The coenzyme Q10 of white -collar workers, especially black pepper, can be eaten by parents

Availase Q10 is a very popular nutrients in recent years. Many regular media and Internet bloggers have introduced it.In particular, middle -aged and elderly people, and young groups who want to increase vitality, have tried products containing coenzyme Q10.

What kind of ingredients are coenzyme Q10?It has been called "universal nutrients" by the Nobel Prize winner, Lenas Carl Bowling, and is distributed in all corners of the body to provide us with energy and enhance vitality.In the human body, common forms are coenzyme Q10 or pan -plain 10, which is insoluble in water but soluble in fat, similar to vitamins.It is a very important substance in the process of energy conversion, providing nutrition for the "members" in the body, so that it can better serve the human body’s functional activities.

The human body can synthesize a small amount of coenzyme Q10, which is mainly concentrated in high -energy demand parts, so it is also known as the "energy factory" of the human body.

With the increase of age, the content of coenzyme Q10 inside the human body will gradually decrease, and the synthesis ability will gradually decrease.Coupled with modern problems such as pressure, staying up late, and anxiety, it will accelerate the loss of coenzyme Q10 in our body, and it is difficult to supplement the sufficient amount of coenzyme Q10 by ingesting food.

A Life Museum recommends you a high -absorbing coenzyme Q10 capsule, from the well -known American nutritional supplement brand DOCTOR’s Best (Chinese name: Dombe).

Each capsule contains 100 mg coenzyme Q10, and bioperine black pepperin ingredients are added. This ingredient has obtained many overseas research patents.

After the gold ratio, the two can help the human body better absorb and use.Bioperine ingredients Overseas patent: 5,536,506, 5,744,161, 5, 972,382, 6,054,585, EP0810868, JP3953513, CA2247467.

The contained coenzyme Q10 ingredients are derived from the global well -known coenzyme raw material supplier, Kim Dawei, which uses its microbial patented fermentation technology to extract high -purity and high -activity coenzymes.(Overseas patent number: CN102168115A)

Recommended to office workers who often stay up late and work overtime. Those who want to improve their living conditions and daily vitality can also try it.Usually eat by yourself, or buy a parent and elder is a good choice.

The bottle body is marked with raw materials and related information, transparent and traceable.

A bottle of 120 capsules can be used as daily care products.Doctor’s Best high -absorbing coenzyme Q10, now select a life museum selection ▼

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Doctor’s Best, founded in 1990. The founder is Ken Halvorsrude, a private health consultant of Hollywood stars.His family has always focused on the study of life science and human nutrition. The coenzyme raw material exports worldwide, and product sales have stabilized at the forefront of the world for many years. At present, it has more than 300 products.All its products include HACCP, CGMP, and ISO-9001 certification in the United States, and have been linked to the global nutritional supplementary authoritative magazine Better-Nutrition for many years.

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