The condom is ruptured and pregnant!The husband’s rights protection is told that he must use it to use it and use it correctly

Source: Wuhan Evening News

There is a problem with the quality of the product

Everyone is very convenient to find channel complaints

However, the quality of some products is good or bad

Consumers are really difficult to open up

Such as a condom


If the quality is not closed if the quality

Not only is it embarrassed, but the consequences are also very serious

Two condoms have ruptured

Wife’s accidental pregnancy

In a community health service center in Haining, Zhejiang, Mr. Wang (Hua’s surname) took his wife to make an appointment.

Mr. Wang already had two children. A few days ago, his wife was found to be pregnant again.

Mr. Wang said that in this accident, his wife’s response was very large, with serious discomfort, and the class could not be able to go on. He could only lie on the bed every day and resigned.

Although Mr. Wang was distressed by his wife, he was even more angry: this was harmed by unqualified condoms!

According to Mr. Wang, he usually uses a relatively high -grade brand condom, a box of 12, 40 yuan.But on December 8 last year, he found that during the use of the condom, a big mouth was cracked in the middle of the condom.

Just one day later, he used another, the result of the condom … again!break!It’s!

Mr. Wang feels that this must be the quality problem of condoms.

In fact, after the first discovery of the condom, he quickly purchased a after -the -incurable contraceptive pill for his wife.As a result, his wife was accidentally pregnant.

Wife has to be abortion

The manufacturer only pays the money for condoms

Mr. Wang said that he has always paid attention to safety issues. He has been using it as a brand condom, and he has been fixed in a local regular pharmacy.This statement was confirmed by the pharmacy.

Related to the pharmacy said that the box of condoms used by Mr. Wang was bought in the pharmacy in November last year to ensure genuine products.And after this incident, the manufacturers of condoms have been involved.

Mr. Wang said that the after -sales sales of condom manufacturers did contact him and gave a processing plan saying that he would pay him to buy the money and contraceptives.

He is very disappointed!

Only compensate for the money of buying condoms and contraceptives, how is the wife’s abortion surgery cost?How to calculate the sin of the body?

Mr. Wang’s soul asked the condom manufacturer:

Since it is genuine, why is it damaged continuously?

Is this considered a quality question?

In this regard, the condom manufacturer responded to him to identify whether there is a quality problem in this batch of products, which takes a certain amount of time.

The manufacturer replies

The quality is no problem, the cause of the rupture is unclear

One month after Mr. Wang asked for a month, on January 6 this year, condom manufacturers gave a reply.Of course, everything is expected.

The reason why condoms are ruptured, the reason is unclear.

However, there is no quality problem in this batch condom.

However, according to condom manufacturers, this quality testing is not targeted at the products purchased by Mr. Wang, but other products in the same batch.

At present, Mr. Wang’s hand has two unused and two -after -damaged condoms.Now, he does not accept the test results of condom production enterprises. He wants to find a third party for identification through the condom in his hands.

How can consumers testify

I use it normally

Haining’s local market supervision department told Mr. Wang that it was necessary to prove that the quality of condoms had two conditions required: two conditions:

The first is that the purchase channel is formal, which has been recognized.

The second is that consumers do not use improper use.Only by proved that Mr. Wang was used normally at the time, he could determine that the rupture was not good in the quality of condoms.

But the question is here. Where can Mr. Wang find evidence to prove that he has not used it properly?

Because Mr. Wang couldn’t confirm himself, the burst condom in his hands could not explain that the quality must be problematic.

However, this matter is not completely unsolvable.

If you want to determine that a condom has a quality problem, you can check the same batch of products.Haining Market Supervision said that they were ready to conduct random inspections, but found that the number of samples was not enough.

It is understood that the quality problem of a batch of products must be guaranteed to ensure that the number of samples must be sufficient.However, the batch condom purchased by Mr. Wang, the manufacturer said that there is not much inventory, and the standard for random inspections cannot be met.

In this regard, the local Consumer Consumer Commission of Haining stated that it would take the lead in mediation.

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