The company requires employees to promise to leave automatically once they are pregnant. Such a company must be vigilant

Once you are pregnant, you will be regarded as your "voluntary" resignation. This unreasonable condition is actually a signing routine recruited by a company!Now the worker is discriminated against?

On August 28, the topic of a social media rose rapidly in a short time, and then occupied the first place in the hot search list.This topic is called "the company requires that once the pregnancy is automatically resigned", in just a few words bring all the issues that people are keen to be keen in the society, and then push a brain to the eyes of netizens.

It can be seen in the picture: "I solemnly promise that once I am pregnant during the work of the company, I will leave the employment automatically and give up the promise of any economic compensation and related legal responsibilities of the unit."

The journalist searched and interviewed the poster who published this promise. When he obtained the subjective consent of the parties, he strived to judge the authenticity of this topic and asked about the truth behind him.Finally lived up to the enthusiasm and expectations of netizens, the reporter supported the "spoon" in the hands of the melon people. One was the poster who was a well -known female employee, and the second was the real existence of the promise.There is no way to disclose too much. The summary is a sentence: because "has not left the office," so "cannot spoiler."

This incident does not dare to believe that this is the real world, but also like the sinful "old fritters" in the movie, rubbing his hand and squeezing the sentence "Welcome to the cruel reality!"In general, these are what we do not want to believe, unwilling to see, and then hope that the whole society will pay attention to the situation of women in the workplace.

Obviously, the employer’s request to sign the commitment that the promise who leaves the job is illegal and unsatisfactory.The company’s drafting the promise of such content is clearly discriminated against women with a high identity.The foundation of the business does not pay attention to the true feelings of women or even a person.

In the case of being coerced by enterprises, this clause cannot be counted at all. "It is an invalid clause in accordance with the law." The lawyer said seriously to the reporter.

Touring back a year forward, there was a similar incident in 2021. It was also widely reported by TV news, and once caused heated discussions.Ms. Xu, the protagonist of the reported incident, worked in a real estate sales company and worked hard. This is the attitude of Ms. Xu to deal with the opportunity.Along the way, Ms. Xu was looking forward to finding stability from the busyness, and then as she wished.

Ms. Xu found her lover, entered the marriage, and gradually entered the right track. Even when she was pregnant for seven months, she still remembered the company’s business. However, a notice of the company broke Ms. Xu’s peaceful life.At this time, the company sent her a refusal notice at this time, and intentionally deprived her of her work. Without the work arrangement, she was threatened by the company’s resignation. Ms. Xu, who had no door, finally found Henan Radio and Television Channel.

After a reporter’s visit, Ms. Xu’s inauguration manager quibbleed that she was not clear about her pregnancy, and even nonsense in the interview, repeated impermanence, and from time to time, Ms. Xu was "not maternal leave" with different complaints.Suitable for sales "and so on, spit out a series of crazy excuses. Is this boss the" Huang Shiren "of the 21st century?In the end, it was difficult to solve it because of the media’s intervention.

Since the development of modern society, it has long been working hard and gradually get rid of the status quo under the patriarchal society.Whether it is "equality between men and women" in livelihoods or "men and women" in fertility, we seem to see the arrival of a relatively equal society of progress.Social women’s workplace participation has increased year by year, but even so, in the inauguration unit, it will still encounter development bottlenecks and even be treated differently. Obstacles with stereotypes are very common.For example: "She rely on looks good, in fact, there is no strength …" and so on.

Because we have worked hard in the workplace for a long time, we all feel the same in the hard work of the workplace.Under the heavy pressure of each day, we will inevitably have physical and mental exhaustion.According to statistics, because women are relatively more likely, easier to fluctuate emotional fluctuations, and are more likely to be ignored in the workplace, the health of women in the workplace needs to be strengthened, and it should also be valued by families in the female families.

At the same time, women’s biggest obstacles in job hunting stems from the "difficulties" of recruiting companies to their marriage and childbirth.According to the investigation report of the current situation of Chinese women’s workplace in 2022, the proportion of this questioned was as high as 61.2%, which rose half year -on -year!More and more job hunting women are wrapped in these unreasonable requirements, and gradually become shaken or even self -doubtful, which affects their original life.

If women in the workplace are required to leave after pregnancy, don’t worry, there is a series of corresponding legal provisions in my country to provide them with protection.Many enterprises have excessively attached great importance to the interests and believe that female employees during pregnancy cannot bring the return of interests that they expect, so these companies do not understand the Fa too much, and the legal department of the enterprise can be too bad.Therefore, in order to cope with this unfavorable situation, employees should collect relevant evidence in time and carry out legal rights protection and labor arbitration.

The Labor Contract Law stipulates that once employees are fired during pregnancy, they can require the employment unit to double economic compensation and calculate the internal job time of the contract. Each year can be exchanged for two -month salary compensation.If the employment unit lifts the labor relationship without permission and the employee does not have illegal acts or even improper behaviors during pregnancy, then the employee may require the employment unit to continue to perform the contract and restore the labor relationship in accordance with the law.There are many regulations like this, women who can fully guarantee work in workplace.

Society is a dyeing cylinder, and the workplace is a refining cylinder.The human shape in the society is different; no matter what you look like in the workplace, you must experience it.The difficulties that women should experience in the workplace are even more unimaginable. The limits of non -virtue leadership, heavy and complicated mission, and the dilemma of family careers are not easy.

Therefore, women in the workplace should pick up the "shields" and counterattack "weapons".Familiar with and using the Labor Law to protect our rights and make full use of the rights and interests."Weapon" is a request for women in the workplace to take the initiative to refuse unreasonable requirements. When encountering emergencies that cannot be responded in time, leave room for themselves, ask more to consult, and be good at finding the help of relatives and friends.

Society is progressing rapidly, and the development of women in the workplace is slightly stagnant.In any case, this is based on personal choices, private decisions, and the social level of corporate levels should come up with more tolerance and strive to achieve the strong backing of women in the new era rather than the opposite.The choice of women in modern society should be respected, identified, and the rights should be guaranteed.

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Author: uku school manuscript editor: Chuanchuan

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