The childbirth and care of the female rabbit

Preparation before childbirth: When the female rabbit is 27 days pregnant, put the washed and disinfected boxes in the cage, and paved the clean dried grass in the box.The number of dried grass can be a little less in summer, and it must account for one -third of the box capacity in winter, and the four corners of the box are solid, forming a 20 -centimeter -sized round nest in the middle.The rabbit rabbit should also put the maternity rabbit in the babies or cages prepared in advance.Some female rabbits before giving birth to the grass title in the production box, and they are busy. Sometimes they can fall under the cage.Some female rabbits have decreased 2 to 3 days before childbirth, and the amount of concentrate should be reduced to reduce the amount of fine feed and feed more green feed.Three days before the mother rabbit’s birth, one tablet was feeded with sulfa pyrine every day and feeded for 7 days to prevent the occurrence of mastitis and rabbit purulent sepsis and acute diarrhea.

Before giving birth, the female rabbit was red and swollen, with abdominal pain, anxiety, refusing to eat, and the amount of individual female rabbits was still unlimited.Most female rabbits pulled out black paste feces that are like poor digestion 8 to 12 hours before giving birth, which is a sign of childbirth.Before childbirth, the female rabbit will pull the hair from the abdomen, chest and breasts with their mouths and spread them into the box to spread them as mattresses to provide rabbits to keep warm.However, there are also some female rabbits to pull hair after giving birth. There are also a few preliminary female rabbits that do not pull hair. They can be used to replace them with artificial methods. Some hairs are put into the production box to induce the female rabbit to pull hair.Experience proves that the mother -in -law exempted by pulling hair before childbirth, which is good for hairy, has a large amount of lactation, strong motherhood, and good ability to nurture rabbits.Conversely, lactation and nursery ability are poor.Under normal circumstances, after the mother rabbit pulled hair, he was lying in the nest to warm the nest.The rabbit has the habit of producing babies under the weak light. If you give birth N -inch, you must reduce the light in the cage, and keep it quiet and not disturb.… Once frightened, it will extend the outbound process or cause dystocia.At the beginning of delivery, the back of the female rabbit was bulging, licking the pussy, and emitted a low ‘grunting sound. The order of the childbirth of rabbits was the pioneer of the hind limbs, which was delivered with the placenta and the fetus.Once the strong and strong rabbit broke the fetal farmers, they broke the fetal farmers.While having a baby rabbit, he ate placenta and placenta, and bit the navel cord of the rabbit, while licking the blood and amniotic fluid on the dry rabbit.Tsuba … By away from the fetal jacket and placenta, find nipples to milk.The mother rabbit will breastfeed for 3 to 5 minutes after giving birth, and then jump out of the production box to drink water. At this time, you can feed the brown sugar water, or light saline, and feed them to the grass.

Under normal circumstances, the delivery is completed in 20 minutes.After the mother rabbit jumps out of the production box, it is necessary to take out the production box to sort it out to remove the dirt, blood hair, dead tires and placenta, and count the number of rabbits.In the case of no hair, the female rabbit should be used in an artificial method to light the abdomen and the hair around the breast to stimulate the female rabbit milk and easy to eat milk.

Most female rabbits eat all the placenta and placenta during delivery, but there are also individual female rabbits not eat or endless. Wash the female rabbit to eat.Because the placenta contains a variety of nutrients such as placental globulin and placenta tissue liquid, it is the best nourishment for female rabbits.In addition, after eating the placenta, it also has the role of milk and aphrodisiac

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