Bing?

Below, let’s follow@下 下 下.

In the process of picking and picking, unknowingly, time had quietly slipped away.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Bing is 30 years old. There are not many objects that can be on a blind date with her, and the conditions are getting worse and worse.

At this time, Jiang Bing, she was also anxious, so she lowered her own mate selection criteria.

She believes that as long as the other party has a serious work, the age is equal, and it is relatively honest.

Driven by such psychology, she met Zhou Zicong, 35 years old, not good at talking, and purchased in seafood shops.

Although Zhou Zicong’s conditions are very ordinary, it is particularly cherished for Jiang Bing at this time.

Because Zhou Zicong was not good at saying, Jiang Bing was more active during the process of communication. This is a good thing for Zhou Zicong to fall off the pie in the sky.

No one asked in his 30s, and suddenly the beauty was so fancy. Can you not excite it?

Under the action of hormones, the seventh day of the two people confirmed the relationship and the relationship occurred.

Next, the two sides started to prepare for the engagement. They were busy, and the time passed quickly. During this time, the two rarely met privately.

The night before the engagement, Jiang Bing found that he was pregnant with a test paper. At that time, it was only a month to know them.

Jiang Bing told Zhou Zicong about this good news. That night, Zhou Zicong still said happily: "I am finally going to be a dad."

Shuangxi is a good thing, and the TV series is all performed.

However, at the engagement banquet scene, Zhou Zicong asked: "My sister asked me to ask you, is the child in your belly?"

In the large court, Jiang Bing was insulted by greatness. Her heart was extremely angry!

However, she was still pretending to be nothing, and asked, "Do you have to ask me this question?"

Jiang Bing’s wit, temporarily resolved an embarrassment, however, in her heart, she deeply pierced a thorn.

It turned out that when Zhou Zicong learned the news of Jiang Bing’s pregnancy, he told his sister to the news casually.

My sister said, "How long do you know? Why are you pregnant? Is the child yours? Do you know her past?"

Sister’s words, wake up the dream in the words, Zhou Zicong thought: "I and her, only one time, did she really be pregnant?"Will it be pregnant, let me take it up?Otherwise, her condition is so good, why would she see me …

These issues made Zhou Zicong very painful, so he raised his questions at the engagement banquet.

After asking the question himself, he felt that nothing happened, but Jiang Bing was very angry.

However, Jiang Bing’s psychological changes, Zhou Zicong did not notice at all, and he was immersed in his happiness.

After the engagement banquet, Jiang Bing returned to his home, neither answering Zhou Zicong’s phone nor back to Zhou Zicong’s information.

Jiang Bing’s attitude makes Zhou Zicong very strange. Why does it become like this?

Isn’t the child in the belly really his own?

Zhou Zicong’s family was also very worried that just after getting married, he gave 60,000 yuan a gift. Why did he suddenly change his hexagram?

Therefore, the Zhou family’s start to investigate Jiang Bing’s past. They want to know what kind of person Jiang Bing is?

I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. When I checked it, Jiang Bing was young. Her ID card actually had more than 100 opening records in the hotel. She also visited tourist attractions from all over the country to take pictures.

In Zhou Zicong’s opinion, Jiang Bing is an unfair woman.

In addition, Jiang Bing has always ignored himself, which made Zhou Zicong very angry.

He brought a group of people to Jiang Bing’s house and made a big noise, and used a big horn to preach, saying that all this was calculated, just to make him a pick -up man.

Zhou Zicong’s behavior caused great trouble to Jiang Bing’s life, and the relationship between them also dropped directly to the freezing point.

After Zhou Zicong made a big trouble, Jiang Bing took the initiative to contact Zhou Zicong and made a clear breakup to him.

Because of his distrust, there was no need to continue, she would have a width with Zhou Zicong.

Jiang Bing’s decision made Zhou Zicong unacceptable. He also tried to restore this relationship. However, no matter how he begged, Jiang Bing’s attitude was always cold and ignored him.

Later, Zhou Zicong watched his reunion hopeless, and he went to the court to sue Jiang Bing again, and he would return to 60,000 yuan.

The two of them are in trouble in the local area, and everyone is well known.

In fact, Jiang Bing was also very sad. She was 30 years old. She thought Zhou Zicong was more honest and was her best destination.

Therefore, in the process of getting along, she also went to marriage for the purpose of getting married, and Zhou Zicong was not good at talking, so she took the initiative.

She did not expect that this man seemed to be honest and became the deepest person who hurt her. His words also became a weapon that hurt her, making her look forward to this marriage.

Surrounded by various emotions such as disappointment and anger, Jiang Bing made a decision, gave birth to a child to prove the innocence, and let Zhou Zicong pay the price.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Bing’s child had been 4 months. She took the media reporter to go to Zhou Zicong’s work unit.

At that time, Zhou Zicong was not in the store, and his colleagues were also clear about the things between him and Jiang Bing.

When colleagues saw their children, they also bluntly said that the children and Zhou Zicong were very similar, it was just carved by a mold.

When everyone was discussing their children, Zhou Zicong came back from the outside.

He saw Jiang Bing and his children very indifferent, and he was unwilling to look at it.

The reporter asked Zhou Zicong to hug the child, and he was unwilling, and he seemed quite resistant, because he didn’t know if the child was his own.

Zhou Zicong told reporters that the reason why Jiang Bing did so is that he wanted to ask him to ask for support.

Otherwise, what do you want to give birth to your child?

Moreover, there was only a month at that time, and you could choose not to do this child.

Zhou Zicong said that after the breakup, Jiang Bing had threatened him and said that he would have a child and ask him for a 1 million raising fee at one time.

In this regard, Jiang Bing said that she did say that she had a 1 million raising fee, because Zhou Zicong did not trust herself, and she said angrily.

Specifically, she should pay for the support, and she has prepared to prosecute. The court’s judgment prevails, that is, not paying for the support fee, she can also support her own children.

The reason why she was looking for Zhou Zicong was because he had insulted herself in the public and took the horn to go to the house to corrupt her reputation, so she must be confirmed to be innocent and justice for herself.

Jiang Bing and Zhou Zicong have their own words. So, what should the child do next?

The reporter persuaded both sides, hoping that they could sit down and talk well.

Jiang Bing asked his child to do a parent -child identification, but Zhou Zicong was very hesitant to the parent -child identification. He said that he would not go until the court notified him to do parent -child identification before he would go.

The two sides went to the local judicial center to mediate together. Zhou Zicong said through a friend that if the child is his, he is willing to support the child independently.

When Jiang Bing saw Zhou Zicong’s attitude, she felt very angry. She said that Zhou Zicong had no opinion. Is there any problem with any problems?

Zhou Zicong said that his friend meant that he meant. If the child is his, he is willing to support it independently, and he does not need Jiang Bing to pay for the support. He hopes that Jiang Bing will not bother him anymore.

The mediation staff also said that according to common sense, the child is the blood of the man and can be given to the man to raise it.

When he heard the mediation staff, Jiang Bing came up at the time. She said, "Is the child without the blood of the woman? What kind of mediation is this?"

After speaking, she left the mediation scene angrily, saying that she would not accept the mediation!

Later, with the persuasion of the reporter, Zhou Zicong agreed to perform a parent -child identification.

Ten days later, the results of the parent -child identification came out, and the results showed that Zhou Zicong was the father of the child’s biology.

Next, Jiang Bing will filed a lawsuit against Zhou Zicong.

Zhou Zicong also said that he would respect the court’s judgment and fulfill his child’s responsibility for being a father.

This story came here, and it came to an end. As for how the court judged, it was another story.

Since the program group did not follow up follow -up reports, Xiaobian did not know how the result was the result.

Through this story,@通过 通过 I wanted to say that the two people were married and had children, but eventually evolved into a tragedy.

Children, originally the crystallization of love, have become a tool for both parents, and it is also very unfair to the child.

In today’s society, there are more and more young people. Both men or women must be responsible for themselves and cannot marry for marriage.

In the story, Jiang Bing, in order to get married, reduce her mate selection criteria, and wants to complete the marriage and children as soon as possible.

Her approach causes an illusion to the man: this girl is not self -respect!

Therefore, no matter when and where, as a girl, we must love and love themselves in order to be respected and loved by others.

And what about Zhou Zicong?On the surface, he looked honest, but his personality was sensitive and suspicious, and he did not have his own opinion.

When he had a relationship with Jiang Bing, he must be voluntary, so when he was about to be a father, he was excited and happy.

However, he turned back and began to doubt again. On the surface, he suspected Jiang Bing. In fact, he was suspicious of himself!

When he encountered something, he did not solve himself, but to consult his sister.

After hearing his sister’s doubts, he immediately questioned. After being rejected, he made all kinds of aggressive acts, which stimulated the contradiction between the two sides.

If he changes a way, he is not questioned under the public, and he will not take people to shout the horn …

Well, this story must be another version!

Therefore, Zhou Zicong is 35 years old, and it is reasonable!

What do you think of this?

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